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Final Report of the #Libya Government (08/10/2011) [AUTOTRANSLATED FROM SOSLibia Blog] #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector

Final Report of the Libyan Government (08/10/2011):. The glorious Libyan armed forces said: "They come for our oil and our gold, will only reap her blood and our lead"

Thousands of Libyans joining the truth and ask the world not to die on the lie that fascists and imperialists forces are alienating consciousness.

- According to the website of the Libyan resistance Zengtena Sirte, a command of Libyan resistance fighters made ​​up of five members of the battalion Taqrvat, Mr. Bokhozam Elkabas, Adnan Alam, Ahmed Farjani Hoceine Garbani Maneam Lamloum and managed to infiltrate the rebels. Bombed the camp. 5 They sacrificed for the sake of Libya. They flew the field. The rebels lost 43 members, 14 tanks were destroyed, a helicopter loaded with weapons.

- Follow the tactic of selectively removing the ringleaders rats to deprive the enemy of controls: Benghazi falls Azet chief Bouhajar on the fronts of attack on the immortal Sirte. It is a blow to the morale of the rebel vagabonds.

- The Libyan army operations practiced in Sirte "forward-backward" to hit the attackers. Perform operations offensive surprise then to withdraw and sow the field with traps and mines that fall in rats. The night before 30 mercenaries have been eliminated. The rats are terrified when night and move with stealth Mujahideen free from the threat of NATO helicopters.

Rats managed to enter the city with air support from their masters of NATO but strong resistance forced to leave. Apparently the Ouagadougou conference center and the hospital Avicenna has been bombarded by NATO and its mercenaries. A thunderstorm at the moment difficult Sirte imperialist attacks. Sirte this morning around 6:00 am, 120 confirmed dead rats, in total it is estimated that 780 rats were killed by NATO and about 1000 injured in the last 2 days. Once again have failed and are fleeing rats Sirte "rebels" of NATO.

- Hrawi: The resistance fighters were able to detonate the weapons arsenal in the center of the city and captured the rebel leader Mokadem Bani Salem.

- It is confirmed that resistance fighters killed Sirte battalion commander of the rebels Time Benghazi Libya, Azet Bouhajar. It is a blow to the morale of the rebel vagabonds.

- Zuara: Ambush the enemy patriot Zuara near the Tunisian border. 4 vehicles destroyed, dozens of deaths. Source #! / SomaliaSupport2

- Misrata: rats "rebels" NATO buried in two mass graves in the dump "Kanassa Bashar," the corpses of more than 200 rebels dead from their criminal attempt to assault the center of Bani Walid.

You probably already have all assembled and handling in a few days in the chambers of Aljazeera, awkwardly say they have found a new mass grave of bodies buried by Gaddafi.

- Tripoli, a strong explosion in the vicinity of Bab Azizia. Thick smoke and gunfire heard at all times.

The invisible sniper bullets in Tripoli: Tripoli Snipers have tipped the balance. They have a formidable aim that the rebels are afraid to stay in the checkpoints.

- The plan is successful resistance continually harass the checkpoints of the rats in the streets of Tripoli to destroy them and facilitating the movement of armed fighters from all districts of the city. 40 reported dead rats in the last hours.

- Tripoli: the CNT did not know where to turn. After sending 1,000 slaves in Sirte for the final assault on the city of Tripoli in flames. The green flag starts to float within the combatants, I must say that the CNT broken arms, these murderers and thieves, associate degree theft, Doctors of strikes, doubt takes hold. What is happening today is mainly due to the fact that the fleeing renegade checkpoints for fear of being assassinated, which explains the advance of the patriots. Bab Al Aziza on the outskirts of the city, carrying the colors of the CNT is complicated. The Renegades have lost at least 40 people in the city today.

- Bani Walid, a new failure. 12 Islamists sent to the city without a gun to distract the fighters in the city when they were followed by l4OTAN/CNT mercenaries were captured, while 20 died renegades.

- Ragdaline: An attack against Ragdaline rat has been rejected by the resistance that has caused them 15 kills and put them to flight in their vehicles 4 x 4.

- Sabha: The Sabha tribal fighters have risen against the rebels. At present, control the entire area Mansheya.

- The violent clashes in the district and famous Aqaïd Abdelkafi with Elwasae street.
Shoot rockets at the airport Sebha.

- 07/10 Zawia protest today against NATO and its aggression Rebels: Teachers Misrata today closed all schools. refused to sing the national anthem of the rats and to pay allegiance to the flag of the rat.

- The glorious Libyan armed forces destroyed the oil rig operated by Italian ENI: In a move to defend the sovereignty and fair Libyan retaliation for the participation of Italy's Berlusconi and Napolitano in the aggression against the country, the Libyan armed forces have destroyed oil wells Afel Babou Benghazi 300 km that produced up to its destruction 130 000 barrels per day and was operated by the Italian company ENI. Another 15 wells were also destroyed. Is observed both operational and strategic capabilities of the Libyan to strike the sensitive points of the criminal plan of attack by NATO. Libya released all the wells and rebuild the oil infrastructure in countries unlikely alliance with imperialism.


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