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Friday, October 14, 2011


Libya: Black Friday for NATO - Libyans staged an uprising

October 14, 2011, 17:47 ["" Alexander Grigoriev ]

According to reports from the Libyan capital, there is a revolt against the authorities came to the Transitional National Council. Supporters of al-Gaddafi seized, and then blew up a large stock of weapons, the army received PNC from NATO countries.
Today, HERO  Muammar Gaddafi, speaking on the new satellite TV channel Al-MOKAVAMA and called for an uprising against the PNS and NATO troops. Almost immediately, the capital of Libya began street fighting. Supporters of al-Gaddafi seized a large stock of weapons that were supplied by NATO countries for military PNS. And then blew it up, according to Twitter bloggers from Libya.


Day 210: 14. october 2011. Libya news 
Do you know story about 300 and Battle of Thermopylae

ثم الاعلان عن بداية ساعة الصفر لجمعة النصر في جميع انحاء الجماهيرية العظمي 
الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر 
هبوا ياحرار ليبي 
Announcement of the zero hour- begining of an uprising
21h/ Sirte : 50 NATO mercenaries Were Captured! Destroyed 10 helicopters Since the start of the siege of Sirte! Also yesterday, an ambush in a pinching movement in Sirte Killed 150 renegades and no loss in Gaddafi. In addition, we Withdrawal Noted Numerous terrorists and NATO casualties today. More than 20 truckloads of supplies (ammunition, food, gasoline) Were Recovered yesterday by the loyalists. Today, an army of Civilians More than 500 men, Volunteers, WAS THEY created and lead year Against lightning attack!  We Can Say That Almost HAS Gaddafi won the battle of Sirte and Tripoli Is Now green again! [Allain Jules ] ->
21h/ Gheryan: Gheryan green flags flying in all top destinations [Allibiya TV - Channel Libyan]
Tripoli: A series of violent explosions shake central road to the airport also Palace bin Ghashir airport Asabieh market, Salah al-Din Al Furjan 
Update news Libya: Tripoli..urgent..
corporate media just starting to report what many have known for weeks-Tripoli is NOT under total control of NATO rebels..Tripoli now rising against the NATO rebles,heavy clashes all over Tripoli ongoing , to show solidarity with the Libyan People, MSM beginning to look very foolish with sticking to propaganda ..the truth is coming out of Libya now,pls.spread this news further..!G.T
21h/ BREAKING: Obama is deploying approx 100  killers combat troops to central Africa to help the fight against the "Lord's Resistance Army" #Africa #CNN #Confirmed [The truth about Libya - الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا 
Obama sends U.S. military killers and mercenaries  to central Africa - >
21h/ Picture of the traitors cars burned by Tunisians in Sousse area, they burnt 25 of them in the early morning
20h/ NATO Rebels attacks on Sirte, leaves much of city in ruins [ They are NOT LIBYANS THEY HATE LIBYA ] - >
20h/ In the nightfall a huge suprize waits the rats in all the places where they have spread their desease in Libya.[LibyanLiberal]
20h/ 1. Heavy sounds of NATO planes in Tripoli now, the mass demos are being dispersed by NATO bombs.. Abu Salim has become a NATO trashing zone
2. The truth about Libya - الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا 
NATO mercenaries and its agents are asking for help in Sirte. #ArraiTV #Libya #Oct14th #بريسينج
ليبيا3. - NATO snipers spread all over the buildings Omar Mukhtar Street in Tripoli [Olivera Olja I.]

