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LIBYA SOS Reports September 26 & 27


Day 190: 27. september 2011. Libya news

24,040 NATO Sorties, 8,975 Strike Sorties

16h/ Local people of Sirte take up arms to defend the city from onslaught of NATO-led rebels.
15h/ Zliten targeted a NATO destroyer off the coast of Misurata.Now the NATO ship has a intensely smoke coming out of it.
15h/ UK partialy retreat from Libya: Britain said it had agreed with NATO, the withdrawal of its five helicopters "Apache" from the mission
15h/ "We're going to punish even those that supported Moammar with words" - Freedom and Democracy in Libya http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204010604576594852280290760.html
15h/ NATO-led rebels accused of arbitrarily killing civilians attempting to flee Sirte and Bani Walid
 [did you know]
-  Wall St protests: Police harsh, media silent? "We're seeing an absolute erosion of our civil rights," said 23-year-old student Patrick Bruner, of the "Occupy Wall St." movement, according to NYDailyNews. ->http://rt.com/news/wall-street-protest-arrests-331/
Schoolgrls burned in fire - Saudi Arabia's religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers. One witness said he saw three policemen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya". ->http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/1874471.stm10 14h/ OTTAWA: Canada’s involvement in the NATO mission in Libya has been extended another three months.
13h/ 10 Questions for Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama - 2. What is your reaction to NATO's murderous terrorist strikes against civilians? You will be aware of the scope of your carnage in Libya which makes 9/11 look like a picnic for fairy godmothers. How do you feel about holding joint responsibility for the murder of tens of thousands of people (up to 63,000 to date)? You couldn't care less, could you? --> http://www.moscowtopnews.com/?area=postView&id=2352
12h/ ALGERIA (fr)- Imagine that Algeria, sending planes to parachute weapons in Belgium border to the French Roscoe Jenkins Lille revolt against the Parisians. Well ... the sky will fall on Algeria!
So, we must stop despising that these Western countries of Africa and they stop to destabilize Algeria. We are a sovereign state. We got our independence in 1962 by sacrificing a million and half martyrs. -->http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201109-A6218/algerie-attentat-contre-aeroport-jijel-avec-des-armes-parachutes-djebel-nefousa-libye.html
11h/ Prior to the war, Libya had no debts. In fact quite the opposite. It was a creditor nation investing in neighboring African countries. The R2P military intervention is intended to spearhead the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya into the straightjacket of an indebted developing country, under the surveillance of the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions.  In a bitter irony, after having stolen Libya's oil wealth and confiscated its overseas financial assets, the "donor community" has pledged to lend the (stolen) money back to finance Libya's post-war "reconstruction".  http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=26731
10h/ (Reuters)  UNITED KINGDOM- The investigation into the 1988 bombing of a U.S.-bound airliner over Lockerbie in Scotland is closed and Tripoli will not release more evidence that could lead to others being charged, Libya's interim leaders said on Monday. Libya's interim justice minister Mohammed al-Alagi turned them down, telling reporters: "The case is closed." -> http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/09/26/us-libya-lockerbie-idUSTRE78P10A20110926
09h/ LIBYA, TWARGHA - Until a few months ago, the town of Tawargha was home to about 30,000 people. Now only a few dozen men remain, hiding out in a wetlands area, sniping at anyone who approaches...NATO rebels about Black Libyans "Their area is not here. They are not originally from here, they are from the south and they can go somewhere in the south. They caused me to hate all black people." - > http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/after-the-war-the-vengeance-as-rebels-seek-out-traitors-2360918.html
07h/ LIBYA, BENGHAZI - Former Rebels’ Rivalries Hold Up Governing in Libya - It has been almost two months since the leaders of the Transitional National Council promised to assemble a new cabinet.  Negotiations are deadlocked, council members say, over how to divide power among groups from different regions. Leaders from Benghazi, Misurata, Zintan and other cities all argue that their suffering or their contributions during the revolt entitle them to a greater voice. -->  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/26/world/africa/rivalries-impede-government-formation-in-libya.html?_r=1

