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#Libya: About the antipatriotic chracter of the #Feb17 "Revolutionaries"

by Konstantyn Sheglikov


So called revolution in Libya was made by local gangs and corrupt officials, which received all kinds of support from West countries and Gulf pupets regimes.
Also this revolution supported rich people from Libya which wanted to receive capitalistic freedom of deception and get richer while impoverishing most Libyans.
Part of so called intellegent people and imams who worship the West and hate thei

r country, who use religion as a shield to legitimize their evil desires and crimes.
And other people who wanted to receive freedom for own moral decay, desire to bring pain and suffering to someone , freedom to commit any crime, freedom of impunity.

These are what brought the fascist regimes of the West to the occupied countries. Now they bring it in Syria.
Occupation regime of Libya brought to Libya drugs and alcohol, it appeared even in schools.
The same Islamists use alcohol and drugs, Islam only a smokescreen for them, they are the same "Muslims" as their teachers - U.S. and British guards of Iraqi and Afghan concentration camps. If You examine the evidences on methods of torture and violence against Iraqis and Afghans and methods of torture and violence against Libyans, the analogy is clearly visible, the technique is same.
High quality Libyan oil sells for 20 - 25 dollars per barrels.Its illegal to buy fake companies registered in offshore zones, original owners of these companies are large corporations or individuals as Rothschild or Soros. Then the oil is sold at market prices, bringing 300% - 400% of the profits. Libyan oil is light, does not contain a large number of impurities and does not require expensive treatment, so it is more expensive than the average market price.
Noone from these foolish whom You can see in this photo, don't care about it. Seems their parents receive own part of profit from plunder of Libya.
What is happening in Libya, what personifies this photo, you can call the feast during the plague. Some of these same children and their parents participated in the torture and rape of Libyans, they are now celebrating their impunity.

Also photo shown that such people as gays, prostitutes (very seldom thing in Libya),tranny or hermaphroditic supported this occupation and contagion. They can now impose its vision of the other, all kinds of perversions are now welcomed and supported by the occupation regime of Libya. Because their goal is the destruction of a healthy society of Libya and its transformation into a herd in which everyone only cares about satisfying of own desires and hates those who prevent them from doing. Regime could to manage such a herd on the principle of "divide and conquer" much simpler.
-------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------
About photo - girl who posted this wrote that first 3 girls she know well as sluts and 17th february's prostitutes, i agree with her in this. Also this number 4 which have same clothes as girls, she not sure what is this. I can say it is good illustration of who are supporters of this "revolution" and illustration of "revolution" itself.
Illustration of transformation the normal country into an ugly copy of countries which occupied it.

Explorers (Lyrics) - Muse

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The New Red Dawn Movie

#Libya #News - #Resistance goes on. #alQaida declaration threatens Libyan ppl. - #GreenLibya #FreeLibya #NTC #Gaddafi

Libya, the message to the media: On the statement of the leader of Al Qaeda in Misrat

Libya, the message to the media: On the statement of the leader of Al Qaeda in Misrata

Misurata, Libya
Here is the statement made by a chief of the Al-Qaeda Office in Misurata that evidentially reveal its direct link to the West.
The same owners from the West and their allies manage the occupation regime of Libya i.e. puppets of NATO, Al-Qaeda and armed gangs of rats from Misrata and from other cities.

Today they jointly occupy Libya. They continue to suppress the People's Resistance, rob, and kill the inhabitants of the cities. They are going to continue tРѕ do it until the people of Libya will not resist to their dictatorship of the occupiers.

This had already happened in the history of Libya during the Nazi occupation. At that time, there also were those among the population who were happy to see the occupation forces and helped them.

This statement of the chief leader of the Al-Qaeda group in the city of Misurata is one more proof of the well-known fact that all so-called В«revolutionariesВ» get their moral and financial support from one and the same the same headquarters from which the commands to kill people come out.

However, they cannot already hide the fact that the U.S.A and NATO do not fight against al-Qaeda, because the bandit organization kills as anyone see, only the enemies of the U.S A. and NATO. Their activity is a pretext for the invasion and occupation of any independent country (including Libya).

The leaders of al-Qaeda openly declare to planning war crimes in Libya and conducting genocide of different tribes.

West and its allies destroyed the prosperous socialist state by hands of gangs and continue to wreak havoc and fear in Libya. Now they make from Misrata another center of power in order to force Libyan to divide own state and to defend themselves against them this way.