20h/ People of Al Hadba are out in the streets in response to the call of the people of Puslim [Grak_11]
19:30h/ Urgent:Grad rockets in city of #Misurata  [Grak_11]
20h/ Rebel spokesman on RT Arabic: Heavy fighting in Abu Salim and Airport Area in Tripoli.
20h/ [this morning]  HERO  Muammar Gaddafi, speaking on the new satellite TV channel Al-MOKAVAMA and called for an uprising against the PNS and NATO troops. Almost immediately, the capital of Libya began street fighting. Supporters of al-Gaddafi seized a large stock of weapons that were supplied by NATO countries for military PNS. And then blew it up, according to Twitter bloggers from Libya. - >
19h/ Where is the leadership of the National Council is unknown. Previously, the main place of his home was a French warship.
19h/ Urgent!Tripoli, Abu SalimNATO mercenaries are killing prisoners,because Libyans want to release them from prisons!  Prisoners must be freed at once, from NATO mercenaries who are killing them in fear and panic
19h/ Informe Sirte:14/10/2011 los rebeldes han vuelto a su táctica utiliza especiales llamados "retirada táctica desorganizado", dijo la BBC su desorganizado, pero "tácticas"
Rebeldes con táctica especial "retirada táctica desorganizado" dejó a muchos rebeldes heridos y detrás de los cadáveres y las armas. todas sus tácticas.
Report Sirte : rebels have again Used their Special Tactic called "disorganized Tactical Retreat" BBC said its disorganized but "tactical"
Rebels using special Tactic "disorganized Tactical Retreat" left many injured rebels behind and dead bodies and Weapons. its all tactical. [Rictvagencia Rede Internacional]
19h/ ALGERIA ISP - According Zengtena, the son of Libyan leader, Seif El Islam Gaddafi spoke on Libyan television Mokawawa El encouraging the Libyan people to take action to drive out the traitors and NATO Libya.
18:30h/ Urgent: Helicopter shot down, which hung in the center of the city of Tripoli and landed at the door .. it Azizia compound. was documented on video  
18h/ Tripoli: Thick smoke over the western part of Tripoli. In addition to the settlement of Abu Salim, Gaddafi's supporters fired on rebels in other quarters. The size of the conflict currently difficult to assess.
The green flag was raised over the Police College in Al-Badri, and a peaceful march calling for God, Libya and Muammar Obs ... God is great

18h/ [BBC] We heard a rumour two days ago that "Muammar's loyalists will rise up on the 14th" but did not make much of it. Clearly it was not just a rumour. The fighting started after a demonstration by Gaddafi loyalists in the Abu Salim district of the city. ->

18h/ Resignation of the British Defence Secretary William Fox - >
18h/ Today a wonder happened. The imperialist propaganda organization BBC told the truth about Sirte. The BBC accurately called what NATO’s NTC stooges do in Sirte and titled: Sirte being ‘destroyed block by block’. That’s exacty what the Northern-Atlantic Terror-Organisation NATO does with it’s predatory war of aggression against Libya: destroying the country, town by town, block by block, and massacring it’s people to plunder their wealth. - >
18h/ Libya: Black Friday for NATO - Pro-Gaddafi protests in Libya - Matrix in Germany
Hurry! Tripoli is in heavy fighting.
For now, the "Sunday" the Islamic world, will again be held nationwide demonstrations by the Libyans under the green flag against NATO and the NTC. These protests were also performed in the previous week with tens of thousands of participants. The mainstream of NATO - the heads of state and corporate media, including Germany of course - they just dead silence Just as today. - Germany - [ translate by Steffen S.] -->
18h/ TripoliSouth of Libya Opened the hell doors on NATO bandits. Tripoli is the hell itself right now [Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi writes from LIBYA]
17h/ Dr Moussa Ibrahim - MESSAGE TO ALL THE LIBYAN PEOPLE - >
17h/ More scavengers eyeing Libya: private security companies seeking to withdraw from Afghanistan, more interested in Libya now [Jordanian Al-Rai]
Kabul - AFP - After geting tired of corruption, bureaucracy and government restrictions, foreign security companies will try to turn the page on the ongoing war for ten years in Afghanistan and go to areas more attractive for this type of business in the world today: Libya. Tony Johnson, general manager of Amtx Global PGS at its headquarters in Afghanistan

16:30/ N.N: my sisters now called me out of Tripoli. Tripoli is upside down, Ashaws Abu Slim is free, and Libyan volonteers and Army  from Nasser neighborhood are in touch,there are a thousand violent clashes in the neighborhood of Nasser since Gerdan's Friday Market Haulo repression of demonstrators!
16h/ Sounds of airplanes heard over Tripoli
15:30h/ Helicopter was destroyed over Bab-AlZiziya, fell at the entrance,have been documented,video out soon #Tripoli
Tripoli : Whole Tribe of WershaFana Entered City,
14:30h/ Tripoli: a huge EXPLOSION shakes the capital, TRIPOLI, and specifically the MAZRAN street
14h/ UPDATE ON #Oct14th #Oct14 UPRISING #Libya :
 - Explosion of warehouse belonging to NATO agents in the area of Sarraj,dense smoke in the sky
 - NATO flying intensively in the sky of Tarhunah
 - Bani Walid: 4 NATO mercenaries killed, 17 wounded, the rest are fleeing the front
  - Tripoli:  Brave resistance burned the headquarters of the Council of Shame in Abu Salim area
   The spread of NATO-servants snipers over the buildings in Omar Mukhtar Street in Tripoli
 -  NATO has problems with jammed signal

