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March 2013 News of #NATO occupied #Libya: Regime want 2 kill all patriots who resist - #GNC #GreenLibya = FreeLibya = RealLibya

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This message was spread by libyan patriots: "Prosecutor Abdulmajeed Saad[prosecutor at the Court of Tripoli] has given a serious and dangerous statement through official rats’ channels, which clarifies the status of the judiciary and the prosecution in Libya. Click image for larger version.


(In the first photo is Abdulmajeed Saad, the unknown prosecutor of the occupation regime from Tripoli, who wanted to become famous and make a career of executing Libyans. In the second photo is the famous minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany, Goebbels They both participated in executions of people, which were done under the pretense of freedom. Not very many people remember this fact, but Nazi Germany called their wars a "release of nations".You can add the word "democracy" and receive the false motto which is used in the modern Nazi country- USA. The only real difference between the Nazi occupation of Libya in 1991-44 and the modern USNATO occupation since 2011, is that USNATO uses more local criminal gangs and arabs mercenaries than the Nazis did.)

Here's the text of the statement of Abdulmajeed Saad, which was broadcast at 24th March :

"I feel proud that I was the reason for bringing of Abdullah Sannusi [head of the Libyan Intelligence Service in Libyan Jamahiriya], Baghdadi Mahmudi [Secretary of the General People's Committee in Libyan Jamahiriya] and Ayman Abdel-Hamid al-Saih [ambassador of Libyan Jamahiriya in Marocco] because I was commissioned to prepare the records and documents for those criminals [for occupational regime all patriots are criminals]. Indeed, worked diligently for months to do so. The result was impressive for the prosecutors in the states where these remnants [he call this way people who resist] reside. I contacted the citizens who have problems and who have been mistreated by those. Indeed, I went to them in their homes and opened files delineating their complaints to give the matter the legal shape. After introducing them to the Public Prosecution in the brotherly and friendly countries. I was successful, praise to Allah. I also completed preparing the file of the mercenaries who were brought by Fouad Riani [he is patriot and Green activist in Egipt, regime want to kill him] to kill the rebels and cause the abortion revolution. I will not rest until I bring all thugs of the former regime to Libya which is free. I say here that I using my private car in my movements to search for proofs to convict all those who fled. I persuade citizens to lodge complaints against the suspects. Actually I succeeded and the list is long and all of them will appears in front of me.

Their fate is either the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Long live for Libya, free and independent. I am behind you, thugs and time will not be long."

 This is literally the text of this Rat’s statement. Please publish and disseminate widely for the world to know the type of prosecutors that exist in occupation regime and what mentalities guide them to actions. "

We want to remind that in WW2, local servants of the Nazi Reich called occupied countries as free. And by same motto : Long live France free, or Poland free, or Ukraine free were commited most awful war crimes. War crimes were commited against people who didn't want to be free by Nazi.

We all know very well that mean Fascists regimes as freedom, it was slaverity or death.

In Libya in that time 1941-1944 was same, History repeat itself, same countries almoust destroyed and occupied Libya again. Gangs of occupation regime of Libya using all kinds of tortures in order to get "recognitions". People who support NATO's puppet regime make false reports in order to blame libyan patriots, whose became enemies for present regime.

Also, from February 2011 until the present day, the occupation regime has blamed the government of Jamahiriya for the war crimes which were committed by these criminal gangs of so-called "freedom fighters".

The existence of the occupation regime in Libya threatens the lives of all who oppose the occupation and plunder. Gangs of regime abduct, torture and kill Libyans who spread the truth about the crimes of the regime. The police of neighboring states turned a blind eye to these crimes, because the regime of Libya pays bribes to the authorities under the guise of investment. In the next few photos, you can see victims of the so called police and army of Libya, and victims of armed gangs of the regime. There is no difference between the police of the regime and armed gangs from any city, because both armed groups have the same owners due to a system of nepotism.



Also, racism, xenophobia, intolerance of other religions, even to other teachings of Islam, except Salafism, and complete lack of security have become the norm for the occupied Libya. This happens in every country where comes the so-called Western-style democracy.

 March 2013 News of occupied Libya: Regime want to kill all patriots who resist|Greenkomitet.ru 

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