As for the message, they did not from the city of Bani Walid their "Emirate", is nothing more than their lies, but they are going to do it.

They tried to destroy, plunder all, and take to Misurata. Their task they have got from their masters is very simple: it is to destroy modern industrial objects in the cities that they cannot control. They are willing to push to ignorant mode of life those independent tribes which were successfully developing during the the last century.

They state that the destroyed «nest of depravity, unbelief, and immorality», but their behavior and crimes they committing are well known for thousand of people all over the world. Obeying and learning from their masters from the West, they follow their lifestyle – it their manners are rude, they drink alcohol and use drugs, they use prostitutes for pleasures of the flesh and rape defenseless girls and women. It is repeating in all countries where the criminals of al-Qaeda and other international gangs appear on the bayonets of NATO.

The occupation regime in the name of Al-Qaeda is terrorizing all Libyans, who spread the truth about what is happening in this country. The criminal gangs travel freely in such countries as Egypt and Tunisia.

In these countries, there are the largest numbers of refugees from Libya. They are all are victims of the occupation.

The most active disseminators of facts about Libya abducted or killed even at the hospitals in these countries. The most horrible and widespread everyday crime is to rape members of the family in front of the rest of their relatives.

The Libyans tried to appeal to the Human Rights organizations of the West, which is dangerous and in major cases is useless. The leaders of the gangs have good contacts to human rights activists quickly learned about the attempts and people who risk going there.

The truth is as follows: Western organizations legitimize capture a country, and after that, they cover the routes of exposure of the truth in the war-torn occupied countries.

Read the message and make your own conclusions:

Urgent and Very Serious:

Khaled al-Sharif [leader of Al-Qaeda in Misrata] in his interview past today (21.11.2012) to Misurata TV channel said literally:

“We have successfully liberated Bani Walid of the infidels and lechery and deployed the army of Allah. I had the honor and dignity to have been the leader of one of the forces on the fronts of Bani Walid, which is now an Islamic emirate.
We, the National Guard are currently clearing Tripoli from the people of Werfalla in order to become a safer and more stable city.
Nowadays, and in cooperation with the honorable Sheikh Ghnewah al-kikli [sheikh of Al –Qaeda] implement a plan to clean Tripoli especially the districts of Abu Saleem and al-Hadba of the last remnants of this city.
I would say that some of the tribes that have deviated from the curricula of our revolution would be cleansed soon. We will crush anyone who thinks of disobeying the State [occupation regime] whether they were sheltered behind stolen weapons or trenches and mounds with which they surrounds their city. We will not retreat from crushing them.
Those who think of antagonizing Misurata think of antagonizing Libya. The cliques that now and then come out on the channels and sites to stultify our war [media war] on Bani Walid and show it as illegitimate.
We say to them: “Your blood is wasted, and Your tribes that protect You will soon be pounded from everywhere until they become under the obedience and loyalty [to occupation regime] and we have religious resolution from the Mufti [mufti of Al-Qaeda] to do that.”
You shirk from Your responsibilities towards the country by stultifying the Guardian's decision to wage the war on Bani Walid and try to assault the mujahid al-Mangoush. You are ignorant and stupid and do not know what awaits you. Death is coming to You and You will only be like Bani Walid now.
You will go back to Your profession known to all Libyans, collecting food from the ground [non-mechanized agriculture, at the level of the last century, literally "pluck the food from trees"], to carry it to Your masters in Misurata and to all houses of Libyan rebels and honest people.
That is Your natural position…

May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon You [his blessing to rats].”

In general, racism and ethnic and religious intolerance became characteristic features of all West-made terrorist organizations and puppets regimes. This is the real attitude to the rest of the world. To all of us.

Another criminal of occupation regime of Libya was shot.

Another criminal of occupation regime of Libya was shot.
He could take revenge, as from relatives of the victims or from fighters of Resistance.

The people of Libya remember who really committed warcrimes against their country and civilians and forced to exercise their judgment, making use of their right to defend ithemself, while all human rights organizations have deliberately turned a blind eye to the crimes of armed gangs that support the occupation fegime of Libya

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Israelis, People of The Book or of The Devil

Syria Damascus Daraya 2012-11-19 عملية تطهير داريا دمشق سوريا

19.11.2012 #Gaza Demo von Wahabiten übernommen - #Syrien #FSA #Salafisten


Die Kundgebung am Pariser Platz gegen die israelischen Massaker an Palästinensern, gegen die Bombardierung von ca 1,8 Millionen Menschen im völkerechtswidrig abgeriegelten  Gazastreifen begann friedlich und blieb auch bis zur abrupten Auflösung friedlich.

