Sonntag, 18. September 2011

#Sep19, 2011: Time for #reflection - #NATO #Libya #UN #OperationUnifiedProtector #OdysseyDawn #UNSC #NATOcrimes

September 19, 2011: Time for reflection


September 19, 2011: Time for reflection. 45402.jpegThe world community has one chance to redress the wrongs of the first decade of the Third Millennium, putting the lid on an imperialistic approach to international affairs and opening a new chapter, following a collective policy based upon dialogue and not stealing resources, implementing one law with an equal set of weights and measures for all.

September 19, 2011 is one of those deciding moments in history, tests which our collective socio-developmental vectors place in our path, trials we face and ordeals we have to overcome. Judgement as to how we performed comes much later and is written in the history book.

 In the Libya Question, we have a clear choice: it is a choice of good over evil. It is also a chance to implement international law with the same set of weights and measures for all, it is a chance to close the chapter of imperialistic and colonialist adventures, it is a test as to whether the world community is mature enough to implement a multilateral approach to crisis management and resolution of disputes. Whether or not we pass this test and come through the ordeal with pride depends on the UN Security Council meeting as NATO's deadline runs out.


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