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Essay by #Gaddafi : Death 2 #Incapable Until #Revolution; #Libya #Jammahiriya #Socialism #PopularPower #Antiimperialism

Death to the Incapable Until Revolution*

Posted: 2011/08/28
From: Mathaba
This essay is taken from Escape to Hell and Other Stories, translated from Arabic by Pierre Salinger; Published by John Blake Publishing Ltd.; Text copyright 1998 Stanké, New York

Muammar Gaddafi

Poor incapable ones, how far you are from the bitter truth! You are truly envied, for you take the easiest of paths in life, and take on no hardships. You require no explanation or interpretation of anything that you care about. Everything is clear for you; there is no vagueness. You take on no responsibility for thinking about your lives, nor do you make any change in your customary and limited ways of behaviour. You easily decline anything involving difficulty, sparing your bodies and your consciences any effort. You fool yourselves extremely easily, and make light of any criticism of what you do or believe. Your opinions are fixed, and changes are never made to them. You deal negatively with any unaccustomed-to position. You never accept discussion about anything you believe; you are envied for this by those who have become weary from their envy, knowing the truth of what you do.


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