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Unveröffentlichtes #3sat-Interview mit #AndreasPopp - #Wissensmanufaktur #Montagsdemo #Montagsdemonstration

Why #Sanctions Against #Russia Will Fail - Germans Resisting Sanctions - #US #EU #FuchTheEU #Ukraine

Video about track "Kamaz" with wounded of #Donetsk republic forces, who were finished by mercs of #Kiev junta. - #Ukraine

by Konstanin Sheglikov
USA trained thugs against Syria, ...trained to ambush and finish wounded
This happened at Monday, 26th May, Kiev junta using jets and helicopters against local Resistance.
This track carried out from airport wounded fighters of Donetsk republic. Track have special amateur flag from a piece of of white fabric, red cross on white field. Forces of Donetsk republic had hope that mercenaries of Kiev junta, especially jets or helicopters don't be shoot track with symbol of Red cross. It was a mistake, fascists saw Kamaz with a Red cross on the flag and decided to kill the wounded . These fascists of Kiev junta landed in the airport area by Mi-8 transport helicopters .

Not far from the airport track "Kamaz" with wounded soldiers came to ambush of mercenaries of Kiev junta. This video was made a few hours after the shooting . The position of bodies can be seen that the wounded were trying to get out from the track. But wounded couldn't crawl far from track. Mercenaries of junta began shooting from a distance by RPG's, sniper rifles , then they came closer and shot dead bodies at close range by AK, turning some bodies into bloody chunks.
The same did NATO soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan , and "revolutionaries" in Libya and Syria . Now foreign mercenaries do it in Ukraine and teach that the Ukrainian fascists. They shooting wounded in the hospitals even.
All who were in Kamaz were killed, 37 fighters. The greatest loss of in their ranks forces of Donetsk republic suffered from shooting the wounded in the track.
The total number of people killed in the bombing and shooting of Donetsk city and approximately 100 people (forces of republic + unarmed civilian) .
Mercenaries of Kiev junta tried to shoot another track Kamaz where were fighters, not wounded. Only the driver was killed by a sniper , the men were able to leave the Kamaz and give response . No one was killed from the soldiers of the republic, except driver.

Because of two attacks on same type of track with different results of fight, there was confusion in the reports with number of killed.
See video from place of the shooting Kamaz which transported the wounded fighters, the video was filmed on a mobile phone by a local.

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Kirlian Camera - Black August - #Libya #August2011 #Tripoli #NATO #Gaddafi

Artist: Kirlian Camera
Album: Black summer choirs

Black August

Open the door to Satan
and now I'm feeling his knife on me,
on my skin.
He bought me roses,
like a gentleman he causes me a fire.
Euphoria calls my star.
Suddenly my skies are lost
a strong thunder's going across
every boundary with lies.
Someone took and kicked me out,
my nerves like sketches of light.
Close your rays to me.
I feel my own gloom
just on your mouth, into your heart
close my eyes.
But you locked up your white gate.
Satan was in front of my face
no flames around him
while his charm pushed me down.
Stratch my heart to the ground,
drive me to your desire.
I'm like an angel without chains,
killer of straight delight.
In my bright house of despair
like a shadow I scream my rage.

#KenFM über: Die #Linke mit den Urheber-Rechten - #Montagsdemonstration #Montagsdemo #JuttaDItfurth #TAZ #JungeWelt #SPD #Grüne #SZ #SPIEGEL #SpiegelTV

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#Kiev #Junta kills its own Soldiers - #MassGraves of Deserters from #Ukraine Army found in #Andreevka near #Slavyansk - #NATO #NaziMaidan #AntiMaidan #EuroMaidan

The "missing" soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and Kiev Junta National Guard  were found.
According to information received from three villagers of the village Andreevka, near city Slavyansk. They found mass graves near chalk quarries . Burials are in the north- west of the mountains Karachun in the area of chalk.
Fitting hidden around piles and career. Shallow burial , the bodies are literally covered by 5-10 cm of soil. Smell worth matching. Unbearable .
All dead are naked. Identify the affiliation was not possible . A greater degree of decomposition.
They found four mass graves. Number of buried wasn't not possible to count , and this task was not intended .
So, chalkpit near mount Karachun able to answer the question , where are the " deserters " and " missing " soldiers of the Ukrainian army.
In the photo north- west side of the mountains Karachun, there were found accidentally by locals the mass graves.

