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#CIA #Libya aka " #Rebels " r #AlQaeda #Iraq Fighters #OperationUnifiedProtector #EUFORLibya #NATO #RebelCrimes #MI6

CIA Libya Rebels are Al-Qaeda Fighters From Iraq

Politics / Al-Qeeda Mar 29, 2011 - 07:54 AM

By: Global_Research


Diamond Rated - Best Financial Markets Analysis ArticleDr. Webster G. Tarpley writes: “Serpents, thirst, heat, and sand … Libya alone can present a multitude of woes that it would beseem men to fly from.” Lucan, Pharsalia

Washington DC, March 24, 2011 — The current military attack on Libya has been motivated by UN Security Council resolution 1973 with the need to protect civilians. Statements by President Obama, British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Sarkozy, and other leaders have stressed the humanitarian nature of the intervention, which is said to aim at preventing a massacre of pro-democracy forces and human rights advocates by the Qaddafi regime.

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