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#Resistance News Roundup #Ukraine April 14-16 2014 - #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #AntiMaidan #Russia #NATO #US #EU #Donetsk #Kharkov #Ruthenia

Reports by Konstantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation
(compiled by Chris Sedlmair)

NATO's Kiev-Junta sends mercenaries to the east
The Information about counter-terrorist operation in the city and fights Slavyansk are lies. But Kiev junta sent foreign mercenaries who wounded a local fisherman not far from the city.

Information about the alleged ongoing Slavyansk raid - another lie from the Kiev junta .
Earlier - that the military operation began in his " Facebook " wrote Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov .

However,... no shooting and wounded in the Donetsk region last night still not done . How to tell the activists of self defense forces of Donbass, to the Slavyansk contracted military equipment and armed men in a black outfit . On the morning of April 13 shots were fired .

- About half an hour ago near the village of Semenivka APC opened fire . Local fisherman was wounded. Apparently, he was taken for a member of group self-defense because he was dressed in camouflage clothing , - said Vyacheslav, activist of self-defense detachment .

According to the source, the victim was seriously wounded in the chest. Doctors at the local hospital fighting for his life.

- A few kilometers from the city seen 7 APCs, one Ural (military track). At the local airport landed two helicopters . We counted about 150 supposedly fighters of special forces " Jaguar " . They are armed with rifles , machine guns and grenade launchers, dressed in black uniforms and have no insignia. It may be mercenaries - Vyacheslav continues .

Earlier residents Slavyansk not confirmed information about start a military operation to suppress the protesters , which reported new Kiev authorities .

Source http://lifenews.ru/news/131140
Because unknown military seriously wounded local fisherman, because of his military camouflage, I can to insist that Kiev junta using foreign mercenaries for try of siege the city Slavyansk. Because fishermen here often wear camouflage clothing, it is comfortable, durable clothing, which is warm and not damp, none of the Ukrainian military would not shoot fisherman. This could to do foreign mercenaries, NATO soldiers, for whom all civilian are enemies. Iraq, Afghanistan clearly shown that.

Yenakievo, Donetsk republic.

 Local anti-fascists protesters took the building of city administration, local branch of MIA and city prosecutor office in the city ... Yenakievo.
Population - 2013 - 82,629 people. (129 932 people with subordinates settlements )
The city (since 1925) of regional significance in the Ukraine. Railway station.

City of #Makeyevka liberated

13.04.2014 Breaking news

Few hours ago was liberated city Makeyevka in Donetsk region (Donetsk republic).
This is a city of regional significance in the Donetsk region. Located in the south-eastern part of Ukraine, 5 km from the capital of region the city Donetsk.
Actual population of Makeyevka (all settlements ) on November 1, 2013 - 390,403 people. Including 389,360 people. - Urban population.

Military column from 50 vehicles was blocked near the city Mariupol, Donetsk republic

14.04.2014 00.04 a m by local time

The inhabitants of the village Volodarskoe, that near city Mariupol, Donetsk republic, blocking ...the way for military equipment. Near the dam were noticed about 50 vehicles including tanks, armored personnel carriers , rocket launchers ( GRAD ) and military vehicles .

Residents of the village Volodarskoe and the nearby villages blocked the way for military equipment by their cars , now to area continue to arrive more cars of villagers in order to prevent military to travel farther .

The movement for several roads of the village was paralyzed, not the military, nor the local cars can't to drive.

By the way, a little earlier column of military equipment were noticed near the village no Novokrasnovka of Volodarskogo district.

Video about same column made at evening of 13th April, 60 km away from city Mariupol.
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 The first battalion of the fascist junta headed east of Ukraine. Kiev, 15.04.2014

The first battalion of the National Guard , formed from volunteers Selfdefence of Euromaidan , "came to the front". About it on his Facebook page wrote Andr...ew Paruby , Secretary of the National Security and Defense .

As eyewitnesses accumulation fascist gangs self Euromaidan occurs in the territory of the town Izum in the Kharkov region . This town located in distance about few dozen kilometers from the city Slavyansk . Residents of Izum town unhappy with the appearance of "uninvited guests"

Slavyansk, Donetsk republic, 13.04.2014 

At the checkpoint of local self-defense forces of Donetsk republic Slavic was detained a truck with ammunition for multiple rocket launchers "Grad". It happened near city Slavyansk.
This truck was a part of military column of army which was sent by Kiev junta against own people.

Chronicle of the "anti-terrorist operation" of fascist junta in east of Ukraine

Yesterday, April 14th, between 6.30 and 7.00 pm in the street Artem of the town Dimitrov, towards the city Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsk republic, moved two tanks....

In the area called "shinomontazhka" drivers stopped tanks, indignant that tanks "presses the asphalt."

After 15 minutes of wrangling, the tanks left the city, leaving visible marks on the pavement.

The town management decided to record the fact that damage to the asphalt pavement subsequent appeal to the courts.

