Dienstag, 13. September 2011

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Libya news [backup libyasos] 07. september- 12. september 2011.

Day 175: 12. september 2011. Libya news     
24h/ teleSUR -Gaddafi resisten en Beni Walid 12 09 2011 GUERRA DE LIBIA

23h/ And our response now by our correspondent in the city of Tripoli talk Almtnaql that NATO drops leaflets on the city of Bani Walid inviting them to surrender and welcome customers NATO and that any family received its weapons for the disappearance NATO is giving them a financial amount of 500 thousand dinars per booklet family but did not do that threatened NATO bombing them phosphorus White (phosphorus Strip) What was the tribe Rafla but said to them::: does not and will not surrender or betray the nation and we are ready to serve God and destiny. God is great and thank God [Nessbook]
22h/ The Brother Leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi - letter 12. September 2011. [ Al-Rai TV ] -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/muammar-al-qaddafi-letter-12th.html
21h/ The Brother Leader Muammar Al-Qaddafi - letter 12. September 2011. [ Al-Rai TV ] -> www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtO7fRFlIec
21h/ The green army forces entered the Al-zawiya city and raise up the green flag
21h/ The fate of the Tawarghans – soon to be shared by Sabha http://humanrightsinvestigations.org/2011/09/07/the-fate-of-the-tawarghans-andsabha/
20h/ Gaddafi's message, which was read on Syria's al-Rai TV on Monday, accused revolutionary fighters of surrendering the oil-rich country to foreign occupiers.
"We will not hand Libya to colonialism, once  again, as the traitors want," said the brief statement attributed to Gaddafi.
"We will not be ruled after were the masters." http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/198773.html
20h/ Violent clashes between the army now Libyan and British SAS special forces on the Tripoli International Airport and the heavy fire now and the Libyan army uses the Grad rockets and rocket-propelled grenades against the British special forces .[ Allibiya TV ]


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