 - Benghazi : group of brave youth destroyed 5 vehicles in Rulrhh area and killed rats 
 - Brave Madjer and Zliten people helping Tripoli to become free from NATO mercenaries
 - Rishvana tribes surrounding Tripoli from the south and west side,preventing the entry of rats
 - Youth booby trapping buildings and vehicles of traitors, NATO is sabotaged- not able to kill 'selectively' anymore.
 - Gaddafi promises $500,000 for NTC leader capture ->
 - Update on #Libya #Oct14th Uprising ---Abu Salim area in #Tripoli completely liberated from #NATO servants.
 - #Oct14th #Libya NTC Zintan brigade has killed dozens of NTC Belhadj brigade, Belhadj prepares revenge.
14h/ Tunisians destroyed 25 vehicles of libyan #nato servants, in sousse region
#NATO servants fleeing #Sirte , whole Libya has risen, NATO is sabotaged, their servants disoriented.
Protests in #Zuwara border & Tunisians entered and are helping libyan tribes of Zuwara to Kill #NTC rebels. South #Tunisia is extremely angry at rebels.
 13h/  Libya - University of Brak -destroyed and plundered by the marauding NATO GANGS THIS IS THE NEW FREE LIBYA CONGRATULATIONS ! TO THE NEW FREE LIBYA [STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT] -video [InomineX] - >
12h/ Tripoli - Libya's rival military commanders fight war of words -Abdullah Naker, one of several rival commanders:  "Who is Abdulhakim Belhaj and who appointed him?" Naker asks. "We don't know him. We are the leaders, we are the revolutionists, we know everything."
Naker echoes a much wider complaint that Belhaj is actually a stooge of the Qataris.
"We know that Abdulhakim Belhaj was in a school and Qatar sends him money to buy weapons," he said. - >
11h/ U.S. Congressman Wants Libya Rebels Investigated on "Crimes Against Humanity."  - >
David Shayler MI5 agent speaks in 2005 of MI6 and CIA in Libya, NATO Crimes In Libya - >
10h/ Tripoli: Brave Libyans  trapped NTC/NATO: Bombing houses of NTC, it was key-Buildings. There were pictures, were NTC/NATO cars cannot move, because they stuck in water. Rebels have retreated to port and are hiding themselves in Fear of the large protests on october 14 protests. No rebels are seen in Tripoli
09h/ News from front by Allain Jules  -

Bani Walid: probably the biggest rout Gang of Sarkozy. Convinced that Sirte would fall,   NATO / CNT sent soldiers junk, try to take over the airport. But once there, as if by magic, men who had escaped at the sight of drones have arisen. They were all killed and  the patriots are left with the number of vehicles and weapons that they have concealed,   before NATO bombing back.
Gdhames: wanked memorable renegades. Thirty tried to s' infiltrating into the city, with special forces to locate Muammar Gaddafi believed to reside.
All were captured or killed. What nationality are the Europeans?
/Libye – Les dernières nouvelles du front (14-10-2011)/ [Allain Jules] -> 
08h/ United Nations has recognized that it can not normalize life in Libya. [ WELL WE LOOK THAT EVERY DAY IN AFGANISTAN and IRAQ - Isn't it?] "The situation is far from being able to assume its stable, there are many security problems, fighting continued, there are violations of human rights and international humanitarian law," - said Churkin told reporters after the morning closed consultations in(Russian) /ООН признала, что не может нормализовать жизнь в Ливии/  -
07h/ Syrians protest against Libyan NTC recognition of Syrian rebel council - Demonstrators shouted slogans condemning the Libyan rebels' council and said that it's a NATO recognition of the Syrian rebels. ->
06h/ Sirte: NATO Mercenaries holed up in Police Headquarters - Libyan Defense Forces are out maneuvering NATO and its Mercenaries on the battle field, traps have caused huge casualties, and far sight strategies have destroyed the moral of NATO Mercenaries. NATO media outlets continue inventing lies to boost Mercenary morals, but all lies eventually get shattered. For example the lie regarding Qaddafi's son and his capture, after few hours of celebration the lie was exposed. [ozyism]  - >
06h/ DemoNcratic Jalil said NTC bandits are going to give to Libyan people a severe lesson if they decide to demonstrate. This means death [SomaliaSupport2]
05h/ Libyan News Update Oct 14 - 1.00am GMT -

04h/ خبر مؤكد وعلى ضمانتي الشخصيه مشائخ واعيان قبائل اولاد ابوسيف بنسمه وراس الطبل وابوغرب يهدرون دم اي احد من ابناء القبيله يذهب مع ثوار الناتو الى بني وليد ومن يذهب فهو ليس من هذه القبيله الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

