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France: Media Lies on Libya Ongoing

Posted: 2011/06/01
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A report from a European citizen in Tripoli, Libya

France Accuses Qaddafi of Killing 10,000 Libyans: Headline in Le Figaro (La France accuse Kadhafi d'avoir tué 10.000 Libyens)

Subheadline: The atrocities committed by pro-Gaddafi is to prevent any uprising in the capital. (Les atrocités commises par les pro-Kadhafi visent à empêcher tout soulèvement dans la capitale.)

Now this is what passes for the best of European French journalism?

After reading this composition of lies it is normal that common people and even informed people who don't know Libya have a total false image of Gaddafi and Libya.

I give an example:


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