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Resistance in Bani Walid launch rockets at rats 20-10-2012

From The Desk of AfriSynergy - October 30, 2012

America's Judgment Continues, Hurricane Sandy

Pro-Gaddafi-Metal: Fight, Muammar! [English Subs]

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October 29, 2012
Bani Walid, Libya
Message for media

The city is still fighting, its defenders are gradually sweeping rebels.

After the NATO (most likely USA) special forces attack on the night of October 25 and 26 the defenders had to pull back further into the city, into Dahra and Souk districts, which make up to 36% of the overall territory of Bani Walid. Other territories were ravaged by May 28 Brigade bandits which is comprised of local criminals and Libya's Shield Brigade band where the majority are mercenaries from Egypt, Tunis, Qatar and the Saudi Arabia and other countries. Besides local al-Quaeda militants joined in the ravaging.

The bandits which rob and burn housed, kill civilians, had been since October 26 destroying any evidence of that night attack. On October 25 Misurata bands were caught in the largest trap in Bani Walid, up to 1000 militants were killed, locals and defenders celebrated the victory. Surviving Misurata troops declared that they are retreating from their positions, Vershifanna tribe attacked their troops. In the evening of October 25 we read the news about the victory in Bani Walid, and after several hours we knew that a night had started in Bani Walid.

The information was scarce, the attack must have been massive and unexpected. Defenders’ positions identified previously must have been destroyed during bombing. Bombs with massive killing effects were used including unconventional ones: cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs, bombs with depleted uranium (likely). They aimed to kill people leaving no trace of the bombing. The surviving were killed by the NATO (most likely USA) special forces, probably dressed in Qatari and Jordanian armies uniforms. Early on October 26 May 28 Brigade and Libya's Shield Brigade militants entered the city. They were killing any witness of the night assault on the city and destroying evidence that could prove the use of unconventional weaponry, included destroying houses that were the evidence of the bombing and that the attack was indiscrimately bombarded during the siege. Alongside men in chemical and radioactive protective suits were spotted, they collected bodies of locals and defenders who died of the banned weaponry in order to take them out of the city and incinerate them.

Besides they were robbing the city, raping and murdering the locals and disposed of their bodies. Along side with them snipers came. A few days before a small ship arrived in Misurata load with modern armament. Bandits and snipers had been terrorizing 65% of the city up to October 26, in two days they were pushed back from a part of the city in spite of continuous artillery shelling and bombing.

Here are some messages received from Bani Walid during October 26 – 28:
“Bani Walid defenders captured some Misurata rats’ cars”
“Misurata rats were killed be 28 May rats during a clash near Al-Dinar”
“We see dense smoke over the districts where rats entered”.
“May 28 Brigade thugs are putting houses on fire”.
“We are under a heavy bombing during the prayer on the holy day of Eid Al Fitr.
“Bani Walid heroes swept the rats off the Quader district”.
“Violants clashes are taking place between the rats and son of Bani Walid in Almrdoum district”.
“The rats were defeated during the attack on Dahra district and now are violently shelling it”.
“Explosions and violent clashes with RPGs being used in Arada Algrarat districts”.
“Dozens Almashia tribe sons are coming to their brothers in Bani Walid”.

When the occupational regime said that Bani Walid had been taken refugees tried to return there but were not allowed into by the armed bands. No one is still allowed into the city while occupational media are lying that people may enter Bani Walid.

Bani Walid defenders took women and children from all districts they could to save their lives but men stayed to fight, so did some women.

The number of massive shelling and bombing victims is growing, 2000 civilians had died in recent days in Dahra district alone. Simple fascism.

There is no information on how many died in the districts were the militants were ravaging freely. It became known that bands abducted families from Bani Walid most likely to get a ransom for them or to exert an influence on the elders of the Verfalla tribe. The number of the Bani Walid prisoners in Misurata concentration camps WILL INCREASE by several thousand people.