Stop bombing Gaza

Stop bombing Gaza


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Syria News 19.11.2012, Gunmen of Various Nationalities Eliminated, Sixth...

Syria News 18.11.2012, Army Direct Painful Blows to Terrorists, 56 marty...

*The Real Story* A Documentary Film: Scenes from The Conspiracy Chapters...

#Syria: military activity on November 18

News: Topic geo tags


In the city of Aleppo in the vicinity of Al-Sukkar School. Saadallah al-Jaber destroyed five cars with DShK.

In the quarter-Ac Salehin near building vocational army unit destroyed the highly dangerous fighter, known as Muhammad Abu Dan, the leader of one of the terrorist groups.

As much as a quarter-Zhbeylya near the school, "Al-Baazhin" troops entered the clash with terrorists from the organization "Dzhebhat An-Nusra." As a result, members of the terrorist group were either killed or wounded.


In the capital, terrorists fired two shells from the mortar in a residential quarter of mezze.

In the province of Damascus in Darayya in special operations on the plantations were destroyed dozens of terrorists along with their vehicles and equipment. Several terrorists fled.

According to informed sources, the field hospital was found with stolen medicines and medical equipment.

It is reported that on one of the plantations was found gallows made from a tree, on which the terrorists executed prisoners, the refusal to cooperate with them.

In addition, the source said, the terrorists burned corpses of militants who are not citizens of Syria. Many of them mercenaries - people from Africa.

Deir ez-Zor

In the city of Deir ez-Zor in the Al-Omal soldiers killed several terrorists and arrested a militant Salah Safwan Kardzhusli some of the "Brigade Ansar Al-Sunnah."

In the quarter came in Jbeil military clash with the terrorist group. Eliminated dozens of militants, among them one of the recognized leaders of the "An-Dzhebhat Nusra" - Abdel-Rahman Al-Saleh Al-Hleyf Habbush.

In the province of Deir ez-Zor dozens of militants were killed in a spontaneous explosion when they try to steal gas from the pipeline.

Army units are destroyed by a terrorist group in Abu Kamal. Among those killed were identified natives of the city of Jisr al-Shugur Muhammad Amin al-Qashqai and Omar Muhammad al Qashqai and Raja Saeed, Ahmad Al-Matrud, Khalil Hzhedzh, Mohammed Jassem al-Huveyni, Dzhoudat Radwan Al Mulla Omar Radi, Abdullah Al-Saqr and Salah al-Masi.


In the city of Idleb military demining unit defused an explosive device weighing 40 kilograms, planted by terrorists near the secondary school.


Army units cleared the area of ​​militants extensive forest Kasab and located in the same radio tower. Terrorists have suffered significant losses.

A source in the province of Latakia, the agency SANA reported that most of the forests Al Frunlok, part of the mountain, and the An-Nisr Sky Almur area had been cleared of terrorists who have caused great damage to these areas. Soldiers continue to harass others fleeing militants.


In some quarters of the Old City security officers entered the clash with a terrorist group. It is reported that in the neighborhoods of Bab Hood, Al-Turkman, Al Vorshe, as-Safsafa and near the Citadel many militants were killed and wounded.

In the province of Homs in Ar-Rastan near the cement plant security officers destroyed vehicle with a machine gun, and a bulldozer, which belonged to the terrorists with militants who they are.
Military observer

Source: Abkhazian News Network Agency (ANNA)

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Volker Pispers über die Schuldenkrise - Mitternachtsspitzen 10.11.2012

[13/11/12] Damascus, Syria: Grad strike deep into Douma from Jabal Qasyoon

[14/11/2012] Damascus, Tadamoun: Syrian army confronts resurgent terror ...

CIA Drug Pushers Attempt Overthrow of Ecuador President

#Israel-s letzter Überfall auf #Gaza: die #Lüge, wer angefangen hat - #Propaganda #Krieg #Medienlügen


Kein Gaza 2.0 – Frieden ist der Weg! – Bildquelle:

Wieder hat Israel Gaza angegriffen. Im Zuge des Überfalls, der am Samstag 10. November begann, wurden mindestens sieben Palästinenser getötet, fünf davon Zivilisten, drei davon Kinder. Bis zu 52 wurden verwundet, darunter sechs Frauen und zwölf Kinder.

