Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Losers ain't Choosers in #Libya - #NATO #RebelCrimes #FreedomFighters #FreeLibya #Feb17 #Benghazi #Rebels

Losers Ain't Choosers in Libya

Posted: 2011/07/15
From:" target="_self">Mathaba
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NATO did not study history. They did not know that one third of the Libyan population laid down their lives against the Italians 100 years ago. Again one third came out to prove they will do it again. Most of them are youth, and they are more than tough.

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Lisa Karpova

After failing a campaign to bring down the Ghaddafi government by force, NATO now attempts to bring it down by political negotiation. However, they fail to comprehend, or at least pretend they don’t comprehend, that losers don’t dictate terms for the end of a war, particularly if you were the aggressor.


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