We want to remind you that the Bani Walid siege commenced practically on September 25 when the occupational regime signed the resolution No 7, which gave a complete freedom to the Misurata bands while those had built up roadblocks and limited access to the city. First shelling came on September 25 which can be named as the day of the beginning of the siege. Today it has been 35 days remaining habitants are surviving and fighting the bands.

Bani Walid situation has again shown double standards of the western countries, they ruined Libya under pretexts fabricated by the international funds and media on civilian victims. Now that in a single Libyan city up to 10 thousand people have been killed, now that a whole tribe is being exterminated and its capital is being destroyed on false pretext that a rapist and criminal was killed. They are not shrieking about a criminal regime killing its own citizen. Western officials and all kinds of experts claim that its Libya’s internal affair’s to restore order etc. They denied NATO involvement in the genocide but than how could a city that had fought back all attacks be taken in a single night?

They tried to demonize Kaddafi to justify any war crime against Libyans in any city. Although men referred to as kaddafists are patriots of their country they fought militant bands and NATO troops in 2011. Now they try to restore order in Libyan cities, and some of them they succeeded. Now France, England, USA incited local bands on these cities like they did in 2011 when they supplied them with arms and militants, if necessary they use their own forces from the bases in Libya and neighboring countries.

On Saturday October 27 military equipment was transported from Misurata to the city of Zuvara. The aim of the attack are 3 cities in the west of Libya at the border of Tunis, Al ejelat, Al Jmail and Regdalin. The so-called ministry of interior of the occupational regime in Libya sent its militants and armed vehicles. Misurata, Zuvara and probably Zintana militants and mercenaries from Arab countries will take part in the fight. The aim of the attack is to destroy and pillage these cities. Besides Zuvara militants will take control over the border with Tunis in this sector.

Zuvara militants since 2011 have been assaulting farms near these cities, robbing houses and abducting people. Tribes and habitants of these cities organized a defense and control over their territory. Now they want to break them claiming that they are kaddafists. No wonder that patriotism and combat against militants are deemed a crime in the occupied Libya.

Bands which are preparing to take the cities and rob them soon, intend to rape every woman and child in these cities and record it.

This action aims to bring shame on families from these cities. As in Libya rape is deemed to be the worst shame for the family. That what those how made this plan up count on. Families would have to leave the cities they were born in and even resort in suicide. That is the use of sexual violence as against civilian population which the West blamed Libyan army of, and that was and is being committed by the militants the West supports.

Western countries that occupied Libya deliberately provoke intertribal feuds and constant chaos so that tribes could not unite and free Libya.

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Sirte Al-Qaeda and the Looting of Libya - Libyan Expat

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Libya, What Fox News Won't Tell You, 13 of 13

Foreign heavy-armed mercs attack Bani Walid - witness

#Libya: Siege of #BaniWalid: Foreign fighters, phosphorus, nervegas used“ RT sources , #GreenLibya

The besieged Libyan city of Bani Walid has been plunged into chaos. RT sources say that the former Gaddafi regime stronghold is under attack by militias bolstered by foreign mercenaries, and they used banned weapons like white phosphorous.
The sources denied reports of the last few days that Bani Walid was retaken by the Libyan government. Residents said that militia forces have continued their assault, while preventing the refugees who fled from reentering the city.

A man who claimed his relatives are trapped inside the besieged city spoke with RT, saying, “There is no food; there is nothing to support the life of people. And the militia does not allow anyone to come back to their homes.”

“They are demolishing homes with machinery and tanks. There is no communication or internet so people are not able to connect with each other,”
the source said. He is currently in Egypt, and refuses to reveal his identity over fears of personal safety.

He believes the real reason for the inoperable communications is that many people have been killed inside Bani Walid by the forces besieging the city and now they are trying to prevent information about the killings to be leaked outside.

The militia attackers have claimed they are battling �pro-Gaddafi’ forces, but the source slammed that motive as a “lie and a dirty game.”

“They use foreign snipers, I think from Qatar or Turkey, with Qatar covering all the costs,”
he said. He claimed that a ship with weapons and other equipment recently docked in the port city of Misrata, where the assault on Bani Walid is allegedly being directed.

