Freitag, 22. April 2011

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Al Jazeera Dropping the Ball on Syria Uprising?

Those following news of Egypt’s uprising had Al Jazeera’s logo burned into their retina, but the network’s coverage of Syria’s uprising is far more scarce and obscured.

Al Jazeera, the best positioned news network to present the view of the Arab street, seems to relegate coverage the uprising currently taking place in Syria to second tier news at best. Viewers find the most popular news network in the Arab world in a position that is very different from what they’ve seen her in during the uprisings of Tunisia, Egypt, and most recently Libya and Yemen.

One should not be surprised however, no one is perfect, and no source has hold on the absolute truth, not even Fox News. A majority of the Arab population puts Al Jazeera on a pedestal; in reality, they earned much of that honor. They are the most critical and daring news outlet, objectively expose more news of politicians and governments than any other. This, in the eyes of many, makes them the most independent, and ostensibly honest.

I say “most honest” and “most critical” because they are not perfect, and sometimes their imperfection exceeds simple judgment errors. That is the distinction one should be aware of.

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