Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

#NATO fails in #Libya and #Media lie, Prof. #DelBoca says - #OperationUnifiedProtector #FreeLibya #Feb17 #Manipulation

Libya: NATO failing in Libya, media hiding the truth, says Prof Del Boca

For Angelo Del Boca, journalist and Libya expert, the high costs of the No Fly Zone have reduced to nothing any hope to see the blitz against Gaddafi succeed. Instead, the war might last several months because the Libyan leader still has troops, weapons and personal assets worth more than a billion ...

Rome – “The high costs of the operation against Gaddafi have turned a blitzkrieg in a media-led phony war. What NATO expected to obtain with the No Fly Zone is now gone,” Prof Angelo Antonio Del Boca told AsiaNews. A journalist and university scholar, Prof Del Boca has studied Libya and its leader for more than 30 years. According to the historian, “Gaddafi still has more than a billion Euros and the war could still last several months.”

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