“There is no government in Libya. Groups of militia control everything. They don’t care about Libya, they don’t care about the nation,”
he said, adding allegations that the majority of militia fighters have dual citizenship or passports from other countries.

“We ask the envoy [Special Representative] of the Secretary-General of the United Nations [for Libya] Mr. Tarik Mitri – where is he now?”
he said. “Where is the United Nations? Where is the EU? Where is the Human Rights Watch? We ask for an intervention now as soon as possible – please!”

In an October 23 UN session, the US blocked a statement on the violence in Bani Walid drafted by Russia, which condemned the ongoing conflict in the city and calling for a peaceful resolution.

RT Photo from Bani Walid. RT source. The photo could not be independently verified.

Witnesses claim militia used chemical weapons in Bani Walid

“I can confirm that pro-government militias used internationally prohibited weapons. They used phosphorus bombs and nerve gas. We have documented all this in videos, we recorded the missiles they used and the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles,” Bani Walid-based activist and lawyer Afaf Yusef told RT.

“Many people died without being wounded or shot, they died as a result of gases. The whole world needs to see who they are targeting. Are they really Gaddafi's men? Are the children, women and old men killed – Gaddafi's men?”
Yusef said.

The forces attacking Bani Walid have been ordered to use “all means necessary” in their assault on the city, RT’s Paula Slier reported.

“To all parasites and leaches, a message to all of them across Libya, wherever they are: Whoever you are, however strong you are, and whoever your back is – the revolution should win,”
a militant said in the TV report.

RT Photo from Bani Walid. RT source. The photo could not be independently verified.

*�Militias using planes and chemical weapons in Bani Walid’

*People inside Bani Walid are saying that chemical weapons and airplanes were used in the attack on the town, which has left houses burnt and looted as residents fled the city, Libyan activist Ali Altakasih told RT.

“I was sent a report that was issued by the local hospital in Bani Walid in which they also claim that the militia had used chemical weapons,”
he said, adding that he believes the militias have “no principles” and the government has no control over them so they will use whatever weapons they have at their disposal without hesitation.

“They also used planes to bomb the city and there was a report yesterday showing a plane over Bani Walid,”
he said. “I was told by cousins and friends that planes were also used to bomb the city, chemical weapons were also used on Bani Walid, killing people inside the city.”

RT was unable to verify these claims by Ali Altakasih, spokesman for the Werfallah tribe which supported Gaddafi, of whether chemical weapons have been used or not. But he insists that if a fact-finding mission is sent to Bani Walid it would easily gather evidence and proof of unconventional weapons being used against civilians.

As the West is turning its back on Libyans and letting militias do whatever they want, Altakasih is urging the international community – particularly Russia and China – to interfere to stop these militias.

“I think the West is turning their back on Libyans and letting these militias do whatever they want to the Libyans,”
he said. “They either kill them or torture them, no-one in the West is even criticizing these militias, so Libya is left alone at the moment. We urge Russia and we urge China and we urge the rest of the world to interfere and stop these militias because what they did so far is only kill civilians, many civilians, children were killed, and houses are being burnt.”

The people who are trying to return to the city are being stopped by militias, Altakasih confirmed, adding that there is still communication inside the city which makes it hard to verify what is happening on the ground. The images coming from the city now are very gloomy with people afraid to leave their homes and militias burning and looting houses.

“Any house that looks of great importance to the militias is either burnt or robbed,”
Altakasih said. “There are people who are trapped inside the city who cannot leave the city, either for fear of the militia or fear of leaving their belongings inside the city.”

The conflict in Bani Walid is not really a political one but rather tribal as Misrata militias are trying to take control of the whole of Libya and exterminate any opposition, especially inside the former Gaddafi stronghold.

“To be honest this conflict is tribal in nature because the militia is mainly from Misrata supported by other militias from other cities nearby Misrata, because of the conflict that took place between two tribes 92 years ago,”
Altakasih explained. “In this conflict one of the Misrata tribes or leaders was killed when he attacked Bani Walid.”

