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#Ukraine - #Sloviansk Selfdefense activist reports how they captured fascists from #Lviv April 16/17 2014 - #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #AntiMaidan

Self- defense forces of the city Slavyansk caught few fascists from the city Lvov. It happened at night from 16th to 17th April 2014.

Below translation of videos about this case:
First ... video

"Hello! This is self-defense from Slavyansk. Yesterday on the 16th of April 2014 at 11.18 p.m. we had a call from Adamovka. Our group consisting of 3 persons went to check the agents. On the cross of the streets to Khrystysche and Nikolskaya (after this cross) we were stopped by a man. We had taken off our George ribbons. You know. We had to do it. So we were stopped by a strong man, not very tall, about 22 years old. He had huge IPhone. It seemed they were moving or so.. He stopped and asked how to get to Gorlovka. Can you imagine!? In such a place near Gorlovka and Slavyansk! I asked him, how he had got here? And at that moment I saw from the bushes a man approaching me. The man had a rifle. I had managed to close the door before he shot at me. I closed. Afterwards I saw huge hole on this place. Let me show, from what they shot. See, it is a gun for a bear. Look at this thing, we found this in the car. We will give photos to you! Such a huge hole, see! This if for a bear, guys. So we raised our hands and asked: “What are you doing?” They asked to get out from a car. We get out. I thought they would kill us. May be they wanted just to scare us.. So we got out of the car, they checked us and the car. They found nothing because we didn’t have George ribbons, we took them off. They said: “We need your car”. I answered: “This is a taxi man he is not guilty” We took a taxi, we didn’t have an own car. So, they took a car. I asked: “Hey guys, please, if you believe in God, don’t kill us, please!” They answered, that everything would be okay. They went back to the blockhouse, nearer to Rybkhoz (standart agrarian fish company from time of USSR) . They dropped us off on the cross of Khrystysche nearer to Slavyansk. We came to the blockhouse, informed our guys, showed they everything. They came here. So we continued our duty. Everything became quiet. In a several hours approximately at 3.15 a.m. we saw some movements near the forest. We saw 3 men, they were moving very secretly like: run and get down, again run and get down. We went to check. And a man from Savyansk self-defense approached them. It left 20 meters to reach them, when they dropped a self-made grenade to this man from self-defense. It exploded, the man hid. The bomb left a hole about 50 centimeters. So we also shot. And it was quiet till 5 a.m. We went to see what was there when the dawn came. We saw their lair. There were the tracks of 3 persons. But 6 persons took our car. It means there is another group now somewhere. This is for sure! They separated and left. So it was another call at 3 a.m. about a man with a rucksack and rifle. It was a young man. Our guys went there and took him because he didn’t know the place and the road. So we passed him to the proper service. - who it was? - He introduced as Yuriy from Lvil oblast city Strya. He with another men were trained somewhere near Riga in Latvia over 6 months. "


Translation of second video:

 "See, I will explain how he moved. Pay attention to the place. They guys on the Niva ( a car) caught him. The guys moved on this neck of land and caught him near the forest. See, there are a forest and a field. So, they moved of Niva from this side, and another group of people also on Niva moved from another side. They caught him, tied him and got here to the blockhouse. And see, what we found! Pay attention! This is his jeans. This is from MP (Makarov pistol). This was in this pocket. This is the rest. The guys took them. You know, I cannot speak now…He had a full box from MP. And you see, chevron! This is a leopard. This means something nationalistic. This means the guy was well trained! - How old he was? - They came to kill, guys! I will give 100 %! This is a group of 6 persons! And other groups will be! But everything will be fine! We will protect you! "

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