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Libya news 10-3-2013

Breaking news, Al-Zawia, Libya Clashes

Breaking News Al Zawia, Libya Clashes with heavy weapons between the gangs of rats from city Al- Zawia and tribe Wershiffana By reports clashes began at this day and finished till this time.

Breaking news, Al-Zawia, Libya Clashes|

Libya news 8-3-2013

Watch this photo - This is newLibya



Traitors of Homeland, liars and thieves which became authorities, officials in Libya are very far from Islam. They are very close to behavior of their owners from Western regimes, to whom these traitors are thankfull. This is their freedom and they don't care about others libyan. This photo clearly shows that girls and women who have supported the occupation of Libya are prostitutes. This photo is one of the many evidences of their immorality.

Servants of West, who called themself libyan people, destroying traditional society of Libya. Western regimes want to destroy traditional society in every country because only in traditional society grow patriots of Homeland. Libyan who supported occupation of Homeland were corrupted by West, they care about own desire only, they don't care about country, they don't care about each other too. They ready to committ any crime in order to get their desires. Lies and war crimes committed by rats (traitors) in 2011 and 2012 showed that very well.

Rats making fake photos and videos then lied that Libyan Jamahiriya and Gaddafi destroyed Islam. In fact their goal is to destroy value of Islam and Libyan society, they accused Gaddafi in crimes, which they committed and continue to commit themselves.

Source of photo is rat's page Rats expose their essence by themselves, they eat themselves , that is why we are call them rats

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3 March News correspondent now that a group of militants detained a number of European School students Benghazi for hours before being released shortly before, and that objection to the curriculum offered by the school as armed group threatened to burn school. For further details with us from Benghazi Dr. Jamal bin Amer School board member European in Benghazi.

Libya news 8-3-2013|



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