Looming humanitarian catastrophe in Bani Walid

The humanitarian situation outside Bani Walid is reportedly nearly as dire as that within the besieged city. Those who managed to flee the violence now find themselves stranded on the desert roads outside the city.

Thousands of Bani Walid residents have reportedly tried to reenter the city, but were stopped at makeshift militia checkpoints composed of pickup trucks armed with mounted machine-guns.

“Look at the people over there, they got a gun and they’re shooting at people with it,”
a Bani Walid resident said, pointing in the direction of a checkpoint. He claimed that those who fled the city had been forced to stay in the desert for more than a week.

“Where is the government?”
he said.

Photo from Bani Walid. RT source.
The photo could not be independently verified.

Photo from Bani Walid. RT source. The photo could not be independently verified.


Source: Green Committees Russia

Verbrechen in Libyen sind eine Schande für die UNO, NATO und USA!

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KenFM über - Barack Obama das schnelle Ende eines Mythos.

#BaniWalid, #Libya #Oct26 , 2012 Expeditionary force message

Bani Walid, Libya
a, Oct. 26, 2012
Expeditionary force message

City of Bani Walid has not been taken, clashes occur mainly in the eastern part of the city between the defenders of Bani Walid Brigade and brigade "28th of May", that is, the rats which have to live in the area called Sdada, Bani Walid.

Many people in Libya and abroad influenced in misinformation spread by the occupation regime.

The city of Bani Walid is still fighting.

Wait for tonight or tomorrow morning more detailed news.

#BaniWalid, Libya 26th October, 2012 - #GreenLibya #FreeLibya #NTC #TNC #Gaddafi #Jamahiriya #NewLibya

October 26, Bani Walid, Libya
Message for media

Evening and night of 25 to 26 October the city of Bani Walid was bombed by aircraft marked as Misrata’s airforces and airforces of occupation regime of Libya. They used white phosphorous bombs, against the defenders of Bani Walid and civilians. The retreat of troops of occupying regime after the announcement of the victory was false.

History of Sirte and Tripoli repeats, because theh gangs themselves could not enter to Bani Walid, NATO and Qatar have used their aircraft, aircraft repainted in the colors of the occupation regime. Also, may have been used Special Forces, at least, eyewitness reported about Qatari and Jordanian special forces, fighting against the defenders of Bani Walid. With support of airforces armed gang entered to the eastern part of the city of Bani Walid last night and in the morning of 26th October, in the afternoon of October 25 were not armed gangs in the city of Bani Walid, as media reported, they shelled the city from a distance only, and fought outside the city with the tribe Vershifanna.

Today eyewitness reported about Turkish troops in chemical and radiation protection suits, which are on the outskirts of Bani Walid collect bodies of civilian people and defenders killed by bombs with white phosphorus, chemical weapons and possibly depleted uranium, and then transport them to the dead city Taverga. In order to burn them and bury the remains in mass graves. They destroying evidences that invaders used these prohibited weapons, especially white phosphorous.

Eyewitness reported that in the city of Bani Walid invaded "team on May 28," armed gang of residents from Bani Walid who support the occupation regime and who were driven out of the city before. They're destroying the houses in the eastern district of Bani Walid, where the these gangs were able to enter. Previously, there was information that to the city was drove the tractor, converted for demolitions of houses.

Eyewitness reported that women and old men of the tribe Werfalla took up arms, they choosed to be kill in battle, and not to be tortured and raped.
Armed gangs opened fire on civilians who have fled their homes in Bani Walid in the early days of the siege and are now trying to return to the city. The refugees are forced to spend the night in the desert during Holyday. Eyewitness reported that this is the fifth day, as they tried to come back .
Patriots Libya calls on their pages other tribes to rise and fight against the occupation, being killed one by one. Because of the resolution № 8 of the occupation regime next target in list will be the city of the tribe Vershifanna, by Resolution № 9 will be attack city Al Jelat. By the resolution № 10 will be attack cities in the south of Libya, especially city of Sabha. In particular, the war against the tribe Werfalla and their capital - Bani Walid has been approved by Resolution № 7 of occupation regime of Libya.