Wie bei jeder militärischen Offensive, die Israel in Gaza durchführt, lautet die vorherrschende Geschichte, dass es sich um eine Vergeltung für Raketen aus Gaza handelt, die in das südliche Israel abgeschossen wurden. 

Und das ist eine Lüge.

Es stimmt, dass am Samstag vor dem ausgedehnten israelischen Bombardement der militärische Arm der Volksfront für die Befreiung Palästinas eine Panzerabwehrrakete auf ein israelisches Militärfahrzeug in der Nähe der Grenze zu Gaza feuerte, wodurch vier israelische Soldaten verletzt wurden. Aber was führte zum Abschuss der Panzerabwehrrakete?  

Als erstes erschossen israelische Militärkräfte am Montag, 5. November den 23 Jahre alten Ahmad Nabhani, als er „sich dem Grenzzaun zu Israel näherte.“ Laut zumindest einer Zeugenaussage war Nabhani geistig behindert.


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Club2-ORF-Schwarzgeld-Paradies Schweiz?

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Video: Street battles across Europe as general strike turns violent

#Libya news: continued killing for not supporting the occupation regime

By Lizzie Phelan

This is Zaira Boaishi, one of Gaddafi's guards who was found in her flat yesterd
ay, dead from having been stabbed in the heart. The rebels tried to claim that she was killed by her family and that she defected to them when the crisis began. But Gaddafi supporters insist this is a lie and have shown pictures of her participating in recent demonstrations amongst "Green" Libyans in Cairo.

Zaira is reported to be one of the many former female guards who in "free" Libya have suffered a fate of rape, torture, arbitrary detention, disappearance and murder.

__________________________________________________ __________________

Occupation regime of Libya in conspiracy with another countries of Middle East there are refuges from Libya pursues and kills or kidnapped to concetration camps libyan activists who trying to show truth about reality in Libya.

Armed gangs using all types of brutally exetutions, tortures, rapes. We have reports about rapes and humiliations of daughters in front of their fathers, rapes and tortures of sister in front of brothers, brothers in front of sisters, etc, etc.

HRW, Amnesty and others funds are source of information about people who come to them in order to find help and defence.

Western govs are responsible for these crimes, because chaos in Libya and fear among people who try to resist are their goal. They supports gangs by weapons and instructors, methods of public executions, tortures, rapes and humiliations were bring from West. Western warmongers taked Nazi methods and upgrade them, in Guantanamo, Abu Greib and others prisons they improved methods of physical and psychological impact on people. It is very well known that the naked man or woman, and especially people who have been sexually abused and humiliated, least able to resist. Unclothed person feels helpless as a child and he/she would rather submit to enemies and will do what they will say. This inhuman use of human fear practicing in intelligence agencies from Western countries, they are taught members of Al-Qaeda these methods. In every country which are occupate by NATO forces or there are puppets of West as gov, rapes and sexual humiliations are weapons against civilian who are resist occupation.

Very likely it is that the woman was raped, because it is a common practice of armed gangs from Libya. From Libya coming reports about bodies found in abandoned farm, in reports no words about were they raped or not, ut without such confirmations it is obvious what doing gang members under the influence of alcohol and drugs with stolen girls and women. In Muslim society rapes is a close theme, members of armed gang filming the rapes and this way forcing victims or their relatives to keep silence.

Brutally tortures and executions continue too, armed gangs who became army and police of regime, could to committe any crime without responsibility.
Western countries, which led to power in Libya ordinary criminals and corrupt officials, are responsible for it.

Fired For Reporting The Truth

This Video Reply Is So Gay and Godless

Israel and FSA Jointly Attack Syria

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Interview : Bashar al-Assad unzensiert! (komplett auf Deutsch)


Das Interview von Russia Today mit Bashar al-Assad vom 9.11.2012 übersetzt durch Thomas Schöpke, dafür vielen Dank. Assad spricht über die Instabilität in Syrien, sein verbleiben an der Macht und wie der Westen sich seine Feindbilder erschafft und erhält. Aus dem Westen gesteuerter Terrorismus zur Destabilisierung Syriens, gehört auch zu den Themen. Lesen Sie selbst, was Assad zu sagen hat. Danke an Thomas für die Arbeit und die Zusendung. In unseren Medien werden leider nur Teile und diese auch häufig falsch zitiert.


