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The true face of #NATO's "democratic" #Libya regime: freedom to deceive and poison own citizens. - #GreenLibya #GNC #Misrata #Sirte #BaniWalid #Zintan

by Chris Sedlmair & Konstantin Sheglikov

In past several sources close to resistance from Libya reported incidents in Libyan food production like in factory plant of yogurt producer Naseem where a mix-up of chemicals could have led to infertility of consumers of both sex. (1) Many doubted were before about this the report, but the media of rat’s regime now confirmed the fact. "Mohammed Alraeid, owner of "Al Naseem for Food Industries Co." and prominent member of the Misrata Gangs, has imported recently from European countries flavorings for his yogurt and ice-cream, which can cause infertility for men and women and children of both sex", sources reports.
"During the Invasion of NATO and Gulf-backed rats he was the one who spread the lie Gaddafi had left Libya for Venezuela", our Libyan source reports. His company's original location was in Misurata. But events of 2011 year forced him to move a part of the equipment to Benghazi because of the seriousness of the situation in Misurata, and now had been returned to their original position in Misurata. "So, his company which make milk and others product from milk as yogurt and ice cream worked without any problems for his customers under the high level of control by the Jamahiriya. Now there is no control and he could have add anything to his product", source says.

Translation: "Mahamed Al-reed, owner of The Naseem (breeze) factory have imported a substance lately from one of the European countries (a flavoring substance but in truth it is a chemical substance that causes Sterility among men and women and results from it if it was taken by kids the same disease from both genders, and it's being added to the yogurt lately"

Our source noticed: “Day after day it becomes more and more the obvious the deceitful face and nature of them that claimed themselves “fighters against tyranny” in Libya. That is the freedom for what they did struggle, freedom to deceive and make profit on that deceiving, freedom to spoil for the biggest profit. That is why Gaddafi and Jamahiriya hindered them. Because under the Jamahiriya` s system of quality control such deceiving had been impossible!”
Not so many people know that city of Misurata had been announced a zone of free trade and business there was free of tax. It was made for Misurata during the reform of state system to make that area grow faster. But for gang of greedy persons it seemed little even nothing. «They desired more power and more benefits even at the expense of country destruction and nation poverty. They readily had agreed with western regimes to make a plot against Jamahiriya. It was easy for them. Because such persons matched western politicians in their desire of power and personal enrichment.», our source says.
Since end of 2011, when the state system had been destroyed and the representatives of the occupation were busy with theft and plunder such incidents became possible. In the new «democratic Libya of human rights» nobody takes responsibility for the rights and the health of the Libyan people. «The System of Quality Control in the Libyan Jamahiriya that protected the health of population from the threat of low quality products the rats called "tyranny". The possibility to decide to poison the people they called "freedom".» ' our source confirmed.


We have another evidence of freedom to deceive and poison own citizens:
That's how some rats transporting chickens of unknown origin for markets in Libya.

The System of Quality Control in the Libyan Jamahiriya that protected the health of population from the threat of low quality products the rats called "tyranny". The possibility to decide to poison the people they called "freedom". Thats the true meaning of their terminology and the real purpose of their "revolution". It was rather one of the true goals and desires of those, whom we call rats in Libya and there are others too, no less perverse, we will report about.

We want to remind that NATO and obey them armed gangs used depleted uranium, white phosphorous and chemical weapons (mustard gas and sarin) against the Libyan population Especially dangerous for Libyans are white phosphorus and depleted uranium, they cause serious diseases and malformations in fetuses, leading to miscarriages and other problems during pregnancy ..
Now we get reports about cases of cancer in the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid that were most heavily bombed by NATO and Rats during invasion.

Given that the so-called global elite intends to reduce the world population, the creation and use of food additives cause a variety of diseases in humans, up to infertility, is a natural phenomenon.
The addition of these chemicals in the final product, especially in products for children is part of a deliberate strategy of genocide against the poor Libyan from the occupation regime.



(1) Green Website with screensot of apporoval of Naseem Incident by a Rats Website.



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