Libya, What Fox News Won't Tell You, 10 of 11

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#BaniWalid, #Libya #Oct25, 2012, News from tribe #Wershivana - #NTC #TNC #FreeLibya #GreenLibya #Gaddafi #Jamahiriya

News from tribe Wershivana, Bami Walid. Libya, 25th October 2012

Uprising in areas of Wershivana, they had attacked "a battalion Sadwi" at the area of Sawani that follow to armed gangs of Misurata which participated in shedding the blood of children and women and families of Bani Walid.

I talk to from the centre of Wershivana tribe. This happened from yesterday and be sure in my words and anyone can contact with any one at Wershivana in order to check it.

Western intervention in Libya aimed at failed state - RT Morris

Keiser Report: Goodbye, German Gold? (E358)

'US, UK silent on Bani Walid massacres and chaos'

Libya, What Fox News Won't Tell You, 9 of 10

#BaniWalid, #Libya 25th October, 2012 - #Gaddafi #Jamahiriya #GreenLibya #NTC #TNC

News from Bani Walid, Libya, Oct. 25, 2012

The occupation regime of Libya cut Internet and electricity for the city of Bani Walid. Fresh bits of information making its way from there, but the fact that the connection has been cut off deliberately, it is the news, too . It confirms the information that the city of Bani Walid has not been taken by armed gangs and that the indiscriminate shelling of the city with the use of prohibited weapons conventions continues. Untill October 18 armed gangs shelling Bani Walid from all sides, the number of civilians killed by one day of shelling growing. This is a real genocide of Werfalla tribe, armed gangs from the start trying to kidnap and kill members of the tribe Werfalla in other cities of Libya.

About message of the occupation regime’s media there they reported about arrest in Bani Walid members of the 32th Brigade and other units of the Jamahiriya. In fact, out of prison Misrata were taken prisoners, they were dressed in the form of the Libyan army, in one of the suburbs of Bani Walid or the outskirts of the city they are given a green flags, portraits of Gaddafi and the weapons unloaded. Their "capture" were shot on video (for mobile phones) for distribution to the media.

This was done to support a lie about taking Bani Walid and the lies that goal of the occupation regime is to "search and arrest criminals who killed Omran Shaaban and supporting the Gaddafi regime" in Bani Walid.

The occupation regime has announced his victory and the end of hostilities, but in fact is that a mass unselective shelling of Bani Walid continues. People do not have time to get out own relatives from under the rubble, in hospitals lack medicines, and armed gangs shelling the city center, so hospitals could be destroyed, too.

Occupation regime of Libya must humble tribe Werfalla to get a free hand in the south of Libya against the Tubu tribes and against towns which liberated from armed gangs. France planned a war in Mali and other African countries against the Tubu and it needs a kick in the rear Tubu by gangs of Libyan regime.

Libyan tribes must come together against a common enemy, the occupation regime of Libya, or they will be killed by one.

Source: Green Committees Russia

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Libya: Dr Moussa Ibrahim released a voice recording denying his capture ...

Libya, What Fox News Won't Tell You, 8 of 10

#BaniWalid, #Libya 24th October, 2012 - #NTC #TNC #Gaddafi #Jamahiriya

    24th October, 2012
    Bani Walid, Libya
    Message for media

    by Konstantyn Sheglikov

    Defenders of Bani Walid opened the city yesterday night to allow armed gangs to come inside the city. After this defenders destroyed the bridge that considered a gate to the city. Most part of criminals who came to this trap got killed, number of bodies which they left about thousand or more

    As eyewitness of Bani Walid reported: “even the sunset reflexes their blood in the sky “

    Now Bani Walid under heavy shelling again, armed gangs couldn’t to forse defenders to give up and try to destroy the city.

