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#Syria: military activity on November 18

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In the city of Aleppo in the vicinity of Al-Sukkar School. Saadallah al-Jaber destroyed five cars with DShK.

In the quarter-Ac Salehin near building vocational army unit destroyed the highly dangerous fighter, known as Muhammad Abu Dan, the leader of one of the terrorist groups.

As much as a quarter-Zhbeylya near the school, "Al-Baazhin" troops entered the clash with terrorists from the organization "Dzhebhat An-Nusra." As a result, members of the terrorist group were either killed or wounded.


In the capital, terrorists fired two shells from the mortar in a residential quarter of mezze.

In the province of Damascus in Darayya in special operations on the plantations were destroyed dozens of terrorists along with their vehicles and equipment. Several terrorists fled.

According to informed sources, the field hospital was found with stolen medicines and medical equipment.

It is reported that on one of the plantations was found gallows made from a tree, on which the terrorists executed prisoners, the refusal to cooperate with them.

In addition, the source said, the terrorists burned corpses of militants who are not citizens of Syria. Many of them mercenaries - people from Africa.

Deir ez-Zor

In the city of Deir ez-Zor in the Al-Omal soldiers killed several terrorists and arrested a militant Salah Safwan Kardzhusli some of the "Brigade Ansar Al-Sunnah."

In the quarter came in Jbeil military clash with the terrorist group. Eliminated dozens of militants, among them one of the recognized leaders of the "An-Dzhebhat Nusra" - Abdel-Rahman Al-Saleh Al-Hleyf Habbush.

In the province of Deir ez-Zor dozens of militants were killed in a spontaneous explosion when they try to steal gas from the pipeline.

Army units are destroyed by a terrorist group in Abu Kamal. Among those killed were identified natives of the city of Jisr al-Shugur Muhammad Amin al-Qashqai and Omar Muhammad al Qashqai and Raja Saeed, Ahmad Al-Matrud, Khalil Hzhedzh, Mohammed Jassem al-Huveyni, Dzhoudat Radwan Al Mulla Omar Radi, Abdullah Al-Saqr and Salah al-Masi.


In the city of Idleb military demining unit defused an explosive device weighing 40 kilograms, planted by terrorists near the secondary school.


Army units cleared the area of ​​militants extensive forest Kasab and located in the same radio tower. Terrorists have suffered significant losses.

A source in the province of Latakia, the agency SANA reported that most of the forests Al Frunlok, part of the mountain, and the An-Nisr Sky Almur area had been cleared of terrorists who have caused great damage to these areas. Soldiers continue to harass others fleeing militants.


In some quarters of the Old City security officers entered the clash with a terrorist group. It is reported that in the neighborhoods of Bab Hood, Al-Turkman, Al Vorshe, as-Safsafa and near the Citadel many militants were killed and wounded.

In the province of Homs in Ar-Rastan near the cement plant security officers destroyed vehicle with a machine gun, and a bulldozer, which belonged to the terrorists with militants who they are.
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Source: Abkhazian News Network Agency (ANNA)

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