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The Real #Euromaidan - #Ukranie #EU #Russia #ClouredRevolution #Nazis

Euromaidan, Kiev, Ukraine, 17.01. 2014, few hundreds in area

Von Konstantin Scheglikov

Please share this and others posts about real situation in Ukraine. Because even left wing world organizations fooled by media. They do not want to think why these "protesters" have support from officials of EU and USA.

#Euromaidan #Kiev #Ukraine #Livebroadcast #Factsagainstlieofmedia

Yesterday, 16.01.2014, the MPs of Ukraine passed the country's budget for 2014. Pro-European opposition MP's tried to block the adoption of the budget. Besides the budget, by a majority vote, parliament passed laws to toughen penalties for acts of vandalism, for the seizure of state institutions, and for threatening police officers and members of their families, etc. Due to its passage these illegal actions by the pro-European neo-Nazi opposition will be significantly reduced.

Today, Friday January 17th, 15:05, the leaders of the so-called opposition called on all Ukrainians to enter the Euromaidan and support them. You can see with your own eyes that less number people actually support the American neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine.

The pro-EU opposition has threatened civil war. Take a look at Euromaidan and you can be sure that the Ukraine people do not support them.

There is another feature of the "pro-European protests", each participant receives a fee for participation. Fee depends on the job, biggest feel given to those who agree to attack the police, they get 50 dollars or more per day. In addition, participants receive free food and lodging in captured buildings.

Euromaidan right now by webcam
About 3.05 p. m. by local time, 17.01.2013, Friday.

Few hundreds in whole area

You can hear the shouting of the neo-Nazi leaders at the scene and the responding cries from those in the area. If you do not look closely at the scene, it may seem that the number of people is very great. In fact, hundreds of people yelling in unison have created the illusion of a large crowd.

"In EuroMaidan all people who support them, except citizen from 3 small regions in Western Ukraine nobody support them. Because people saw real face of aggressive Neo-Nazi backed by EU and USA. In Friday, 10.01.2013 they aggressive attacked building of court and police. By tradition it was shown in global media as attack of police against peaceful protesters. But Ukrainian people are not ignorant citizen of EU-USA, so they are against Neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine.

But Yatcenyuk, Klitchko and especially Tyahnibok have few thousands Neo-Nazi thugs in Kiev.
Journalists of global media make shots from stage, they using special types of shots. People in Maidan ordered make tense crowd near stage and walk in area. So, global media can fool people by illusion of big crowd in area.

It is the busiest area, in the center of the city. As people cross the central square, to work and shop, they stop and stare at the "Gypsy camp", which has taken over the main square of Kiev by pro EU activists. The media show the shoppers as 'members of the "opposition".

Yet the “opposition” is trying to attract people by the concert on stage. But Nazi slogans: "Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine)" , "Heroyam Slava (Glory to Heroes)" , "Slava Nacii (Glory to Nation)", "Smert vorogam (Death to enemies)", "Ukraina ponad use (Ukraine above all)" which previously sounded during the Second World War repel people. These slogans were used Ukrainian nationalists, who destroy the Jews , Gypsies , Poles, Russian and Ukrainian dissidents during the Nazi occupation. Ukrainian nationalists were death squads of Nazi Germany , more violent than the SS. EuroMaidan is a neo-Nazi in nature. Revealing that the United States and the European Union for “revolutions” use antisocial elements , the most aggressive sectors of society. Obviously, they want to plunge the target- country into constant chaos , giving gangs the opportunity to come to power, as was done in Libya.

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