    The occupation regime of Libya wanted to declare victory over Bani Walid at October 20th, (the day of the murder of man looks as Gaddafi), or at least 23th October (when they announced the release of Libya).

    But the city is fighting and do not give up still, Glory to defenders of Bani Walid.

    Tribe Werfalla is a tribe which began to consolidate the other tribes of Libya, in Bani Walid were few conferences of big part of Libyan tribes. They tried to solve problems which occupation regime hade to create, Bani Walid became the real centre of power in Libya.

    The leaders of countries,which occupy Libya, didn’t like this. They decided to conquer this tribe, or to destroy it, in order to give a lesson to other tribes in Libya. This nazi action is taking place before our eyes for almost a month.

    Omran Shaaban from Misrata was one of those, who tortured a man like Gaddafi. He was captured as a spy near Bani Walid. When he try to run, stole a car and rolled over on it, breaking own neck, but medics from Bani Walid clinic, cured him.

    After that, Omran Shaaban was taken to Misrata. He didn’t die in french clinic, but was killed. Medics made scars on his body, which was looking like torture scars, and then it was said that Shaaban was tortured in Bani Walid.

    The representatives of occupation regime lied that Shabaan was the first man who found Gaddafi. They tried to heroize him, because they wanted the world community and libyans to believe, that Bani Walid people are cruel torturers, and therefore they are worthy of death, and their killing would be necessary and fair action.

    It’s not true, that gangs from Misrata or armed forces from Libyan occupation regime are fighting against Bani Walid. In fact, USA, France, Great Britain and Qatar are trying to destroy Bani Walid.

    Blocking Russian proposal to to discuss situation in Bani Valid, is proof of U.S. complicity in the crime. For almost a month people in Bani Walid die from fire, sarin and mustard poison gas attacks, they are bombed by heavy weapons, tanks and rocket system “Grad”.

    From yesterday, when armed gangs have announced tha capture of Bani Walid and world media extended this lie, internet connection and electricity was turned off, so the truth about what Bani Walid is still fighting, shouldn’t spread.

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

#Libya: Defenders of Bani Walid don't fight with children

A family from Al Ziyadat tribe ( tribe of Bani Walid city) today fought against the aggressors and killed some of them and others two were captured. Then defenders discovered that they are children (16 and 14 years old ), they took their weapons and cars and released them, because ordinary Libyans are not criminals, in contrast to rats that tortured even children.

We want to remind, that armed gangs (media call them freedom fighters and supported them) from February 2011 raped, murdered and executed, despite of age and gender, whole families of Libyan, which were against this fake revolution and occupation of Libya. War crimes which armed gangs commited and continue to commit against civilian, we could to compare with crimes of Nazi against Jews

Source: Green Committees Russia

Desinformation Warning from #BaniWalid - #Libya

by Konstantyn Sheglikov


Misrata's rats will lie and tell the people that there is a plane crashed carrying the wounded. thats because they want to coverage the rats who had been killed by Bani walid fighters and they will share this fake news and a photoshopped pic of the crashed plane.

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Urgent: City of #BaniWalid – #Libya.

The city under heavy attack since 03/10/2012 by using different types of heavy weapons, such as Grad, Strela and Huzer, many people have died involving children women’s. Furthermore, Misrata militias has siege the city from all the sides and prevent any medical, food and children milk to enter the city, we have tried to call international community to protect the city and civilian inside the city and till now there is any reaction against those militias, where is the international community and United nation from what happing on the city Bani Walid ? We are sure that in the next 48 hours more than 1000 people will be died as the militias has increased the attack randomly and people inside the city have made decision that they will not going to leave the city and will defend their city and their people. We call the international community and media to deal with the conflict of Bani Wail as there is crime against humanity been happened.

By: Salem Alkasah

Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Breaking news - #Bani Walid #Libya

Rats attacking right now Bani Walid, Libya from place called Marduum ( near East side of city) with heavy weapons.
Their ultimatum was a trick, in order to reduce level of warning for defenders.
Wait further news from battlefields