Day 189: 26. september 2011. Libya news

02h/ Gaddafi's supporters fighting near the border of Tunisia
Fightings between Gaddafi's supporters and NTC forces are taking place in the city of Al Karama, near the border of Tunisia. Militias would also being formed in order to face NTC forces. TeleSUR -> http://multimedia.telesurtv.net/en/26/9/2011/51214/gaddafis-supporters-fighting-near-the-border-of-tunisia/
01h/ Ghana protested against NATO/US military operation in Libya and got arrested by their dictatorial US-loving authorities -> http://ghanaweb-news.com/default.aspx
00h/ SPAIN, MADRID -PROTEST -against NATO intervention in Libya / Plataforma No a la Guerra Imperialista (Madrid - Estado español). - >
00h/ A great surprise yesterday, 25 September, in Tripoli: there was a peaceful march in support of Muammar Gaddafi, and this peaceful demonstration has been bombarded. Indeed, part of the neighborhood of Abu Salim and many other people walked in silence, holding the portrait of the guide in the direction of the airport.[ Allain Jules ] -(France) Libye: cauchemar de Sarkozy et génocide de l’OTAN --> http://allainjules.com/2011/09/26/libye-cauchemar-de-sarkozy-et-genocide-de-lotan/
24h/ FIDEL CASTRO - [SALUTE]Castro calls out Obama for genocide in Libya - “In spite of the shameful monopoly of the mass information media and the fascist methods of the United States and its allies to confuse and deceive world opinion, the resistance of the people grows, and that can be appreciated in the debates being produced in the United Nations,” Castro wrote over the weekend on the cubadebate.cu website. -> https://rt.com/usa/news/castro-obama-genocide-libya-429/

24h/ Reflexiones de Fidel, Especiales, Fidel Castro Ruz - Chávez, Evo y Obama (Primera Parte) - Hago un alto en las tareas que ocupan la totalidad de mi tiempo en estos días, para dedicar unas palabras a la singular oportunidad que ofrece para la ciencia política el sexagésimo sexto período de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas. - > http://www.cubadebate.cu/reflexiones-fidel/2011/09/25/chavez-evo-y-obama-primera-parte/

 *** HUGO CHAVEZ SALUTE!On September 17, 2011 Hugo Chávez Frias, President of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sent the following letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations -> http://mycatbirdseat.com/2011/09/letter-from-president-hugo-chavez-to-his-excellency-ban-ki-moon-secretary-general-of-the-united-nations/

To the
Secretary of the OON
Ban Ki Moon
New York
Fax: 0012129634879

Dear Sir,
We, the “Mothers against war Berlin Brandenburg”, expect from you, the General Secretary of the World Organisation of all states, to call upon NATO to stop at least the further genocide of civilian people in Libya by bombings of cities and villages in Libya !!
The people of Libya will go their own way of development, which is guaranteed by the Charta of OON.
More than 5 Million people of Libya went on the streets of Libya with pictures of Gaddafi, the Revolutionary leader of the Folk-Jamahiriya,
( including Bengazi!!) till the nightly bombings of Tripoli by NATO on the 21. August 2011. Thousands of civilian people are dying in Libya by NATO-bombings, not by Gaddafi !!!
What the NATO is doing in Libya is a cynical murdering of people and this is not covered by the Charta of OON !
In contrary these killings of Libyan people by bombs is nothing other than a disrespect of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their Additional Protocols, which all are directed on the protection of civilians.
Please stop bombings!!! This is your task as the General Secretary of OON !!! 

Your task is also, to solve problems not by bombs, but by ways of diplomacy, which were proposed by Fidel Castro, the former President of Cuba, the President of Venezuela, Chavez, by the President of South Africa, Zuma and others !

in the name of the “Mothers against war Berlin-Brandenburg”
Brigitte Queck, scientist on the base of international law, Berlin/Potsdam 25.9.2011

24h/ Foreign Minister of Venezuela: "NATO had a plan to intervene in Libya for years" / Canciller de Venezuela: "La OTAN tenía un plan para intervenir en Libia hace años"/ ->  

