Freitag, 27. Juni 2014


“Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah ordered “all necessary measures” on Thursday to protect the kingdom against potential “terrorist threats”. The monarch ordered the unspecified measures after he chaired a meeting of the country's national security council, according to state news agency SPA. Fallout from security developments in the region, apparently the crisis in neighboring Iraq, was discussed at the meeting.”

Several months ago, the Saudis changed their stance against Syria, after the US refused to directly bomb Syria, in an attempt to give the terrorists, fighting against Syria, the advantage that NATO’s bombing of Libya provided in overthrowing Libya. Saudi dollars shifted immensely towards supporting the Baath leaders of Iraq and Syria (so-called ISIS). These Baath leaders then directed the killing of al Qaeda, Jabhat al Nusra, and others fighting to overthrow the Syrian government, indicating an alliance with Syria. This has angered some of the hardcore terrorists against the Saudis. Let’s not forget that these terrorists are often supported by the US, Britain, France, Zionist Israel, Canada and other allies of the US. Saudis have been shifting their policy away from the US which means they will become a target of those terrorists sponsored by the US. In the 1990s, there was some strong Saudi objection to the US attacking Iraq, after Iraq invaded Kuwait. However, the Saudis were also divided about Iraq invading Kuwait. The Saudis then permitted the US to setup military camps and bases in Saudi Arabia from which to attack Iraq, a Sunni governed state, as is the case with Saudi Arabia.

In addition to this, the Saudi king meeting with Egypt’s president, al Sisi, who is against the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist elements fighting to overthrow Syria, indicates the Saudi leadership now want to see the Baath back in power in Iraq, and is now aligning more with Egypt’s position about Syria. Of course, Syria is militarily aligned with Iran (Shia) but not at the expense of being against former members of Iraq’s Baath Party. Iran won’t like it but it is a certainty that the Baath are going to regain power in Iraq, and the Iranian backed American formed government of Nouri al-Maliki days are numbered.

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