GRAPHIC: Death and despair in #Slavyansk after #Ukraine army shelling

#Ukraine and #Libya after the "democratic elections" during the occupation: the parallels

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation

In Ukraine now, as in Libya in July 2012, after fake "democratic” elections, US/EU puppets became "elected authorities"; US/EU puppets received ...permission to use any force against their own people. In Libya, in July 2012, a so-called democratic election to local Parliament was carried out under the same conditions of civil war, as in Ukraine.
In Libya, people even burned polling stations in the south and center, partly in the east of the country, along with ballots that had been cast. An occupation government bombed recalcitrant cities and tribes, using aircraft, tanks and artillery. The occupation government of Libya used cluster bombs and shells, bombs and white phosphorus shells, mustard gas, and other prohibited weapons. U.S. media and the EU have always found an excuse to commit crimes that favor their own puppets. U.S. and EU called those who rebelled against the occupation authorities “criminals”.
In retaliation for the uprising, the occupation authorities of Libya, on the advice of the U.S./EU, bombed residential areas and infrastructure, dooming the inhabitants to grief, suffering and death. Occupation authorities in Libya have bombed their own people since October 2011, and after July 2012, after the "democratic" elections, they bombed their own people more cruelly and cynically.

After the "democratic" elections in Libya -- since July 2012 -- the topic of Libya in general disappeared from the mainstream media outlets in the U.S./EU. And no international organization has filed in court an account of this, or demanded that the occupation authorities punish Libya for genocide against its own people, especially the genocide of blacks in Libya. Some international organizations showed just "concern", which is not surprising, because those in power in Libya itself are puppets, but no one has been punished.
Since October 2011, when NATO and the occupation authorities declared victory, Libya lacks any realistic security. Constant attacks claiming the lives of people occur, and raping or killing a person even occurs in hospitals.
The same thing starts in Ukraine as Poroshenko was selected by EU and the U.S. as president of the new fascist regime, rather than representing the population of Ukraine. Shelling insurgent towns did not stop during the campaign and election. Now, on the first day after the election, the war of the fascist regime against the insurgent people has became more cruel.
Obviously, instructors from NATO were given commands to suppress the rebellion by any means until June 10, the date of the official inauguration Poroshenko as president. Thus the media in the U.S./EU will shift the responsibility for war crimes in the current Kiev junta to a more appealing story in which ordinary Ukrainians’s victimization by the junta goes unreported.
This is shot from Russia channel "Rossia 24", here helicopter Mi 24 firing and bombing Donetsk. Behind helicopter you see 2 heat flares against homing missiles, helicopter shooting, but it is hard to see, due to low quality of video.

You can see another video about bombing in the Donetsk here

Song: Vstavaj #Donbass gruppa Kuba spaces ru - #Ukraine #AntiMaidan #Resistance #Revolution #Antifa

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19.05. #Montagsdemo Berlin - #Montagsdemonstration #Antifa #Neurechts

Entgegen der Behauptung des Kanalbetreibers handelt es sich wohl doch nicht um einen MDR-Bericht. Die Überschrift wurde dahingehend geändert. Schade eigentlich. Objektivität von GEZ-Gebühren wäre zur Abwechslung mal was Positives gewesen.

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#Ukraine - Eyewitness about massacre in #TradeUnion building in #Odessa, 2nd May - #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #EU #US #NATO #AntiMaidan

by Kontantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation.

Below translation of interview Anatoly Shariy, independent journalist and woman, who is member of anti-junta, anti-fascists camp in the Odessa. Most part of members of this camp were murdered at 2nd May.

Note: Ukrainian fascists, including members of Kev junta and media call people who wear Saint George ribbon - "Colorado".

This mean they call their opponents by name of vermin which eat potato leaves, it is dehumanization and demonization of people.

Translation of interview:

- So, it happened on Sobornaya Square. I saw a man with the cut throat on the ground. They put him down and screamed: “Glory to Ukraine!” and the man was barely whispering: “I am from Odessa!” And they said: “No, you are not!” It happened right on Sobornaya Square. I couldn’t stay there any more and watch all this. So I went away. I took a taxi and went to Kulikov field. The barricades had already been there around the tents when I came to the field. The barricades were built from the tires, posters, bags. Everything happened very fast. Somebody told we should go inside building of Trade Union. Everybody started to put everything inside and strengthen the barricades inside the house very quickly. At that time Right Sector men were approaching. They arrived on the black and white buses and also by foot. So we entered the House. There were people of different age: young and old men and women. I saw several teenagers. But I didn’t see any weapons. This is for sure!
So there was a stairs right at the entrance of the House. Also it was possible to go left. Majority of people ran upstairs. I stayed down. So I didn’t know what was upstairs. I saw several rooms when I turned left. Everything was in smoke. Men had the stick. Women had the packages with cotton, brilliant green and bandages. Nothing else. So I was on the ground floor. There was also a back entrance in front of one of the rooms. |It had been blocked, but very badly, only with document boxes. Therefore it was easy to destroy this barricade. Then I went upstairs on the second floor. People tried to block the transitional doors. It was strange because we could escape through these transitional doors from Molotov cocktails. So I was confused by this action. I saw how Maidan people (fascists) surrounded the building of Trade Union. And the water had been turned off before Maidan people started to throw Molotov cocktails into us. There was no water in the House at all! But people managed to fill several big bottles with the water. They started to pour the water where Molotov cocktails were thrown! I was shocked! But we even studied this at school! Is is prohibited to pour the water on the gasoline! It will explode! I had a photo made between the 1st and 2nd floor made by me showed how the fire had started. It started on the back wall of the |House. We had entered the House maximum 30 munities before the fire started. I cannot identify the accurate time, because it was such a mess there! After I came down and heard the shots inside the House. A man stayed next to me with fire extinguisher. He told me not to go down because the Right Sector had already been there. I was very surprised how they managed to come in so quickly. But I decided to listen to this advice. So I went to the 2nd floor. After this a skinny man of 40 years came up and told us I should go down to beat off the Right Sector. I didn’t go there. But I saw a man and a woman and two young men went down there. I didn’t see them came back.

- Were there any weapons?

- No! Our people didn’t have any weapons! So, there were 2 ways on the 2nd floor: to the left and to the right. The stairs was to the right. A man and a women burnt down had already been on those stairs. There had been brought from the 3rd floor. So, strange! How did it happen? I don’t know! There were about 10 people there. It was extremely smoky! Extremely! I even cannot describe this to you! It was impossible to breathe here!

- What was it? A plastic?

- I didn’t know what was burning! But it was possible to loose conscious in 5 munities of staying there! I got on the mask immediately and ran! So I came up to the stairs and heard a man’s voice from the 1st floor: “Run! Right Sector is coming!” So we ran in the room, probably the number 330… or God…I don’t remember…or 336… So there were 10 men and 4 women in the room. A girl who was a doctor and I provided aid in the way we could do it…We wiped people with the water.. so it was like a medical point. As soon as we came in the room, other people brought 2 men. They were dead because they choked. We put them near the wall. Then another man burst into the room. He had a mask. He said Right Sector was coming! And he ran out! Our men started to block the door with the bookcases and tables. During the next 2-3 minutes I heard about 20 shots in the corridor! But no screams! Only shots! Then we heard the scream behind the door. People from the outside screamed they were “ours” and asked let them come in. Our men were confused about let them in. Finally they decided to let them in and moved the bookcase. And as soon as them moved the bookcase a somebody from the corridor put a gun in that chink!
I saw a man in the black mask. He stared at me and shot! I managed to turn and saw a bullet in the wall! So I hid under the table! And at that time I heard: “Hurrah! I shot Colorado girl!” I was shocked! I even cannot describe this to you! I cannot image than a man could be so happy because of a murder! He just stared at me and shot!

- Was it a war weapon?

- Yes, it was a war weapon!
Then women screamed to help! Men hold the barricades in order not to let Right Sector in. But any way it was a place on the top of the barricades that it was possible to get inside for a skinny man. Right Sector splashed 2 fire extinguishers into us! We begged them no to kill us! Also they splashed 3-4 gas cylinders. I want you to understand, that there were 2 big windows in the room but the gas didn’t come out! I didn’t know what was inside these cylinders, but the gas stayed inside the room! The windows were opened! The men became weak because of this gas. It seemed like it would be forever! But our men didn’t have forces any more and finally let Right Sector in! They just couldn’t hold the door! And the hell began! What had been before, it was not a hell as we though! As soon as they came in they began to kill the men! Somebody said: “Don’t touch the women!” So we were put under the wall in the line. We were in 4. Under the opposite wall there were the bodies of 2 dead men. And Right Sector proceeded to beat them with the sticks! We asked them not to do it, but they were dead! And a guy said not to waist the bullets, just to beat them down with the sticks! oh God… I don’t know how to describe this!...
So they had a short conversation and decided the following (I will quote): “Take away the women and kill the fucking rest in the basement!” After, they started to plan who would be the first to go out. By that time the bodies had already been taking away. They just dragged the bodies on the floor.