  03:30h/ Musa Ibrahim bin Walid Radio:
Zero hour on Friday - I hope you get out on this night, and take the control of the cities and streets, I wish you a rapid advance ......
03:30h/ Latest- 'Thunder' Batallion has announced that they took control of the south road to Bani Walid. They also entered south of Tripoli. Clashes on the square expected in one hour
03h/Latest news on uprising---Supreme Commander of the Mujahid gave the signal for the uprising (AllibyaTV)
03h/ Uprising - How this uprising looks like up to now, Libyan people are destroying tires on the vehicles of traitors, detaining spies from the hotels, braking into prisons, blocking the roads, prosecuting Al Qaeda killers in their houses, which they are braking into.
03h/ Benghazi - [yesterday ]-18 Al Qaeda rebels were Killed and 62 wounded while they were celebrating the false news of the arrest of Mutasim Gaddafi, son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
The medical source from hospital in Benghazi also said that 6 of Al Qaeda rebels got shot during the celebrations. The source said to "Cyrene news" - The death of those six was the result of gunshot wounds received by mistake, 25 people were wounded.
02:30h/  second hour of uprising- first British soldier dead at Abu Salim
02:30h/ Source: a telephone call from the Alhachan-----shooting near me, I can hear some heavy explosions .. and the reports of casualties .. As reported to me by a witness, a homemade bomb (Julatina) was thrown on people in a car and the claimed bombing sacrificed up to 4 persons.
02h/  الإنتفاضة بدأت في حي الأكواخ ...... الله أكبر كبيراً والحمد لله كثيراً وسبحان بكربة وأصيلاً
02h/  Update on uprising- the ambulance and an SUV packed with military logistics and light weapons of the enemy en route from Tripoli to Sirte was blown to pieces, in front of the Maya gas station and killed 6 enemies. It was done by the heroic Guerilla suicide bomber (Mohamed Nouri Abozyrebh) 33 years old. 
----- Appeal: I ask our brothers outside Jamahyria whether they are Arabs or Libyans to join us in the uprising for major recovery of our rights on the 14/10/2011, to clear Libya inch by inch, House by House, to purify it from abomination and impurity. We also ask for popular peace marches in all countries of the world in solidarity with the free Libyan people, thank you .......... I hope for the publication of the call
01h/ First hour of uprising -
The Green resistance booby trapped entire building with explosives and made it seem like a warehouse. Rebels rushed to loot many died.[ SomaliaSupport2 Libya]
 Day 209: 13. october 2011. Libya news 
24h/ Administration of the site established contact with the elite forces protecting Brother Moutasim and Brother Seif.
Both of them are in good health and lead the fight in 2 different fronts.
We can deny false accusations that Moutasim was captured and we can deny them officially.
Brother Mousa Ibrahim on some short talk has also informed us that the health of leader and the health of Mousa himself are good.
Sirte massacre of AL-dallar neibourhoud is a shame for humanity. Our contact in Sirte has taken all the pics and evidence and when we win and he can sent us we are ready to exterminate the rat collaborators worldwide.
This all for now and hope tommorow we can gather people in streets with no nato bombs on our heads.
(Legal disclaimer.... note for FBI CIA and others working for them, you have no right or authorization to read this page and use it for legal action against administrators) -[Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow]
23h/ Bani Walid  - Libyan Army fired 3 missiles at a convoy of NATO-Agents outside the city causing serious injuries and forcing them to pull back. [ ArraiTV]
23h/ NATO exterminates 2 percent of a populated city - In truth, the only ones NATO is "protecting" are their terrorist criminal stooges so that they may create havoc and total disaster on an unfriendly population that hates them and all they stand for: terror, murder, destruction, crime, rape, theft, treason and inviting colonial crusader powers to take over the country so that they may obtain personal financial gain. - >
22h/ How is on Battle of  Sirte?  Green ARE LIBYANS - BRAVE LIBYANS who make history - today -
Even though Sirte was supposed to be captured on last  last friday sunday thursday saturday, NTC gangs were forced to retreat from the frontlines. Al Jazeera admits:
"National Transitional Council [NTC] forces pulled back under ferocious fire from Muammar Gaddafi loyalists in the fugitive leader's hometown Sirte on Thursday, an AFP correspondent reported. - >

