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Communiqué of Tripoli for the First NGOs International Communication Group Meeting on Libya 

Under the Slogan: Hands off Libya

During the period from 17-18 April 2011 the first NGOs international communication group meeting on Libya, under joint organization among Stop War Foundation, National Organization for Libyan Youth, Economic, Social and Cultural Council at the African Union, Arab and African Youth Union, African Youth Forum for Peace and African Youth Union, in addition to the participation of Rights Parties, Organizations and Foundations from 20 States, to discuss and study the reality of situation in Libya. 

The meeting held under the sponsorship of the Modernized Humanitarian International Consciousness, that instigates the necessity of protecting the Libyan civilians and to release suffering from the same, due to the repeated air strikes by the NATO and other allies. 

  1.The participants emphasized that the NGOs international communication group will provide the support and will be the main contact point for the Libyan people, as well as, it will coordinate the efforts to mobilize the international public opinion, reveal the fact of events in Libya and to set up the necessary ways to stop the aggression on Libya.

2.The participants condemned the resolutions of what so-called London Conference to support the Libyan people, ascertaining that such resolutions are illegitimate and illegal, because they have been passed by aggressive entities, which are not authorized by the Libyan people to speak on its behalf.

3-the  Participants condemns   what called Qatar Meeting and its decisions , especialy  decision of arming the armed gangs  in liby

Concerning the resolutions 1970 and 1973 passed by the Security Council, the participants declared the following:

4.The participants of the group emphasized their determination to reveal the falsification of such injustice resolutions, and all effects resulting in the same of oppressive actions against the Libyan people and its leadership, under the invalid pretext represented in the protection of civilians, and that such resolutions have been employed as a pretext to justify the NATO airstrikes against the Libyan people, its land and oil wealth, to plan for occupying Libyan and to dominate its different natural wealth.

5. In the same context, the participants emphasized the necessity to cancel such resolutions, because they violate all well known international charters and laws, and to put an end to the concentrated airstrikes to which the Libyan civilians are exposed in the different Libyan cities.

They called for reestablish the electrical and water ide the services, supply of gas and providing foodstuff to the all areas which the armed gangs determine to prevent the Libyan Authorities to get access to, and to provide assistance to the same.

6. The participants emphasized their refusal to the resolution of the security council No. 1973, which is deemed a flagrant intervention in the internal affairs of independent State with sovereignty.

7. As well as, they ascertained that the solution in Libya will not be through the injustice military ways, rather the political solution which is the sole capable mechanism to safeguard the national security, stability and soverignity of Libya, and to establish permanent peace in Libya, they confirmed their full commitment to the soverignity, independence and safety of territories and its national unity in Libya.

8.They called upon the U.N. and its different entities to leave the double standard policy in dealing with similar cases in the world, in a way that serves old and modern colonialist States interests, inviting the Secretary General of the U.N. to review the mechanism of issuing the resolutions of such organization, in a way that realizes the peoples hopes and desires, away from the considerations of the superpowers in the world.

9..The participants emphasized that the Jamahiri regime in Libya is the one that Libyan agreed upon, to be their marvelous regime in governing themselves away from the well known traditional ruling regimes, and that Muammar Al-Qaddafi is not a President of traditional State rather a Leader and Symbol for the Libyans, the participants also emphasized that what falsely so-called the transition national council, is an illegitimaite  entity, which does not represent the Libyan people, due to its formation and establishment has been performed through some means away from democracy and transparency.

     The participants also support the right of Libyan people in living on their land with dignity, according to its agreement and acceptance of the ruling regime, in a way that guarantee realizing its aims and ambitious, the participants expressed their readiness to support the achievement of such aims.

10.The participants agreed the necessity of continue in providing all forms of support to the Libyan people and to elaborate the assistance in reaching the humanitarian assistances to the different damaged areas of the occidental aggressive airstrikes.

11.The participants agreed to establish a mechanism through which enabling them to exert their concentrated efforts to disclose the conspiracy dimensions which is fabricated against the Libyan Leader and people, and to act on the international in order to clarify the truth to the international public opinion, through convening of meetings, press conferences and medias meeting.

12.The participants instigate all the concerned parties to the necessity of opening safe passages to deliver humaneterian aids, supplies and other needs to the cities controlled by armed gangs, that the Libyan Authorities have been prevented from reach to.

13. The participants clarified that all items demonstrated by the NATO, E.U. and others in order to provide what so-called humanitarian aids, are a merely offers of suspected purposes, aiming to provide the cover to enter the arms to the armed gangs in the Libyan cities in order to guarantee the continuation of such armed movement, in a way that realizes the objectives of the NATO and E.U.

14- the  Participants condemns the Financial piracy which the western alliance states made it on Libyan Money which found in their banks, and they  emphasized on necessity to stopping this Piracy

15- Participants expressed their support to the African Union  initiative   for  peace  in Libya

16. The participants of communication group expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the national organization for Libyan youth and the foundation of stop the war for their invitation and hosting of this meeting, ascertaining the necessity of convening for the second meeting in the near future, which it has been agreed to specify its venue and date later.   