- What had happened with the men?

- The men were killed at once! One man lay near my legs. He was still alive and hardly breathed. I even wasn’t allowed to bandage his head.

- Was he shot?

- He was beaten down with the sticks. They said not to waist the bullets and beat down with the sticks.
So a woman came out first. I didn’t know what happened with her. I was the next. So I asked to let me out because I had a small child. I asked to put me into the basement!

- How did they decide who was going to the basement?

- I don’t know! Just at random! I took the phone and showed the photos of my child. |I said I had a child of 3 years, I was from Odessa! They reacted indifferently! One guy said he was the fun of “Chernomorets” (Odessa football team)! And Odessa Republic would not be here for us! I couldn’t understand the connection between these things… So they had a leader. Big, well-shaped guy, fully equipped. He had a revolver. He was putting the bullets in it, I saw it! When we were coming out I saw the bodies. Right Sector dragged them somewhere, I didn’t’ know where to and I didn’t know if they were alive. Anyway I would not be allowed to reach them. So, they led me and another girl through the back entrance. There was another woman coming after me. At the beginning she was screaming, and then she stopped. They were searching me during, may be, 15 minutes, that woman didn’t come out. And the dead bodies were everywhere. I was stepping on the bodies. After, I saw a blood in the corridor, and the bodies. They were carrying them somewhere. I didn’t know if they were alive or dead for sure because there were no sings of a life, the bodies didn’t even move.

- So when did Right Sector start to shoot?

- You know, Right Sector started to shoot as soon as the water had been turned off.

- How many men were in the room with you?

- 10 men. They all were killed. I am in touch with the girl who was with me. She also saw everything. I am not sure if she wants to confirm this. Because her husband was also there. But not in our room. He also got burned strongly. They are hiding now. Because on the 3rd of May officers from the State Security Service came to the hospital and they gathered all data about injured people there. By the way, that woman is on the photo. She had short hair. She was dressed in the rose jacket with the lace. I hardly remember the details because of the smoke there in the House. She was barely alive and breathed. She was saying something, but I don’t remember what exactly. Because there was a lot of smoke and it made me mad! Right Sector shot in some people who tried to rescue.

- Are you ready to confirm all information with your personal data?

- Yes!

This picture was shoot from video of fascists supporter, who was allowed to go inside Trade Union building. In time then he recorded all, fascists thugs continue hunting and beating people who hiding into rooms. Fascists thugs didn't care about presence of firemen, they just didn't allow firemen to come to areas where they beat people. In the picture you see floor of some office, try to imagine what fascists did to their victims. Seem victim was dragged to basement as many others. In Trade Union was real bloodbath.

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Von #CDU bis #LINKE - #Bundestag|smitarbeiter rufen zur Anti-#Rußland Demo auf!!! #Deutschland #EuroMaidan #SPD #Grüne #CSU #Nazis #NaziMaidan #Russland

via Facebook (various sources & accelerators)

 Bundestagsmitarbeiter rufen zur Demo gegen den "Russland" am 10.05. Potsdamer Platz auf. Also einer ANTI-RUSSLAND Demo.

Der Demo-Veranstalter ist Asif Masimov.. er ist derzeit im deutschen Bundestag -im Büro von K. Kunert- tätig .. kann man auf seinem Blog lesen!
(das dürfte Frau Kunert vielleicht auch interessieren)

Ich bin total entsetzt, dass jemand im Bundestagsbüro einer Linken arbeitet und eine Anti-Russland Demo organisiert.. und dann auch noch offensichtlich mit Sympathisanten vom rechten Sektor zusammen. (eine Mitorganisatorin ist Svitlana Golub die einen ihrer letzten Beiträge mit "Слава Украине! Героям слава!"" Den Ruf muss man ja nicht mehr übersetzen (Profil im Anhang)
----> stoppt diesen Wahnsinn ---->

Was bei dieser Veranstaltung sehr auffällig ist, ist die Tatsache, dass viele der Gastgeber als Stipendiaten im Bundestag arbeiten. Insgesamt sind es 10 Mitarbeiter des Bundestages die zu diese Anti-Russland-Demo aufrufen!
Hier der Demoaufruf von Asif Masimov
(ein anderer Demoaufruf von Svitlana Golub hatte gestern noch 900 Zusagen, wurde aber heute gelöscht)

Folgend der Blog von Masimov, auf dem er erklärt, dass er gerade im Bundestagsbüro der Abgeordneten Katrin Kunert arbeitet.
hier das FB Profil von Asif Masimov ARBEITET IM BUNDESTAG
hier das Profil von -der "rechten Sektor" Sympathisantin Svitlana Golub
weitere Gastgeber der Demo

#Ukraine #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #Nazis - The Truth about massacre in #Odessa #TradeUnion building at 2nd May:

by Konstantin Sheglikov, Russian Federation

Fascists stormed another entrance and began to hunt their victims before fire.

