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#Libya Army demolishes 3 #NATO ships - #FreeLibya #operationunifiedProtector #NATOfail #RebelFail #Feb17

Three NATO ships demolished by the Libyan Army

Posted: 2011/08/17
From: Mathaba
Report from Leonor in Libya, 15th August

by Dennis South

Here's a new video report from Leonor.  She speaks about the complete "news" media blackout of events in Libya.


Report from Leonor in Libya, 15th August

And here are a few other items that she talks about:

1. Three NATO ships were completed demolished by Libyan military forces, and there were heavy NATO casualties aboard those ships, but this has been hidden, of course, from the public.  An Italian ship was also bombed by the Libyan Army.

2. Most of the fighters in Benghazi are not Libyans.  In fact, the Libyan "rebels" are a minority.  Most of the fighers are foreigners from Europe, Qatar, Egypt, Palestine, and South America.  This is the brutal "game" being played by NATO and its sponsor countries, such as the U.S., France, and Britain.



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