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The injustice which are practiced by the armed gangs on the Libyan people made the life worst and worst since Drugs and Ecstasy became sold openly at Universities , streets even inside the schools.


Also they throwing it front of the children schools in a pocket of chocolate to catch kids attention , Kidnapping and torturing the people , unknown number of prisoners males and females , storming banks , killing and the revenge from innocent people had made nothing only because they Supported Gaddafi , is this humanity ? is this democracy ?


It's a time to Send you Message it may be the latest one ,this is Because we didn't got any answer , we didn't seen any real action from your side since you Two are Members of the UN Security Council , Also there are no action from Human rights watch and the other human organizations whose didn't answer to our messages , faxes and phones .


These harsh conditions will Lead us to a new civil war against these gangs which was supported by NATO and the world knowledge us and knowledge about our historical withstanding at 2011 , NATO and The UN Security Council are done from Libya After the big help they give to these gangs and the members of Al- Qaeda and the overthrow of the Previous regime and killing the Army of Libya which turned Libya to Massive mess , and the control of these gangs on the big cities in Libya , It presented to them on a platter of gold by NATO in order to occupy or oil and the frozen money in banks and now even the so called National Transition council and the New government in Libya can't control these gangs .


So we are sending this letter to all the world to see the result of the Arabic Spring in Libya , to help us by Real intervention by supporting us and demonstrations against the injustice and the terrorism in Libya.


(Source: Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi

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