Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

#Turkey #Syria #RealSyria - Turkish Ambulance Driver says there were no #FSA w/out Turkey #Qatar #KSA

Post by "Cosanostra LovesSyria Jabbour" at Facebook:

An Ambulance driver contected to our page.Now I'll type what he said. He also asked his idendity to be hidden coz he is still officially Turkey Gov't worker.

"Woundeds , yes , We are carrying them . Most of the woundeds becoz of Sniper bullets.Airraid woundeds mostly burn victims."

Regarding the question 'Whats your opinions and observation'
"Believe me,If Turkey-Qatar-KSA wouldnt been helping(to rats) there could have been no such thing 'opposition'.There are some 10K-20K rebels stuck to an area 20Km-30Km from the border line to inside(Syria).**Most** of the attendants whom i spoke to , in regret.*Most* of the The Syrians fled to here , Neither with Assad or opposition,They just want the unrest and chaos to come to an end"

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