In the video you can see moment then fascists break door and coming ins...ide building of Trade Union and began to hunt for anti-fascists. 
Also they rob and destroy everything. In the building were offices of small shops and some companies, offices were destroyed and workers inside could be beat to death too, with anti-fascists. This horror for people lasted for several hours. Presence of firemen and policemen didn't stop murderers and rapists. 
People were murdered in different ways, part of women were raped, after they set to fire face of victims, in order to make difficult the their identification.
Number of victims who were brutally murdered inside is 116 people, or more. About 20 or more were murdered outside building.

Watch video 1 how fascists enter and began to hunt people.

Watch video 2 storming of offices and first victim, looks like fascist push her to exit, but he hug her against her will. Woman scream: " Guys don't". Also during video you can hear another scared screams of people who possible were caught already by fascists.
Note that attackers have own professional cameraman it is visible from video. Maybe he filmed all for real masters of fascists.

(Link only, embedding disabled)

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#Ukraine - #AvtonomiaNet: Desinformationsorgan zur Irreführung westl. #Linke|r / Disinformation tool to mislead western #leftists

 by Antiimperialistische Aktion

ACHTUNG! Vor den Geheimdiensten!
ATTENTION! Secret service activity!

Seit Monaten versuchen westliche Geheimdienste die Meinung über die Linken in der Ukraine zu beeinflussen. Dafür gibt es spezielle "Linke Ukrainer" die für den deutsc...hen Staat und westliche Geheimdienste arbeiten. Sie sind dazu abgestellt die Meinung über die Linken in der Ukraine hierzulande zu beeinflussen und zu verfälschen. Es handelt sich hierbei nicht um Linke, sondern um Geheimdienstoperationen! Leider gibt es vereinzelt sogar Linke, die auf diese Propaganda hereinfallen! Wir haben hier unter dem Aufruf zu einer Gedenkdemo für die in Odessa gefallenen Genossen einen Post mit einem Fake-Account festgestellt, der versucht Propaganda gegen die Organisation Borotba zu verbreiten. Bitte fallt nicht auf solche Verleumdungstaktiken des BND herein! Wir kennen die Agenten und ihre Aktionsweise und werden sie nicht durchkommen lassen!

Hier ist ein Beispiel für Verleumdungen dieser westlich gesteuerten Geheimdienstler:

For months, Western intelligence agencies try to influence the opinion of the Left about the Ukraine. There are special "left ukrainans" working for the German government and western intelligence agencies. They are working to influence and distort the opinion about the Left in the Ukraine. They are not leftists, but intelligence service members! Unfortunately, there are even a few leftists that fall for this propaganda! We have found here under the call for a memorial rally for the fallen in Odessa a post by one of these agents! It was posted with a fake account trying to spread propaganda against the organization Borotba. Please do not fall for such slander tactics of the BND! We know the agents and their mode of action and do not let them get away!

Here is an example of this slander by west controlled secret service members:

Gloriatv - #Panzer Transporte durch #Österreich - #EU #Ukraine #Russland #Rußland #NATO

#NATO / #Ukraine - #Timoschenko bedankt sich bei "#Odessa-Bewohnern" (=Söldner) für Massaker

1952 - die #UdSSR bietet einen #Friedensvertrag mit Gesamt#Deutschland an, #USA lehnen ab - #WWII #Stalin

#Putin: Ich schreibe den Brief an #EU und Antwort bekomme aus #USA - das ist unschön!

#Ukraine - Vorbild für die #EU - Hier seht ihr #EuropasZukunft - #EuroMaidan #NaziMaidan #Nazis #Junta #Faschismus #Finanzkapital

#Hintergründe und #Informationen zum Massaker der Kiewer #NATO-#Nazi-#Junta in #Odessa - #FalseFlag #PravySector #RechterSektor #AndrejParubij

ODESSA: Es war eine von der Junta geplante mörderische Aktion gegen die Antijunta-Bewegung der Stadt Odessa unter der Leitung von Andrej Parubij (Ex-Kommandant des Maidan und der heutige "Vorsitzende" des nationalen Sicherheits- und Verteidigungsrates der Ukraine), der sich am 2. Mai in Odessa aufhielt.

