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October 26, Bani Walid, Libya
Message for media

Evening and night of 25 to 26 October the city of Bani Walid was bombed by aircraft marked as Misrata’s airforces and airforces of occupation regime of Libya. They used white phosphorous bombs, against the defenders of Bani Walid and civilians. The retreat of troops of occupying regime after the announcement of the victory was false.

History of Sirte and Tripoli repeats, because theh gangs themselves could not enter to Bani Walid, NATO and Qatar have used their aircraft, aircraft repainted in the colors of the occupation regime. Also, may have been used Special Forces, at least, eyewitness reported about Qatari and Jordanian special forces, fighting against the defenders of Bani Walid. With support of airforces armed gang entered to the eastern part of the city of Bani Walid last night and in the morning of 26th October, in the afternoon of October 25 were not armed gangs in the city of Bani Walid, as media reported, they shelled the city from a distance only, and fought outside the city with the tribe Vershifanna.

Today eyewitness reported about Turkish troops in chemical and radiation protection suits, which are on the outskirts of Bani Walid collect bodies of civilian people and defenders killed by bombs with white phosphorus, chemical weapons and possibly depleted uranium, and then transport them to the dead city Taverga. In order to burn them and bury the remains in mass graves. They destroying evidences that invaders used these prohibited weapons, especially white phosphorous.

Eyewitness reported that in the city of Bani Walid invaded "team on May 28," armed gang of residents from Bani Walid who support the occupation regime and who were driven out of the city before. They're destroying the houses in the eastern district of Bani Walid, where the these gangs were able to enter. Previously, there was information that to the city was drove the tractor, converted for demolitions of houses.

Eyewitness reported that women and old men of the tribe Werfalla took up arms, they choosed to be kill in battle, and not to be tortured and raped.
Armed gangs opened fire on civilians who have fled their homes in Bani Walid in the early days of the siege and are now trying to return to the city. The refugees are forced to spend the night in the desert during Holyday. Eyewitness reported that this is the fifth day, as they tried to come back .
Patriots Libya calls on their pages other tribes to rise and fight against the occupation, being killed one by one. Because of the resolution № 8 of the occupation regime next target in list will be the city of the tribe Vershifanna, by Resolution № 9 will be attack city Al Jelat. By the resolution № 10 will be attack cities in the south of Libya, especially city of Sabha. In particular, the war against the tribe Werfalla and their capital - Bani Walid has been approved by Resolution № 7 of occupation regime of Libya.

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