24h/ [Westen economy  will not give up - western economy  need LIBYAN money ] Governmental estimates of US’s spending in the bombing campaign in Libya may have been one seventh of its actual cost, a military expert’s calculation suggests. The worst case figure is US$2.7 billion, or even more. One method says the operation to the end of August took between $2.13 billion and $2.44 billion. The other one gives a potentially higher result – between $1.31 billion and $2.70 billion. The calculation did not include the cost of the continuing Libyan operation in September, or some other costs, like the transportation of hardware from the UK to the military base in Gioia del Colle, Italy. -> http://rt.com/news/cost-libya-war-uk-355/
23h/  News from the battle  - -NATO on Monday attributed the acts of aggression against several targets in the northern cities of Libya and witnesses showed plumes of smoke emanating from different points after listening to loud explosions.
Over the weekend, the Alliance attacked Libyan soil with 367 sorties and 132 attacks on Sirte, according to statements by the same organization. [TeleSURtv - Venezuela ] -> http://www.telesurtv.net/secciones/noticias/98173-NN/otan-y-cnt-recrudecen-ataques-en-el-norte-de-libia-mientras-persiste-la-resistencia/
23h/ [update] In a piece posted today after a NTC news conference, the BBC uses the headline: “More than 1,200 bodies found in Tripoli mass grave“. Categorically, absolutely, unequivocally, this is an out-and-out lie; 1,200 bodies have not been found. Not a single body has been found. In fact, no excavation has been performed, and no more than ‘several bone fragments’ have been discovered, according to the NTC. -> http://empirestrikesblack.com/2011/09/libya-bbc-concocts-mass-grave-story-in-brazen-propaganda-piece/#update1
23h/ Libya: Sirte - NATO bombed residential complex, cruel war crimes  ->
22h/ "Seven Days News" conducted an interview with Al-Mutasim Billah Al-Gaddafi, the son of Libyan leader Mouammar Al-Gaddafi.
Al-Mutasim message: "We are currently fighting on two fronts: one of them is protecting our cities that I send my best regards to like Bani Walid, Sabha, Sirt and their sisters, the front is at the south of Libya where we discovered how weak the NATO and his fighters are in and there are huge areas in which they failed to control; the work has started in Ghadames and Ghat to liberate the weak cities and to turn them to strongholds for us." ->http://thedailylibyanpost.info/
21h/ [about 18h] The Brother Leader Gaddafi  had speech on the radio in the Bani Walid
21h/  Benghazi Sanussi brigade have officialy betrayed the Misrata Brigades, destroying their plans and refusing new supplies to misrata! Once a traitor, always a traitor!
21h/  The freshest news on Allibya TV is that more than 350 NATO rebels got killed in the latest attack on Bani Wallid, but the number of casualties continues to increase. NATO rebels were forced to withdraw more than 40km outside the perimeter of Bani Walid. Total debacle for NATO.
20h/ MAJORITY OF SCARED REBELS DESERTED BANI WALLID FRONT - Not even the Associated Press (AP) can hide any longer that rebels suffered a huge defeat at Bani Walid front! They admitted that they are abandoning it in huge numbers, tired of disorganisation and lack of amunition. Well, obviously they have no enough heart and ideals to fight for, unlike the loyalists who are fighting even with their bare hands.-> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/majority-of-scared-rebels-deserted-bani.html
19h/ To enter Bani Walid from the northwest, coming from Tripoli, NATO rebels and mercenaries must cross a steep valley, that divides the city. BenWalid residents hold the high ground on the other side, enabling them to rain down with rockets on fighters trying to approach the valley.
18h/ Osama al-Fasi, a field NATO rebels commander in charge of attacks on Bani Walid, said his rebels  were not prepared for such fierce resistance and blamed the NTC's military leadership for not providing the necessary ammunition, weapons and leadership to sustain a real attack on the city."We were shocked at the force of the resistance we faced," al-Fasi told The Associated Press.
18h/ ABDELHAKIM BELHADJ, AKA HASIDI, AKA ABU ABDULLA AL-SADDIQ, AKA…عبد الحكيم بالحاج aka Abu Abdallah -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/abdelhakim-belhadj-aka-hasidi-aka-abu.html
14h/ On Sunday, NATO planes dropped bombs on the city. NATO hit Sirt with more than 89 striker from battleships and planes in less than six hours.  Humanitarian organizations working in the area are expressing concerns for the civilians living in Sirte.
13h/ The NATO rebels tortured and killed a pro-Gaddafi civilian male in Tripoli, after the incident the victim's brothers planted the green flag on their house; the rebels told the brothers to remove the flag but the brothers refused to do so which resulted in their killing.
13h/ Tripoli: 35 NATO mercenaries from Egypt, Qatar and European countries were killed on the hands of the Libyan Army.
12h/ UK operations in Libya: the full costs broken down . How much are UK operation in Libya really costing? get the latest full estimates -> http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/sep/26/uk-operations-libya-costs
11h/ No other recent case demonstrates it as obviously as that of Abdelhakim Belhadj, aka Hasidi, aka Abu Abdulla al-Saddiq, aka… :”Who is the mask behind the many men”.In Anglo-American Nation Building Projects, decades of underhanded double dealing of CIA, DIA, MI5, MI6, NATO Intelligence Services, et al. often have the effect that persons that have been convenient assets, are being maneuvered into places of power and public attention. When public attention results in investigative journalism, an asset can become a public relations liability. No other recent case demonstrates it as obviously as that of Abdelhakim Belhadj, aka Hasidi, aka Abu Abdulla al-Saddiq, aka… :”Who is the mask behind the many men”.  [ Dr. Christof Lehmann ] - > http://nsnbc.wordpress.com/2011/09/25/abdelhakim-belhadj-the-mask-behind-the-many-men/
 10h/ Speaking to Reuters by telephone from an undisclosed location,Dr. Moussa Ibrahim said no one had been able to show that Gaddafi or his family had assets or accounts.
"The Leader of the Revolution and his family have not enriched themselves with Libya's oil wealth and are among the most simple living citizens. No one has been able to show that Gaddafi or his family had assets or accounts. That is more proof of the honesty and transparency of this family and shows that they are an ordinary Libyan family. All wealth of Libya is traceable to functioning companies and institutions." --> http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=628802
09h/ Libya  [latest news for 25. september 2011.] ArRai TV Update in English - [108morris108]  ->

