Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Video about track "Kamaz" with wounded of #Donetsk republic forces, who were finished by mercs of #Kiev junta. - #Ukraine

by Konstanin Sheglikov
USA trained thugs against Syria, ...trained to ambush and finish wounded
This happened at Monday, 26th May, Kiev junta using jets and helicopters against local Resistance.
This track carried out from airport wounded fighters of Donetsk republic. Track have special amateur flag from a piece of of white fabric, red cross on white field. Forces of Donetsk republic had hope that mercenaries of Kiev junta, especially jets or helicopters don't be shoot track with symbol of Red cross. It was a mistake, fascists saw Kamaz with a Red cross on the flag and decided to kill the wounded . These fascists of Kiev junta landed in the airport area by Mi-8 transport helicopters .

Not far from the airport track "Kamaz" with wounded soldiers came to ambush of mercenaries of Kiev junta. This video was made a few hours after the shooting . The position of bodies can be seen that the wounded were trying to get out from the track. But wounded couldn't crawl far from track. Mercenaries of junta began shooting from a distance by RPG's, sniper rifles , then they came closer and shot dead bodies at close range by AK, turning some bodies into bloody chunks.
The same did NATO soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan , and "revolutionaries" in Libya and Syria . Now foreign mercenaries do it in Ukraine and teach that the Ukrainian fascists. They shooting wounded in the hospitals even.
All who were in Kamaz were killed, 37 fighters. The greatest loss of in their ranks forces of Donetsk republic suffered from shooting the wounded in the track.
The total number of people killed in the bombing and shooting of Donetsk city and approximately 100 people (forces of republic + unarmed civilian) .
Mercenaries of Kiev junta tried to shoot another track Kamaz where were fighters, not wounded. Only the driver was killed by a sniper , the men were able to leave the Kamaz and give response . No one was killed from the soldiers of the republic, except driver.

Because of two attacks on same type of track with different results of fight, there was confusion in the reports with number of killed.
See video from place of the shooting Kamaz which transported the wounded fighters, the video was filmed on a mobile phone by a local.

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