Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

#Ukraine #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #Nazis - The Truth about massacre in #Odessa #TradeUnion building at 2nd May:

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation

Fascists stormed another entrance and began to hunt their victims before fire.

In the video you can see moment then fascists break door and coming ins...ide building of Trade Union and began to hunt for anti-fascists. 
Also they rob and destroy everything. In the building were offices of small shops and some companies, offices were destroyed and workers inside could be beat to death too, with anti-fascists. This horror for people lasted for several hours. Presence of firemen and policemen didn't stop murderers and rapists. 
People were murdered in different ways, part of women were raped, after they set to fire face of victims, in order to make difficult the their identification.
Number of victims who were brutally murdered inside is 116 people, or more. About 20 or more were murdered outside building.

Watch video 1 how fascists enter and began to hunt people.

Watch video 2 storming of offices and first victim, looks like fascist push her to exit, but he hug her against her will. Woman scream: " Guys don't". Also during video you can hear another scared screams of people who possible were caught already by fascists.
Note that attackers have own professional cameraman it is visible from video. Maybe he filmed all for real masters of fascists.

(Link only, embedding disabled) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z8WzYegg5o

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