Montag, 26. Mai 2014

#Kiev #Junta kills its own Soldiers - #MassGraves of Deserters from #Ukraine Army found in #Andreevka near #Slavyansk - #NATO #NaziMaidan #AntiMaidan #EuroMaidan

The "missing" soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and Kiev Junta National Guard  were found.
According to information received from three villagers of the village Andreevka, near city Slavyansk. They found mass graves near chalk quarries . Burials are in the north- west of the mountains Karachun in the area of chalk.
Fitting hidden around piles and career. Shallow burial , the bodies are literally covered by 5-10 cm of soil. Smell worth matching. Unbearable .
All dead are naked. Identify the affiliation was not possible . A greater degree of decomposition.
They found four mass graves. Number of buried wasn't not possible to count , and this task was not intended .
So, chalkpit near mount Karachun able to answer the question , where are the " deserters " and " missing " soldiers of the Ukrainian army.
In the photo north- west side of the mountains Karachun, there were found accidentally by locals the mass graves.

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