Montag, 22. August 2011

#Gaddafi wins the real #war - #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector #MediaLies #FakeRevolution #MermaidDawn

Qaddafi Wins The Real War

Posted: 2011/08/23
From: Mathaba
The small 7 million population nation, now reduced to 4 million after 2 million migrant workers and refugees have left after terrorist and NATO sieges and another 1 million are cut off in the East with Benghazi under siege: 4 million Libyans are defeating NATO

While NATO's "2 or 3 day" war on Libya now rages on since over 5 months, pitting the world's most powerful military which has flown over 20,000 missions into a "No Fly Zone", killing tens of thousands and maiming many more, all in the name of "protecting civilians from Qaddafi's air force", an air force which has not flown a single flight throughout and was destroyed on the ground on day 1 of NATO's attacks, against a million Libyans armed only with Kalashnikov's.


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