One of army column sent by Kiev junta against antifascists rebellion in east of Ukraine.

Local activists , on the road, 60 km from Mariupol videotaped column of army equipment from 50 units. Among them were 9 cars with G...rad rocket launchers . Grad rocket launcher in one salvo can destroy everything in the area of 40 hectares.

Using army against civilians is a war crime.

Puppets of the fascist junta went for it by order of their masters from the U.S..

I want to remind you that the occupation regime in Libya since the end of October 2011 shelling and bombing the Libyan people using the same Grad rocket launchers and aircraft. Against the civilian population they even used chemical weapons : mustard gas and sarin . Western media and international organizations pretend that these crimes are not happening, they are silent on this subject , as well as about mass tortures and executions of dissatisfied by occupation regime in Libya.


Slavyansk  / Kramatorsk, Donetskrepublic

Information about shot down of jet is fake.
Watch video carefully from 0.30, it is clear that jet using afterburner mode this type of jet have many smoke in this mode.

Kramatorsk,  Donetskrepublic

Source: "Kramatorsk city hospitals didn't receive wounded people"
Our source in Kramatorsk reported that the wounded people didn't come to the hospitals.
The decor in the vicinity of intense, combat aircraft left the sky about an hour ago.
So, city wasn't attacked.

USA regime sure that Ukrainian Junta have right to kill its own separatists. I haven't words...
By italian TG5 news [TV channel] - today Russia has asked the U.S. to contact its Ukrainian friends in order to prevent the bloodshed, the USA responded: "we also feel sorry for people but Ukrainian government has the right to kill its own people-separatists"
In the meantime, antifascist resistance is also rising in Western Ukraine...

specially, in Carpathian Rus or Ruthenia, which between World War I and World War II was administered by Czechoslovakia by a fiat of Western powers at Versailles. "...The Republic of Ruthenia" announced that it recognizes the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic--based on a opinion poll conducted in Ruthenia. Here, as translated by google: Ruthenian movement supports the recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics!

April 12th, 18:43

Held a meeting of the Presidium of the Ruthenian movement Network (RAN), which discussed the proposal Transcarpathian entrepreneurs voiced April 12 in Mukachevo at its meeting : discussed attempts the Bandera SBU (Ukrainian State Security) to create artificial public opinion about the so-called "Rusyn separatists." Also considered a proposal by the Rusyn Government to support the recognition of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic. Also discussed the results of opinion polls from the last week. Upon a discussion, it was decided:

The Rusyn movement supports the position of the Carpathian people and the results of voting on opinion polls over the past week:

83.8% of the respondents did not support the tactics of the Kiev junta in Transcarpathia, where the Banderaite SBU makes Ruthenians write statements condemning Getsko, accusing him of separatism

73.7% of the respondents of Transcarpathia favor the creation of the Republic of Carpathian Ruthenia - as a probable scenario with a view of the progressing collapse of the Kiev junta.

77.4% of the respondents in Transcarpathia believe that the Kiev junta does not dare to speak against aggression from Hungary, after the public announcement of territorial claims by Hungary on the Carpathian region, because the junta is afraid to open its mouth against its Western masters.

73.9% of the Transcarpathians believes that the Banderites cannot suppress or pacify the Rusyns in Transcarpathia, but that the Ruthenians are strong enough to take on the Banderites.

With which country in the future do you see Transcarpathia allied?
Only an independent Carpathian Ruthenia 27.6%
41.4% with Russia
with Hungary 13.8%
17.2 with Slovakia %
0% with Galicia

When, in discussing the Law on the titular nation and the rights of indigenous peoples in Ukraine, the junta did not even mention the Ruthenians, 87.5% of the Transcarpathians do not believe that is possible to negotiate with the junta.

60% of the Transcarpathians support the proposal that the Transcarpathian government recognize the newly formed People's Republic of Donetsk.

77.3% of the Transcarpathians support the proposal that the Transcarpathian government recognize the newly formed People's Republic of Lugansk.

88.2 of the Transcarpathians believe that the task of the first order is to stop using the term "national minority" for the Rusyns in Ruthenia. The Carpathian Rusyns are the majority in the south of the Carpathians!

For 90% of the respondents, the last Bandera oligarchic revolution does not answer the expectations of the people.

76.7% of the Transcarpathians agree that Kravchuk ought to be put on trial.

100% of the Transcarpathians believe that Banderite Balogh is a complete ignoramus (asshole). He argues that the Ruthenians are with the junta, and, at the same time, the Banderite State Security opened a criminal case against the Ruthenians for separatism.

83.3% of the Transcarpathians believe that Ukraine in its borders of 1991 (after adjusting for the Crimea, made in spring 2014 ) can only be a multinational FEDERATION of Russian, Ukrainian, Transcarpathian Rusyns and other peoples.

Presidio NETWORK Rusyn
http://uzepervi.livejournal.com/247059.h TML
SITE Carpathian Ruthenia
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