Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

#Libya 2013: The true face of #NATO's democratic #humanrights-regime - #GreenLibya #GNC #Gaddafi

By Konstantin Sheglikov

Watch new photos about people, who were tortured in prisons of new democracy Libya.
So called revolution in Libya was made by local and international gangs which receive all kinds of support from West.
Global media made peacefull protesters from criminals.
NATO gave weapons, instructors and NATO troops came and killed libyan people.
NATO bombed defenders of Libya and made easier way for criminals to kill, rape, torture civilian.
Tortures, rapes in LIbya still going on
Most corrupt officials of Jamahiriya were caught by secret agents of the West during debauchery with prostitutes. They have agreed to a conspiracy against the own state. In exchange, they were able to continue to do so with impunity in Western countries, in addition they were offered the absolute power in Libya. In return, they have to give the resources of Libya to corporations from Western countries and their allies.

Now Libya is corrupting young people under the false flag of Sharia and Islam.
Alcohol, drugs, brothels, clandestine brothels, etc., has become a reality in Libya.
People who oppose this process and fight against the regime, or even express any words against the regime end up in prisons under control of various gangs, where they were tortured and sexually abused. People are brutally murdered, new evidence of torture took place this year you can see in this video.

It is surprising that the Libyans are still trying to reach out to various humanitarian organizations. Becuase, various humanitarian organizations were among the main instigators of war and suppliers lies, the aim of which was to justify what is happening to this destruction and robbery of a North African socialist state.
Libyan regime lies that armed gangs are not subject to it, in fact continues deliberate policy of intimidation of the population. All actions of gangs are controlled by puppet regime and their curators from outside.

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