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News from Bani Walid, Libya, Oct. 25, 2012

The occupation regime of Libya cut Internet and electricity for the city of Bani Walid. Fresh bits of information making its way from there, but the fact that the connection has been cut off deliberately, it is the news, too . It confirms the information that the city of Bani Walid has not been taken by armed gangs and that the indiscriminate shelling of the city with the use of prohibited weapons conventions continues. Untill October 18 armed gangs shelling Bani Walid from all sides, the number of civilians killed by one day of shelling growing. This is a real genocide of Werfalla tribe, armed gangs from the start trying to kidnap and kill members of the tribe Werfalla in other cities of Libya.

About message of the occupation regime’s media there they reported about arrest in Bani Walid members of the 32th Brigade and other units of the Jamahiriya. In fact, out of prison Misrata were taken prisoners, they were dressed in the form of the Libyan army, in one of the suburbs of Bani Walid or the outskirts of the city they are given a green flags, portraits of Gaddafi and the weapons unloaded. Their "capture" were shot on video (for mobile phones) for distribution to the media.

This was done to support a lie about taking Bani Walid and the lies that goal of the occupation regime is to "search and arrest criminals who killed Omran Shaaban and supporting the Gaddafi regime" in Bani Walid.

The occupation regime has announced his victory and the end of hostilities, but in fact is that a mass unselective shelling of Bani Walid continues. People do not have time to get out own relatives from under the rubble, in hospitals lack medicines, and armed gangs shelling the city center, so hospitals could be destroyed, too.

Occupation regime of Libya must humble tribe Werfalla to get a free hand in the south of Libya against the Tubu tribes and against towns which liberated from armed gangs. France planned a war in Mali and other African countries against the Tubu and it needs a kick in the rear Tubu by gangs of Libyan regime.

Libyan tribes must come together against a common enemy, the occupation regime of Libya, or they will be killed by one.

Source: Green Committees Russia

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