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Why do I support #Gaddafi and Libyan people? - #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #Feb17 #FreeLibya #Libya #Poland

Why do I support Gaddafi and Libyan people?

Posted: 2011/07/09

From: Mathaba

Some Europeans are wide awake. Will the tide change in Europe, or will all good Europeans have to migrate to Africa to avoid what always happens when societies become selfish and complacent, as Japan which until the attack on Africa had the world's longest life expectancy, and now, the shortest? HeyU Quality Ads Following is comment from Poland

by Politkomisar

I am against the war and for the peace! This should be clear to all that are imputation lies against Gaddafi supporters and freethinkers. I support Gaddafi and Libya because they are defending there homeland in a war against the aggressive and criminal invaders, who have deliberately interfered in the internal affairs of a sovereign and internationally recognized state, which has a legitimate government to whom they can turn to only with diplomatic means but not with war, as did NATO Alliance do, and without to verify what is really happening on the ground.


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