Montag, 5. September 2011

#LizziePhelan : "Free #Tripoli " - just don't mention the #corpses - #NATOcrimes #RebelCrimes #Resistance #Libya

"Free Tripoli" - just don't mention the corpses


by Lizzie Phelan

The war on Libya has not only been a war that has vindicated NATO's claim to the most powerful military force on earth, capable of imposing its will through sheer aggression wherever it sees fit, but it has also been a war that has reasserted the western mainstream media's power to not just fabricate events but to create.

The first media victory was when it got away with claiming that Gaddafi's government was attacking it's own citizens in Tripoli from the air, a claim which formed part of the pretext for NATO's intervention and also served to create panic and anger amongst the city's residents. No one was held to account when later Russian intelligence satellites and visits from independent observers to the areas alleged to have been targeted, revealed no evidence that such attacks had taken place.



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