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#Libya #GreenLibya - #Ghadames Siege - A prequel for #Misrata|s and #Qatar|s planned war against #Zintan

by Chris Sedlmair

It seems the tragedy of Bani Walid massacre by the troops of the rats regimes and criminal gangs will repeat in other towns and cities all over western Libya. Ghadames is surrounded by militias, while the tribes of Libya sent an dramatic letter to the Governments of Russia and China, calling for urgent assistance to prevent the total escalation of violence in the country. Russia was the only country that tried to discuss the incidents related to the Siege of Bani Walid at the UN Security Council. US blocked an discussion about the cruel acts committed against the "City of Heroes" as Bani Walid is called since its fierce resistance against the rats armies in Libya War of 2011. The same Title was given to the Iraqi City of Fallujah during their two major battles against American occupation forces. Libyans gain new hope for Russian and Chinese support since the fierce defense of Syria by Putin. And Russia as well as China lost credibility and influence in Africa since their betrayal of Libya in 2011 that led to the deaths of some 160,000 Libyans and the total destruction of the Northern African State.

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Yesterday independent Journalist Konstantin Sheglikov of Russian Green Committees' World Jamahiriya Radio gave a report from arround 20 January, stating, that western Libyan City of Ghadames was surrounded by an unidentified militia. Since that day the powerless NATO dogs of the GNC did nothing to help the people of Ghadames. Instead the blamed the Brigades of Zintan for the crimes. But there is no sign that Zintan had any intention in occuying the city 543 miles from Tripoli. Zintan Gangs themselves are under massive pressure from other faction of the counterrevolutionary regime that took power in 2011.

"Rats report Zintan gunmen are attacking.. rats lie. Misrata militias have been in Zuwarah port for months. They have Apache helicopters", independent Journalist Russel Vogt says. "Misrata rats plan to invade Zintan and have over 400 armored vehicles in Zuwarah". Without help Zintan was doomed to get defeated in a direct confrontation with the militarily superior Misrata gangs. The only hope for them seems to be cutting ties with the coalition of rats gangs and to side with Green Resistance and resisting tribes and cities. Leader Saif al Islam, Son of the Great Muamar al Gaddafi, hold and tried by Zintan is the key to such an alliance. Otherwise Zintan will pay the price for their betrayal in 2011.

Russel Vogt, a reliable source for Real News from Libya on twitter explained the situation: "Ghadames has had attacks for weeks, many have been killed and injured. Misrata traitors plan to annex Western Libya. The so called rat occupation GNC only has control over few buildings in Tripoli. They are talking about moving to Casablanca for security reasons." he stated.

Since weeks the Criminal Gangs of Misrata get massive military supplies from Qatar sources from Libya report. The feudal absolutist regime at the Arab Peninsula, known for backing the overthrow of the Socialist Jamahiriya sytem of Green Libya from beginning, delivers heavy weaponry for a new civil war to their loyal dogs in the occupied coastal city, including tanks and helicopters.

Some clans in the city of Misrata have a long tradition in collaboration with colonial powers of Italy, England and United States over the last century. Even when Libya was the first people of the world that took up arms against European fascism while the major imperialists of entente powers still conspired with the Hitler Regime of fascist Germany against the smaller peoples of Europe, the forefathers of the traitors conspired with fascist Italy of Mussolini against the Libyan resistance.

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