Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Urgent: City of #BaniWalid – #Libya.

The city under heavy attack since 03/10/2012 by using different types of heavy weapons, such as Grad, Strela and Huzer, many people have died involving children women’s. Furthermore, Misrata militias has siege the city from all the sides and prevent any medical, food and children milk to enter the city, we have tried to call international community to protect the city and civilian inside the city and till now there is any reaction against those militias, where is the international community and United nation from what happing on the city Bani Walid ? We are sure that in the next 48 hours more than 1000 people will be died as the militias has increased the attack randomly and people inside the city have made decision that they will not going to leave the city and will defend their city and their people. We call the international community and media to deal with the conflict of Bani Wail as there is crime against humanity been happened.

By: Salem Alkasah

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