08h/ Libya - Qadhafi Pro a demonstration in Sousse, Tunisia ->
07h/ Libya - The military governor of Tripoli Belhadj is not dead. The military governor of Tripoli, a member of the Qaeda Abdelhakim Belhadj wasn't  killed.
It was a psychological campaign launched by the CNT to make it pressure following its conflict with Mahmoud Jibril of CNT.
As a reminder, Abdelhakim Belhadj ( was jailed at Guantanamo) and Fouzi Bouktef were threatened by the CNT. They told him to calm down or they will reveal the secret of the assassination of General Abdel Fateh Younes. Abidel's the tribe is still awaiting the report of the Committee of Inquiry into the general.
 Abdelhakim Belhadj
06h/ Medics confirm the mass grave site of Abu Saleem Prison in Libya is Fake     “medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human.“ (from the mouth piece of NATO propaganda (source – CNN))


05h/ Al Jazeera exposed as a CIA controlled Media in the Virtual War against Libya ->

Day 188: 25. september 2011. Libya news

00h/ Address by His Excellency Robert MUGABE, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe at the General debate of the 66th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 21-24 and 26-30 September 2011)  SALUTE ! complete speech - >  http://www.unmultimedia.org/tv/webcast/2011/09/general-debate-66th-session-14.html
00h/ RESPECT! President Mugabe from Zimbabwe gives a splendid anti-imperialistic speech at the 66th general assembly meeting in the United Nations in which he condemns the aggressive approach towards Libya, violating the UN-Charter and ignoring the peaceful attempts for negotiations and ceasefires proposed by the African Union.->

23h/ Brave Gunmen loyal to Moammar Gadhafi have crossed the Libyan border from Algeria and attacked NATO revolutionary forces in a town near the frontier, killing six bandits, NATO slaves  said Sunday. [Reuters]

