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#Desperation: #Libya, #Osama, #Obama, #Lies, #NATO #Losers and #QaddafiVictory #OperationUnifiedProtector #EUFORLibya #UN

Desperation: Libya, Osama, Obama, Lies, NATO Losers and Qaddafi Victory

Posted: 2011/05/03
From: Mathaba
A quick round-up of the current situation. Image: the solution to the problem of democracy, put forward by Muammar Qaddafi in The Green Book

A summary analysis of current events for those who have been following the events closely, as the 3rd European Imperialist World War unfolds.

NATO Objectives

The F-UK-US countries of NATO (France, "United Kingdom" and "United States of America") have been trying for 42 years to eliminate Muammar Qadhafi.

Facing bankruptcy and ownership by China (which possesses nuclear weapons, perhaps the main reason the "west" has not been able to confront China), the western capitalist nations are once again on a colonial expedition aiming for African resources.

Already $32,000,000,000 (32 billion dollars) of the money that Libya contributed for an African monetary fund, African non-private central bank and African investment bank, was stolen this month by the USA.

That money had been earmarked for massive development projects and the starting capital of $42 billion, the other $12 billion coming from others of the 53-nation African Union. This is a direct attack on all Africa.

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