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Occupying regime can not hide the truth

News from Ajdabiya, Libya

In the city of Ajdabiya to the west of Benghazi Channel 1, the TV source of occupational regime made an interview of local residents. They complained that there are total absence of safety in the city. Eight person stated that members of their families were raped. That was clearly showed on the main channel of occupational regime in Libya. They have not possibility to cover the absence of public order in Libya. Bands that have been torturing, raping, killing since the 17 February of 2011 continue to do this! They were named police and army. But continue to commit crimes they are used to commit. Members of bands also continue their criminal activity in their ordinary way without any fear of punishment or prosecution. Occupational regime does not care about life of ordinary citizens. They just steal resources of the country. Only the return of People` Committees and members of government of Jamahiria can retrieve the order to country.

Libya news: Occupying regime can not hide the truth|Greenkomitet.ru 

deceived youth protests

February 24 riots in Benghazi,

Libya Benghazi - Jamal Street is closed because of riots the teenagers whom Magrif head of occupation regime of Libya promised to give money for guard of areas at 15th, 16th, 17th February. Magrif in his speech promised them lucrative rewards and fled..

Libya news: deceived youth protests|Greenkomitet.ru


Libya news 23-2-2013

Sabha Large crowds of people from the Fezzan in front of Hall of the People Demands for federalism and still growing crowds

We are the children, and the people, of Fezzan, the southern part of Libya, who are recognized in accordance with state laws and international conventions and treaties.

The Fezzan, who constitute the bulk of Libya, suffer from marginalization. Our voices are muted by the clamor of propagandists in NATO, USA, and elsewhere.

Libya today, and Fezzan especially, suffer from gross instability, the spread of weapons and militias outside the control of the state, and the state's utter inability to protect human life within its borders.

Children, women, and men risk being murdered, daily, as they go to work, school, or to purchase food for their families.

Also, the current Libyan regime has hindered the economic recovery, and the completion of development projects and infrastructure, which are being attempted by foreign companies that wish to participate in the rebuilding of the nation of Libya. Stand together, we are the Sons of Fezzan.

We announce:

  1. That the decision of the General Conference on the South Zone of military without other is NULL[zero] and VOID.
  2. That the spread of weapons, and incursions by various armed militias, as a result of the weakness and hypocrisy of state structures, and institutions of security and defense, is unacceptable to the people of the South.
  3. That the squandering of funds and resources of the Libyan people, uncontrollably, proves that the officials are not able to manage any state institutions.
  4. The law of political isolation, and the conditions and standards of integrity, and nationally, and the arrests of the Sons of the South, and the apparent failure to find solutions for the displaced, inside and abroad, are justifications for the lack of confidence in the individuals in charge of the country at this stage.

So, we decided to invite all officers and non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of the Libyan army and security units of our children, to return immediately to their barracks, and to take establish security and border protection, and maintain the vital and strategic goals in the region: peace, liberty, and prosperity.

And also, to take the Ali Suleiman Fezzan region, and manage militarily, as necessary, until the formation of a local administration through fair, just, and defensible democratic methods


Two big explosions in Abo Hadima area in Benghazi 1 hour ago

This is a video of Al - Jazeera, which was distributed as evidence of demonstrations against the Jamahiriya and Gaddafi in Benghazi. But in fact, it was a demonstration in support of the Jamahiriya, you can see the green flag. Al-Jazeera, as well as other media lied about the events in Libya at February 2011.

Yesterday gangs of Zintan kidnapped Libyan police academy students, who came from Turkey. Because became known that they support the Jamahiriya. Each of them is a resident of the city Zliten or districts Abu Salim and AlHadba in Tripoli. They were taken to an unknown destination.

Libya news 23-2-2013|Greenkomitet.ru


Revenge to traitor

The traitor , the Agent by name Hassan Almusrati , from Al Gassi Area who got from Saif al Islam 360 thousand dinars for work as conductor in the desert, and who betrayed Saif Islam. Yesterday he fought with man by name Ghniwa on the camp of Al Turaiki , Ghniwa beaten him and he is now in the hospital.

Libya news: Revenge to traitor|Greenkomitet.ru



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