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#Libya #GreenLibya - Recognition of one of so-called rebels, Spring #2011, in #RasLanuf

by Konstantin Sheglikov


Recognition of one of the so-called rebels, made in Spring 2011, in city of Ras Lanuf .

Translation of video:

In the beginning the TV presenter is talking:

"This report is dedicated from battalion media fighter in Libyan channel to the armed people[volunteeers] and to our sons the fighters, let's watch it"

Then another journalist starts talking:

Here the rats are talking about the libyan soldiers, claiming that were mercenaries, criminals, thieves! Rats used bad words to describe soldiers,
but since when we believe what evil people say?"

After that a young man [former, so called rebel and real criminal by his actions] starts talking:

" After we went to Ras Lanuf, there was a battle from 9 am until 3 pm,

after 3pm troops[Libyan army and volunteers] went into Ras Lanuf so i got rid of my weapon and run.

All cars [cars of with rats] had to withdraw , they left us alone and run away.

Then we went to the eastern part of Ras Lanuf so that we can run away.

Then I found out we're all surrounded by Libyan military [Libyan army and volunteers].

In the morning, patrols were searching everywhere, so I had to surrender to military.

They were asking me questions, i couldn't talk, because i was shocked [he expected tortures and abuses, as rats lied that mercenaries fought in side of Green Libya]

I asked them about their identity, then they said :"We are Libyan military"

They said to me:"Raise your head, you are Libyan, why are you afraid?"

Then they put me in a car and took me to another area in Ras Lanuf.

They showed me a wounded guy and asked me whether i could help him.

I said, I could

They brought me some medications

They gave me everything: food, juice, medications.

There was another wounded guy, because his leg was injured, they were looking for ambulance...

This was a wake up call to me

"Rebels" [rats] made us forget about Libya and national unite

They were always trying to brainwash us with money, high positions and cars[which they could to receive, rats receive the money for their crimes, also freedom to take any girl or rape]

That's what they talk about all the time...

I am not in a prison [he expected to come to prison by his crimes]

I am in a spiritual and religious rehabilitation, I want to recover

They [rats] stole my patriot spirit

by fear and terror.

They made us forget the true value and true meaning of Libya[he cries].

I want to advise every young man who's in the front[serve to rats] to surrender and give his weapon to local authorities.

He will see how he will be treated.

I want to say to every Libyan citizen whom I hurt please forgive me.

Libya, I hope You will forgive me.

My leader I hope You will forgive me

I want to say to my family, I am fine

I have another big family here in Tripoli

Inchallah, Allah will help us"

Then the journalist says:

" Here are the fighters, protectors of the truth, sons of the leader in the front support the truth.

Here they are exposing the lies of the enemy[rats] in their own good deeds.

They are the sons and grandsons of the mujahidins who clean home from all haters.

Here is our strong military who face death smiling,

here is the military of the armed people[volunteers,armed libyan] who have one heart for all

they teach the haters how to be noble in the battlefield."

After that an old lady says:
" May Allah support the great Muammar, our leader, may Allah save him"

Then the journalist starts talking again:
" They remeber their Allah , sacrifice their lifes,

libyan military and armed people[volunteers] showed the whole world that Libya can turn into hellfire to the enemies and people turn into alive weapon in order to keep Libya united."



Sourse of video (اهداء إلى القواتـ الشعب الليبي المسلح - LIBYAxSON#)

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