>>zum Interview

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На поле танки грохотали (Концерт "Песни военных лет")

Священная война (Концерт "Песни военных лет")

Der offene Aufmarsch - (Ernst Busch / EWE)

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Syria News 7.11.2012, Terrorists Target Mazzeh Neighborhood with Mortar ...

Critique of Jacob Spinney's Video On Exploitation

Mitt #Romney Didn't Pay Taxes 15 Years

#US Federal Election Result: #Obama

The Forerunner, Hurricane Sandy has Passed, Nor'easter is on its Way

Breaking News - Libya Intelligence Headquarters Attacked in Tripoli

US Election Day - Is it The Demise of White Supremacy

Obama Has Won Again

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Entwicklungen rund um Syrien - (Umgestaltung der Welt) 31.10.12

Prostitutes of Bilderberg group production Syria

Syria News 3.11.2012, UNHCR Denounce the heinous massacre perpetrated by...

#Syria Terrorist #WarCrime (GRAPHIC VIDEO) MaoistRebelNews2

Syria: Foreign Rebels Praise Al Qaeda, call to slaughter Alawites

#BaniWalid, #Libya #Oct31 2012 - #GreenLibya #Jamahiriya #Warfalla #NTC #TNC #NATO #FreeLibya

October 31, 2012
Bani Walid, Libya
Message for Media

The city is still unsettled, the men of the tribe Werfalla clean the city from armed gangs "brigade on May 28."

Around Bani Walid still have roadblocks, militants based there shooting at people who are trying to return to the city. Therefore, those who want to get into the city, find workarounds, and people are beginning to return. Families who have returned to Bani Walid, make lists of exploded and burned houses.

Militant bands of mercenaries that were in the city, tried to destroy and rob not only houses, but also shops, businesses. At the moment it is known that well-known wool factory was burned, by bandites of "army of Libya"

The so-called Defense Minister of Libya (already former) Osama al-Juvali said yesterday about the situation in Bani Walid: "... The city is deserted, except for a small number of people who eke out a miserable existence ...". Apparently, he was satisfied with the methods by which he fulfilled the task of weakening the tribe Werfalla.
Now, the tribe will take time to recover and to restore the capital. But the occupation regime is planning to continue to push the tribes resisting gangs.

It is learned that into the city of Bani Walid are going to come the UN representatives and possibly other officials from different international organizations.
People suggest that their task would be possible to lie that the destructions in the city are small, that "independent and credible" evidence of the massive use of "army of Libya" the banned weapons were never found. And that war crimes committed by the occupation regime against tribe Werfalla is such a "complicated way to build democracy after authoritarian rule."
They simply want us to forget about Libya and political and economic sucсеs of Gaddafi’s direct democracy, forcing them convenient labels and stereotypes. They want us to forget that Libya was a state for people, and Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of the people, and never held any other position. "

Syrien: Freie Syrische Armee schießt auf kurdische Demonstration in Alep...

#Libya - Message of page The Great #Werfalla, one of official pages of #BaniWalid in Facebook

Message of page “Great Werfalla”, one of official pages of Bani Walid in Facebook
3rd November 2012

Peace to all of You.

First, honour to all our faithful martyrs who fell meanwhile defending Bani Walid and we ask God that they may rest in peace.

We apologize to all members of Great Werfalla page (Facebook) for the long absence and assure You that admin в„– 1 and admin в„– 3 are fine, that their condition is better now - they are receiving treatment.

Bani Walid had not fall on knees and will not fall on knees, except to God. Even if we lose this battle, we will not lose the war!
We do not consider defeat!
We will rearrange our ranks and our papers again as we have done previously. Further, we will not rely anymore on those tribes who let us down and who enjoyed to stand by and watch how our children got slaughtered. The government who killed our children will not represent us ... It is now a tribal war - just as they wanted - we will announce this soon.
Bani Walid will not die and it will stay steadfast as a fortress and a stronghold, despite the dark forces attempting to invade us. Do not think that we will leave our city in the hands of animal gangs.
The admins of the page send to You all greetings and promise You that the page will soon be active as before, God willing.

Long live Bani Walid and great Werfalla’s tribe, with it's honest people.

US Terrorist Allies Commits Massacre of Prisoners in Syria