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Conclusion of the Conference of Libyan Tribes, May 6, 2011

Posted by W. Aterput on Friday, May 27, 2011 Under: Libya
The Conclusion of the Conference of the Tribes of Libya May, 6, 2011

First: on the national level:

1. Libya is an independent country. Non Libyans have no legitimate right to intervene in the affairs of Libya. It' is only Libyans who should have the freedom and the right to choose their own political, economic and social system.

2. The unity and independence of Libya are above every other consideration and are not a subject for debate or negotiation.

3. Mouammar Al-gaddafi is a historical Leader, the symbol of the Libyan Revolution and the builder of Aljamaheriya. We cannot and will not abandon him or forsake him. As for the State, its administration and institutions, all Libyans have the right to mange them in the way and method they see fit.

4. The Conference has decided to....




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