Montag, 13. Juni 2011

#Libya #NATO & #Terrorism - Shocking Images of " #rebel " atrocities #OperationUnifiedProtector #RebelCrimes #UN #US

Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of "rebel" atrocities


Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of NATO has painted itself into a corner in Libya. Its daily acts of terrorism against Libyan civilians, its acts of murder against Libyan children and its flagrant breach of international law make Obomber, Cameron and Sarkozy war criminals. Why are they not sitting alongside General Mladic in The Hague?

There exists something called international law and like it or not - and we have all seen how the USA and UK, principally, flout it at every turn (Iraq, Serbia) - even the countries belonging to NATO, the most hated organisation on the planet, imposed upon the citizens without any iota of constitutional validity, are bound to follow its precepts.




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