Tripoli in 18 April 2011


Communiqué de Tripoli….

de la premiere reunion  du groupe  de contact international des ONG  sur la Libye

Sous le slogan (( Leve Vos Mains de la Libye))

La premiere reunion du groupe de contact international des  ONG , sur la Libye qui s'est tenue dans la ville de Tripoli, conjointement  avec l'association (( cessez-les-guerres)) , l'organisation nationale  de la jeunesse, la commission economique, sociale, et culturelle aupres de l'Union Africaine , le Conseil  de la Jeunesse Arabe et Africaine  ,  le Forum de la Jeunesse Aficaine pour la Paix  l'Union de la Jeunesse Africaine pour la Paix, ainsi que la participation des partis politiques , des organisations , et des associations des droits , venant de 14 pays, afin de debattre et d'etidier la veracite de la situation en Libye.

1 La reunion s'est tenue sous les auspices de la conscience internationale,humanitaire moderne qui incite sur la necessite de proteger les civils Libyens , et  alleger leurs  souffrances  suite aux bombardements aeriens repetes de la part des forces de la coalition et leur serviteurs.

2 Les participants  ont confirmes que le groupe de contact international des ONG sur la Libye , presentera le soutien  necessaire et sera le point de liaison principale par rapport au Peuple Libyen , aussi que la coordination des efforts necessaires afin de mobiliser l'opinion generale internationales , et reveler la veracite des evenements en Libye , ainsi que l'elaboration des mecanismes necessaries pour la cessation de l'agression  contre la Libye.

3 Les participants ont condamnes les resolutions du dits le congres de London pour soutenir le peuple Libyen , tout enament d'entitees agressifs , et qui ne represente pas le peuple Libyen afin de parler en son nom .

En ce qui concerne les resolutions du conseil de securite N: 1970 et 1973  , les participants ont clarifier ce qui

4: Les participants   ont reiterer leur determination de reveler la falsification  de ces resolutions injustes , et tous ce qu'elle engendre comme  oppressive contre le people Libyen et son leadership , sous un faux pretexte caracterise par la protection des civils, et que les dits resolutions on ete pris sous couverture et pretexte afin de mener des raids aeriens contre le people Libyen et ses richesses petrolieres afin de coloniser la Libye et de controler  ses richesses naturelles .

5: Et dans le meme contexte: les participants sur la necessite d'eliminer ces resolutions , parcequ'elle  transgresse les chartes internationales . et de mettre un terme aux frappes aeriennes dont le peuple est victime  

 Ils ont aussi invites les autorites a render plus accessible aux prestations sanitaires , l'electricite , le gaz domestique ainsi que les matieres de premieres necessites a travers tout les teretoires libyenne .

6: eIls ont aussi reiterer leur rejet et refus de la resolution 1973 qui est considerer comme une ingerence flagrante dans les affaires internes  d'un pays libre et souverain.

7: Ils ont aussi confirmes que la solution en lybie ne passera jamais par les armes , mais plutot une solution politique unique qui pourra resoudre le conflit pacifiquement   et  presever la paix et la stabilité et la souverainete nationale Libyenne , par ailleurs ils ont insister sur l'union et la stabilite de la libye.

9:Ils ont inviter les Nations-Unis et ses differentes supomesures dans le traitement des crises semblables a travers le monde , allant dans le sens des interets des  reconsiderer le mecanisme qui permet d'etablir le sens des aspirations et de la volonte des peuples loin des strategies des puissances occidentalles.

10: Ils ont aussi confirmer que le système Jamahirien en libye et le choix des libyens , pour etre leur propre système dans la gouvernance de leurs affaires loin des pouvoirs traditionnels connus , et que Mouammar Kaddafi , n'est pas un chef d'etat traditionnel mais un Guide , et un symbole pour les libyens et les libertains a ce qu'on appelle faussement le conseil transitoire national en libye est une entite illigitime et ne represente pas le peuple libyen , et aussi accentuer les efforts au niveau mondial afin de clarifier la realite a l'opinion international a travers des forum et des congres et des rencontres journalistique televisee .

11: Les participants ont convenus d'elaborer un mecanisme qui permet de demasquer la nature reelle de l'agression et du complot contre le peuple libyen dans le but de fournir l'aide humanitaire , alors que c'est des propositions douteuses afin d'avoir une couverture pour faire entrer des armes au profit des rebelles et groupuscules armes dans le but de faire durer cette rebellion ce qui permettera d pays europeee concretiser les objectifs de l'OTAN.

11: Les participants condamnent l'operation de piraterie financiere entrepris par les pays europeens et la main-mise sur l'argents qui sont deposer dans les banques des dits pays , et le gele de tous les biens , et insistent sur la cessation de cette piraterie qui prive le peuple libyen de ses richesses .

12: Les participants ont exprimer leur soutien a l'initiative de l'Union-Africaine afin d'instaurer la paix en libye.

13: Enfin les participants ont exprimer leur gratitude et leur consideration a l'organisation nationale de la jeunesse libyenne ce , l'association libyenne (( cesser les guerres )) de leur invitation et d'avoir organiser cette reunion , tous en affirmant la necessite de tenirla deuxieme dans miner l'endroit et la date incessament.

Tout en reiterant leur disponibilite a soutenir ces objectfs.

13: Les participants ont convenus sur la necessite de poursuivre de fournir les differentes formes de soutiens au peuple libyen, et l'acheminement  des aides humanitaires a travers tout le territoire endommages par les frappes aeriennes , et le villes tenus par les groupuscules armes.

13: Les participants ont convenus d'etablir un mecanisme qui  permet de deployer des efforts accentues afin de decouvrir les dimenssions du complot , qui se tisse contre le peuple et le Guide  libyen, et s


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