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6.02 2013

Compiled by Konstantin Sheglikov

Breaking news from Tunis, Tunisia There was a big fight in the Libyan embassy in Tunis... The flag of shame and treason was taken down by honorable Tunisians and Libyans. Many rats - workers of embassy run away and their cars were smashed...


Ubari, Libya Breaking news One of the well known fighter of Resistance who been called as "ghost of Sirt" by rats of Misrata, is fighting against them near to Ubary's city.


Confirmed intelligence source reported that Musa Kusa who was head of Libyan intelligence ( before 2009) was a gay and intelligence services of Britain known his behavior provided him with requests and without knowing in a lot of hotels in the UK and Europe and had documented photos and videos of Musa Kusa practiced upon homosexuality. This mean that Musa Kusa which betrayed Jamahiriya at March 2011, as others traitors had depraved desires, and was recruited by Western intelligence services before the so-called revolution


Tripoly, Libya Funny news Organisation "Reporters Without Borders" mean "Reporters Without Shame" complain that the guards of regime beat them: Quotes: "An attack by security guards on a TV crew outside the National Congress building in Tripoli on 1 February has reinforced Reporters Without Borders' concern about the growing number of cases of threats and violence against journalists in the course of their work..." "..Reporters Without Borders is worried by the frequent recurrence of threats, including death threats, against Libyan journalists, which are often but not solely made by semi-official armed groups or religious groups. Such threats constitute serious violations of media freedom..." source Libya: Threats and Violence Against Journalists Reach Alarming Level Our comment: These "reporters without conscience and shame" involved in fabricating and spreading lies about Libyan Jamahiriya. They are responsible for the deaths of Libyans and for the coming to power the criminal gangs and corrupt officials, their broken teeth are the small fee for their criminal actions.


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