Montag, 26. Mai 2014

#Ukraine and #Libya after the "democratic elections" during the occupation: the parallels

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation

In Ukraine now, as in Libya in July 2012, after fake "democratic” elections, US/EU puppets became "elected authorities"; US/EU puppets received ...permission to use any force against their own people. In Libya, in July 2012, a so-called democratic election to local Parliament was carried out under the same conditions of civil war, as in Ukraine.
In Libya, people even burned polling stations in the south and center, partly in the east of the country, along with ballots that had been cast. An occupation government bombed recalcitrant cities and tribes, using aircraft, tanks and artillery. The occupation government of Libya used cluster bombs and shells, bombs and white phosphorus shells, mustard gas, and other prohibited weapons. U.S. media and the EU have always found an excuse to commit crimes that favor their own puppets. U.S. and EU called those who rebelled against the occupation authorities “criminals”.
In retaliation for the uprising, the occupation authorities of Libya, on the advice of the U.S./EU, bombed residential areas and infrastructure, dooming the inhabitants to grief, suffering and death. Occupation authorities in Libya have bombed their own people since October 2011, and after July 2012, after the "democratic" elections, they bombed their own people more cruelly and cynically.

After the "democratic" elections in Libya -- since July 2012 -- the topic of Libya in general disappeared from the mainstream media outlets in the U.S./EU. And no international organization has filed in court an account of this, or demanded that the occupation authorities punish Libya for genocide against its own people, especially the genocide of blacks in Libya. Some international organizations showed just "concern", which is not surprising, because those in power in Libya itself are puppets, but no one has been punished.
Since October 2011, when NATO and the occupation authorities declared victory, Libya lacks any realistic security. Constant attacks claiming the lives of people occur, and raping or killing a person even occurs in hospitals.
The same thing starts in Ukraine as Poroshenko was selected by EU and the U.S. as president of the new fascist regime, rather than representing the population of Ukraine. Shelling insurgent towns did not stop during the campaign and election. Now, on the first day after the election, the war of the fascist regime against the insurgent people has became more cruel.
Obviously, instructors from NATO were given commands to suppress the rebellion by any means until June 10, the date of the official inauguration Poroshenko as president. Thus the media in the U.S./EU will shift the responsibility for war crimes in the current Kiev junta to a more appealing story in which ordinary Ukrainians’s victimization by the junta goes unreported.
This is shot from Russia channel "Rossia 24", here helicopter Mi 24 firing and bombing Donetsk. Behind helicopter you see 2 heat flares against homing missiles, helicopter shooting, but it is hard to see, due to low quality of video.

You can see another video about bombing in the Donetsk here

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  1. what we see is a studied, long term sneak approach to waging war in disgusting new ways by Obama and his carrion of vultures: laws have even been passed in USA like NSA and others that make legal the kidnap of citizens and placing in unknown places for unknown amounts of time without recourse to court or judge or counsel; LIKEWISE an increased media worship of ROYALTY and BIG MONEY people as psychological preparation for NWO Kings and Banking Queens. The illegal use of DRONEs that are allowed collateral damage to kill hundreds of innocent bystanders also is part of this "new" waging war by sneak. I was quick to notice how first they robbed Gaddafi thru Goldman Sachs; tricked Russia into the UN Resolution; appointed a sudden "democratic" government and then robbed the banking systems, etc. Interesting to note for example that Margariaf (a CIA operative who once robbed Libya in India) that his son became President of the new Banks in Libya run by outsiders. Libya was used AS I SAID to ward off the financial dire straits in Europe and fit nicely into the plan of future arms sales; bank loan interest collections and expanded influence BUT karma could be paid soon.