 Schockstarre. Je mehr ich über Odessa erfahre, desto gelähmter werde ich.

 Nach der großen friedlichen Demo am 1. Mai hat der Odessaer Stab der Antijunta-Bewegung seine Mitglieder davor gewarnt, irgendwelche Demos im Alleingang zu organisieren. Man bereite sich auf die Parade des Sieges am 9. Mai und das Referendum am 11. Mai vor.

 In dem verlinkten Video ist bis auf 2 Sachen alles erklärt.

 Der Tag für das Massaker wurde nicht umsonst ausgesucht. Am 2. Mai fand das Fußballspiel zwischen "Metallist" aus Charkow gegen "Tschernomorez" aus Odessa statt. Die Ultras beider Mannschaften haben sich in den sozialen Netzen für einen "nationalen" Marsch verabredet. Dem sich auch die örtlichen Mitglieder des Rechten Sektors anschlossen.
Plötzlich werden die Teilnehmer des Marsches von den "Separatisten" angegriffen. Diese tragen Sankt-Georgs-Bänder (das Symbol der Antijunta-Bewegung im Südosten der Ukraine). Doch sie tragen auch rote Armbinden. Diese roten Armbinden tragen auch einige Milizsoldaten. Und auch der Scharfschütze auf dem Dach.
Von der Seite der "Separatisten" wird auf Ultras scharf geschossen. Ab diesen Moment kippt die Stimmung endgültig.
Nun verschwinden auf einmal die "Separatisten" unter dem Schutz der Miliz. Die nun provozierten Ultras rennen zum Gewerkschaftshaus auf dem Kulikowo Polje, der Zentrale der Antijunta-Bewegung. Dann passiert das bestialische Massaker an den friedlichen unbewaffneten Referendumsvorbereitern und zufälligen Passanten.
Es gab keine andere Möglichkeit, sich zu retten, als ins Gewerkschaftshaus zu fliehen, denn alle Fluchtwege waren entweder durch die Ultras oder durch Unbekannte in Zivil umstellt.
Aus den Milizkreisen wurde bekannt, dass an der "Operation" auch 2 Sondereinheiten teilnahmen: "Sturm" und "Ost". Sie wurden Mitte April vom "Innenminister" Arsen Awakow zum Zweck der Zerschlagung der "Separatisten" gegründet - mit freundlicher finanzieller Unterstützung des Oligarchen Igor Kolomojskij (Verwalter der Region Dnjepropetrowsk und offizieller Finanzier des Rechten Sektors). Die Unbekannten - mal als "Separatisten" auf Odessaer Straßen, mal als Sympathisanten der Ultras am und im Gewerkschaftshaus sind die Hauptakteure des sadistischen Massakers von Odessa.
Die Ultras wurden für die Junta-Pläne unwissend als aggressive Masse benutzt.
Der Rechte Sektor kannte den Plan, denn es waren gerade ihre "netten" Mädchen,die die Molotowcocktails vorsorglich präparierten.
Das Ziel: eine starke homogene Antijunta-Bewegung der Stadt zu zerstören, die Bewohner der Stadt einzuschüchtern und das Referendum am 11. Mai unmöglich zu machen.
Zu den 2 nicht geklärten Sachen:

1) Genaue Zahl der Toten (vielen Opfern wurde der Schädel mit der Axt eingeschlagen; einige wurden erschossen; mehreren Opfern wurden die Köpfe mit Benzin übergossen und angezündet, um wahrscheinlich die Folterspuren zu vertuschen; die hochschwangere Mitarbeiterin des Gewerkschaftshauses wurde mit dem Telefonkabel erdrosselt; einige junge Frauen wurden vergewaltigt und danach mit Benzin übergossen und angezündet)…
Es heißt, 42 Tote waren nur im Erdgeschoss. Die Zahl der Opfer ist viel höher. Irgendwann erfahren wir die Wahrheit. Spekuliert wird über 100 bis 300 Opfer.

2) Wer sind die Sondereinheiten "Ost" und "Sturm"?
Meine Vermutung: Die erste Tat nach dem Putsch war, die "Maidan-Aktivisten" aus der Haft zu entlassen; parallel wurden auch Kriminelle entlassen, die wegen Mordes an Milizsoldaten verurteilt sind.

Die sadistische Spur des Massakers von Odessa - die Verbrechen der Junta gehen weiter: