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Day 179: 16. september 2011. Libya news

01h/ Pakistan refuses to recognize the Transitional Council
01h/ Niger is not going to give away Gaddafi’s son Saadi and other high ranking officials of Gaddafi’s government, to whom it granted political asylum, head of Niger’s Foreign Ministry Mouhamed Bazuma said Friday.
01h/ NORTH BANI WALID AFTER COMING UNDER ATTACK Press Conference Dr. Mousa Ibrahim [ 15./ 16 September 2011. ] ->
23h/ SAS troops are now operating close to the front line helping coordinate attacks on the last four areas held by Gaddafi's troops. They are also operating alongside MI6 and CIA"Brimstone has the capacity to be fired in a large salvo utilising millimetric radar to simultaneously guide each missile to a separate target," said Major Gen Nick Pope, the Armed Forces spokesman.
22h/ Bani Walid completely under control of Libyan army.
21h/ Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:
We have prepared plans to clear all the cities and we will implement when it comes, and my advice to all citizens to stay away from these gangs to help us close the extinction
Gaddafi spokesman denounces Cameron and Sarkozy Libya visit
21h/ A Source Directly from Sirte "13 British Sas with other Qataris Captured" [SomaliaSupport2 ]
20h/ BBCWorld The UN gives Libyan NTC a seat in its General Assembly despite opposition from some Latin American and African nations
20h/ Libya Sirte [15/16  September 2011. ] War crime of NATO and NTC rebels video
19h/ Thousands of civilian Libyans missing...believed killed by NATO-led rebels as they initiated violence throughout country.
Sukant Chandan on RT : Libyan rebels admit they attack women & children. Rebel forces in Libya claim they are advancing in Colonel Gaddafi's home town of Sirte - one of the last loyalist bastions. Several thousand opposition fighters, backed by tanks and heavy weapons - >
today/ NATO bombs Sirte, destroyed infrastructure of city. this morning, the destruction of a textile factory that employs over 600 people.
#NATO is bombing #Tobruk. Did they not say that it was in the hands of the #rebels. Then why are they bombing?


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