22h/ Ghadames is under the control of libyan army. -

At least eight rebels were killed and 50 others injured in Ghadames, on the Algerian border, in an attack Sunday by Libyan army supported by the Tuareg fighters, according to a local official and witnesses.
In Tripoli, dozens of people marched to demand that the council of traitors sends reinforcements to Ghadames.
The NATO led rebels  have withdrawn from Sirte, hundreds of NATO- led rebels desert the front of Ben Walid because they believe that this twon is impregnable and now Ghadames is under the control of libyan army. It is only the begining. A very hard days are waiting the NATO-led rebels and traitors.
21h/ MARTYRS OF ABU GHARARA TRIBE  -Moreover, martyr Jamal Al-Rimali's brother that is martyr Hatim's cousin, Nasir Al-Rimali, was extremely tortured too and on Saturday 25th-Sep- 20011 the armed gangs asked his family to come get him because he was found not guilty of anything. Nasir's veins were cut and was strongly beaten to admit something he didn't even do. --> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/martyrs-of-abu-gharara-tribe.html
20h/ NATO NTC REBELS = WAR PROFITEERS  -  > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/nato-ntc-rebels-war-profiteers.html
19h/ URGENT MESSAGE TO MISRATA BRIGADE-PLEASE COLLECT YOUR DEAD -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/urgent-message-to-misrata-brigade.html

18h/Yesterday (Saturday, 24 September 2011) 1 - the arrival of hordes of third regiment of the Arab Mujahideen to the fighting fronts in peace noblest of God
2 - three offices were opened in three Arab countries to deal with the overwhelming requests from the Arab Mujahideen who wish to join the fight
3 - The clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis in the city of Misurata led to the killing of 188 of NATO clients Natufema, which led to blocking of the roads leading to the General Hospital so NATO aircrafts fly low and wander over Misurata to transport the dead and wounded customers of NATO and Misurata's Hospital is littered with.

16h/ Thecenter of  information [building] of  traitors  rebels & NATO has exploded. It is located on Omar Mukhtar Street in the city Zawiya
15h/ Jibril asked the UN Security Council to release all remaining Libyan assets out of an estimated $150bn that were frozen under sanctions against Gaddafi.
UN diplomats say there are technical problems to resolve before the release of all the assets, some of which they fear could fall into the hands of Gaddafi, his relatives or aides. http://www.news24.com/Africa/News/Libya-returns-to-world-community-at-UN-20110924

15h/ After the invasion of the city Misrata by NATO special forces and rebels, look what has become the city. Ruins ... This is democracy applied by France & Co

14h/ According to the website of the Libyan resistance Zengtena, fighters of the Libyan army liberated the Libyan prisoners imprisoned by the rebels in prison Sarman.

14h/ A new promotion of national guards of the rebels was named for the city Benghazi. This battalion is headed by Abu Yahya Libi, a member of the Qaeda. He is wanted in the world, it is a human arm Osama bin Laden. [Zengtena ]
Also according to this resource, 1500 Qaida members from Afghanistan were transported to Libya by the Americans.    

13h/ 13 rebels killed in a military school in Tripoli -an explosion at a military school in Tripoli, the rebels used it to gather all the rebels from other cities. For now, 13 rebels were killed
12h/ Libya - An attack on the Embassy of Italy in Benghazi - According to the website of the Libyan resistance Zengtena, a bomb exploded just installed the Italian Embassy in Benghazi, the stronghold of the traitors of NATO.[last night]
11h/ Libya - British Mercenaries in Benghazi to represent English society. According to the website of the Libyan resistance Allibiya TV, a group of mercenaries BRITISH SAS are present in a hotel Banghazi, the rebel stronghold of NATO. Their mission is to protect the oil platform run by the British.
Most of these officers worked in Iraq and Afganistan and they came to Libya to represent English society and facilitating the business.
10h/ In Sirte, the fighting continues. Despite the intensive bombing of NATO aircraft to facilitate the infiltration of rebels. Resistance is strong does not let anyone move forward. The fighters of the Libyan army and volunteers were able to kill seven rebels and wounding 100 others, including 26 in serious condition.
A military plane carrying the bodies to the hospital in Misrata.
NATO and rebels have applied the strategy in Iraq Faluja, in the city  Sirte.  The city is cut off from the world. They cut the LagZ, electricity, water, transport food, medicine ....
NATO bombed the city for its planes. The rebels of firing blindly swinging obi on houses, schools and hospitals.
09h/ [last night] According Allibiya TV, radio Libyan Bani Walid  broadcast the intervention of Libyan leader's son, Seif El Islam Kadhafi, he congratulated the people of Bani Walid on his exemplary courage has amazed the world.
Seif El Islam has confirmed that we must fight to defend the city and said the Libyan leader has prepared some surprises that will change this situation.
08h/ Libya the people of Benghazi and Libya are still not paid any wages now for Months even as NTC rebels receive billions in cash to pay it.
07h/ Libya,Sirte Libyan Army  build up container-barricades for defensiv position at General Electric Company building 3km west city-center
04h/ [THIS MAN IS CRIMINAL] markito0171 Mark he[ he put coordinate on Twitter]
#Libya Gaddafi- Forces seen in Mabruk oil facility 29°49'28"N 17°17'10"E between Jufra-Oasis & Ras Lanuf




OZYISM Reports


Why NATO why??


This is video depicting Libya before the war of aggression, and after the war of aggression, you can be the judge and decide whether NATO has brought freedom or just made Libya free for any nation to plunder. We pray to the victims of this brutality, we pray to the kids who were murdered and continually murdered by NATO and its forces, we pray for the resistance, we admire their courage to stand against the world's most powerful force, we admire their patience, we admire their eman...

Qaddafi's short speech aired in Bani Walid Radio


27/sept/11 Translation by Libya Liberal Youth Muamar Qaddafi "With your holy war you have revieved the courouge and the heroism and the honourable acts, for the liberation of Libya, of your ancenstors. You have to know that i am in the battlefield by your side. They lie and they say that Gaddafi is in Venezouela, in Niger, I am in between my people and the following days reserve an unexpected shock for this gang of the agents. Heros have resist and fallen as martyrs and we also expect ...

NATO mercenaries torture an innocent man to death then kill his brothers


27/sept/11 According to new disturbing reports a citizen of Tripoli was tortured to death by NATO forces because he expressed his support for the Jamahariya Government and Qaddafi. After his martyrdom, his brothers raised a green flag over his grave. NATO Mercenaries asked his brothers to remove the green flag from his grave, but the brothers refused which lead to the murder of the 2 brother of the deceased. The international community has been silent, except few nations which has shown some hope for humanity. We pray for these martyres, and others who have been brutally murdered by NATO in...

NATO Special Ops take position in Sirte port


27/sept/11 According to new reports NATO Special Ops have taken position in Sirte port in a mission to allow foreign Mercenaries to be dropped off the coast. Since the Western supply routes are disrupted and cut off by the Tarhuna Tribe, NATO decided to attack from the East which failed and now in its last desperate attempt, trying to attack from the sea using foreign Mercenaries. Fighting continues with NATO Special Ops around the port, whether NATO mission will be successful or not is yet to be seen. After multiple defeats, NATO began a brutal and genocidal bombing of Sirte in order to terrorize...

Medics confirm the mass grave site of Abu Saleen Prison is fake


26/sept/11 Medics on the scene testified that the supposed mass grave of a massacre is fake, and the bone fragments are not human. Another devastating blow to NATO propaganda. NATO has accused the Libyan Jamahariya Government of committing a massacre in Abu Saleen prison, but similar to most accusations, no evidence has been provided. Although some people were sentenced to death for treason from that prison, a massacre has never taken place, a fabricated propaganda lie orchestrated by Libyan enemies. Many CIA agents were executed by the Libyan Government after a failed coup which was headed...

Abu Saleem Massacre? Mass Grave? Few Fragment of Bones? What?


26/sept/11 BBC started reporting recently that over 1200 bodies have been found in a mass grave, then in the same article it stated that only a few bone fragments and pieces of clothing have been found in the site?? This has to be one of the most desperate attempts to discredit the resistance, the Abu Saleem propaganda massacre has been used as one of the excuses for the terrorism and mass murder. The disturbing propaganda reveals how desperate NATO is. Recently many mass graves of Libyan patriots were found in and around Tripoli, it seems NATO is trying to make the public forget about its...

NATO Mercenaries retreat from Sirte again after receiving heavy casualties


26/sept/11 Once again receiving a devastating defeat, NATO militias retreated even after brutal and deadly NATO terror operations. NATO Mercenaries claim that 7 of their fighter have been killed and at least 160 critically wounded. This is contradictory to sources from within Sirte which state that at least 100 killed and over 450 injur...


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