Samstag, 23. April 2011

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Capitalism's Warplanes: CIA & al Qaeda Destroy Socialist Libya's 53rd Highest Living Standard

Africa Northern part 1939 by from Eric D

It's like when you watch a magician perform. You might have an idea how the slight of hand was done. But you don't really know for sure. You just know what you saw was a trick.

You have seen revolutionaries before, real and phony. These heavily armed excited hombres don't look and act the part of the aggrieved, and for the most part don't look like the noble people risking their lives in the streets of Cairo, Tunis, Sana'a and Manama.

Thirdly, the really bad guys, the big bad guys - the very powerful imperialist capitalists who revolutionaries must always fight, are incongruously on the side of "Libyan "revolutionaries.'

Fourthly, if they have it better than everyone else in Africa and the Arab world, why are they willing to kill and be killed to change the leader who has led them in producing an enviable level of social services democratically available to all citizens*(1 ), and side with Libya's former brutal exploiting European masters who now generously bomb Libya again?

Police and security personnel have been killing protestors throughout the Western dominated Arab world. One might be surprized that it happened in socialist Libya (1), but police everywhere are known to get carried away, and in Libya from the very first days, there were attacks on police and foreigners.

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