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#Libya #GreenLibya - Ratverment to give more money & ressources to occupants - #Feb17 #FreeLibya #GNC

by Konstantin Sheglokov

Ministry disclosed Libyan oil and gas that the government is considering the application of a special new corporate GCC invested in the country, includes tax exemption for five years, extendable for another three years, provided there is no partner Libby, to encourage Gulf companies to invest in Libya in the coming period, which is expected to witnessing to enter the Gulf investors with greater intensity for the Libyan market, and in the wake of the fall of the regime of Colonel.
,Te investor and the government ( foreign) granted 65 percent of the value of the project and 35 percent of the Libyan government or investor.
Al-Riyadh newspaper quoted, by the Minister of Libyan oil and gas Dr. Bari Laroussi saying that Libya is ready to negotiate with the Kingdom to allow for Saudi Aramco direct investment in Libya, including oil exploration and extraction in the Libyan territory
This came during his visit Minister Libyan oil and gas Dr. Abdul Bari bin Ali Laroussi, to Saudi Arabia, where he met, a number of men
of businessmen in the Eastern Province Chamber, in the presence of Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed head room.
The minister pointed out in comments to the newspaper Economic Saudi Arabia, the government has projects giant variety in oil and gas, petrochemicals, education and tourism, as well as roads and residential buildings valued at billions, and made her European companies and U.S., but the government would prefer them Gulf companies, and especially Saudi Arabia, to take over the implementation of these projects either in alliance with Libyan companies or with the state.
He stressed that he will overcome all obstacles facing the Gulf investors, and investment in Libya is safe, citing the influx of international companies on them, pointing out that the oil companies operating in Libya returned to practice its activities and exploration after a break during the popular revolution that erupted on February 17, 2011.
He added that all the projects put forward in Libya will go to Gulf companies and surplus of projects will be put to international companies.

The minister called for the oil and gas Saudi businessmen to increase Libya and stand on the mega-projects that need specialized companies for their implementation, especially since there are international companies still have valid contracts with the Libyan government projects include Infrastructure, hospitals and schools, roads and housing, adding that his country is ready to grant mega projects varied Gulf companies especially Saudi Arabia, including a desire to strengthen the brotherly relations and the removal of past differences between Saudi Arabia and Libya, and establishment of new strategic partnerships and benefit from the experiences of Saudi companies.

Laroussi said he discussed during his visit a number of Aramco oil and gas issues, and ways to take advantage of the services at Aramco, expected to do and Libyan delegations visited Aramco in the future, for the signing of agreements, in
Training and take advantage of its system in the discovery and production programs and natural gas, noting that he discussed with officials of the King Fahd University of Petroleum
And minerals opportunities for cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Libyan oil in the field of studies and research
He revealed 'Laroussi' that one of Saudi companies - which preferred not named until final approval of the project - made to the Libyan government for the establishment of manufacturers of sugar and cement in order to export its products to Europe and not for the Gulf States, and that the total value of manufacturers of more than $ 1.7 billion riyals, pointing out that he will discuss the project for approval,the company also submitted an application for the establishment of a free trade zone, was chosen as the city of Misrata as the location for manufacturers, expected to be complete dependence of the Saudi company for the start of the implementation of the establishment of sugar manufacturers and cement the middle of this year.


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