Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

#Nazi- #NATO scum threatens #Gaddafi: "We will kill you" - #OperationUnifiedProtector #UN #Russia #Putin

Nato Tape Warns Gaddafi: 'We Will Kill You'

NATO  message
USAF Command Solo EC-130J #01-1935 as STEEL 74 with PSYOPS message on Libyan GMMRA frequency 10404.0 kHz Message was picked up with Icom R-8500 with long wire and balun on 25th of June 2011 at 10.00-10.14 UTC

Nato Tape Warns Gaddafi: 'We Will Kill You'

9:02pm UK, Saturday June 25, 2011

Nato have told to Muammar Gaddafi they are constantly watching and will kill him if he continues to endanger civilians, according to an audio file. The recording, purported to be from a Nato PsyOps team, was posted on 25th Jun 2011.and warns Colonel Gaddafi that "we can strike at any time".
The audio file , which is believed to have jammed the Libyan radio airwaves, adds:

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