22h/ LIBYANS ARE HEROES – NATO IS ... –we will never forget ! - >

21h/ Sabha - Nurses  in Sabha hospital  - refuse to give hospitalization and treatment to  NATO-led bandits . This is confirmed by rebels sources [Al Jamahiria]
21h/ Tripoli - Clashes continued between Libyan troops and bandits .NTC bandits suffered losses area Ain Zara ... Which forced them to withdraw from the city after the battles with the forces Libya has also been raised green flags over a number of buildings and houses [Al RaiTV]
21h/ [The Telegraph] Brave Libyan Army and volonteers hit back in Sirte with Mutassim Gaddafi -
Libya's traitor and NATO mercenaries  retreated under heavy fire from Brave Libyans in his hometown of Sirte on Thursday as their leaders backtracked on an announcement they had captured one of his sons. [ NATO  mercenaries  have new weapon and uniforms but .. BRAVE LIBYANS HAVE HEART ]->
21h/ Bani Walid - Champions from Bani Walid were able to defeat NATO-led traitors in the last two days, Boislna were able to size many of the vehicles, equipped with missiles
and the number of locusts 30 vehicles equipped with Balaslhalh and Aldkhirh, and thus increasing military Arsenal of Champions from Bani Walid each day.
- 80 bodies of young boys who were abandoned by NATO-led traitors were burried yesterday. NATO rebels left them behind, and green army collected them from Southern districts, valleys and reefs.
- Now the sound of explosions and heavy gunfire outside of Bani Walid in the valleys and reefs. It is believed that there are armed clashes between our heroes and NATO-led traitors.
21h/ Libya- Black Libyans make their  Stand in Sirte and Bani Walid
Breaking News October 12, 2011 - Libya [AfriSinergy] - >

20h/ Tunisia- Libya is closed in place Aljerden by loyals tribes
people of tribe Eljder honorable ethics, close the Tunisian-Libyan border and prevented customers from entering NATO mercenaries to Tunisia
20h/ SPONSORS of MADNESS - They have right to work what they want -  I have right to boycott  their products[libyasos] - “While NATO’s ‘Operation Unified Protector’ has revealed strains within the Alliance and foreshadows future challenges, the Libya operation is a great success.”  - That is the conclusion of Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson in his Strategic Advisors Group issue brief, released as leaders of the Transitional National Council meet today in Paris with leading diplomats from around the world to discuss a post-Qaddafi Libya.  - >
20h/[ WE HAVE TO STOP THIS MADNESS! ] From Hani Al-Bahrani, the Kuwait News AgencyNATO has evolved from an Alliance focused on a singular threat, to an Alliance based on security partnership between the 28 members and the rest of the world, thanks to the military intervention in Libya, a senior NATO official said here.
 Photo by Nikola PustinjskiSrbin Pasic
"The Libya operation was a logical outflow of the view that we need to have partnerships with countries around the world. NATO would not have been intervened in Libya without the Arab League making this request to the UN Security Council," said Ivo H. Daalder, United States Ambassador to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) - >
19h/ From children  of Libya to  Holywood "stars" - 
18h/ In the desert of UBARI in the south regions-- people rise up in outrage against NTC traitors. Intensifing the attacks of the Green forces on NTC traitors
Sirte - Rebels are attacking Sirte from west and east but only Entered mainly Eastern Area. heavy fighting continues on that side [SomaliaSupport2]
18h/ " .... When I first saw Muammar Gaddafi speaking at Bab Al-Aziziyah, 8 months ago, I thought he was a madman, and a "brutal dictator" whose time had come. But then I started doing what, unfortunately, too many of my fellow countrymen don't do: study. And I was shocked and outraged!! All the lies I had been told made me furious.
We would be blessed, in the U.S., to have Muammar Gaddafi as a leader! He is loved by millions, all around the world--something I had no idea about before 8 months ago.
Well, I ask you to consider that a common flag of the people be adopted, and that you spread that idea to all people who are struggling for peace, freedom, balance, love, equity. Thank you very much for reading this lenghty note."
Western leaders must die of jealousy when he thinks about Muammar Gaddafi, a leader loved by his people, the latter being ready to die for him. [Allain Jules] - >
17h/ NATO´s Crying “Wolf” to Cover over Massacre in Sirte. - The Libyan Military is well trained and well equipped, with a well educated staff of officers who are acutely aware of African and European history. Libyan women would rather fight to their death, than being forced to live under the rule of a Saudi-Like regime, where they are not allowed to leave their home after five o clock afternoon...[Dr. Christof Lehmann]->
17h/[ before 13 hours]Libya - Moussa Ibrahim, confirmed that the arrest o Mutassim al Gaddafi is a lie! ----ALGERIA ISP / according to the speaker of the Libyan government, doctor Moussa Ibrahim is the announcement of the arrest of Mutassim Gaddafi a pure lie, invented by the betrayers.-The "rebels" and NATO. These last have profited from the absence and the instantaneous interruption of the television Al TV RAI to announce this kind of lies which was spread out by the not objective media chains and this are media lies. They have even intensified the attacks against Sirte with all weapon kinds to terrorise the population, so that nobody goes out on the 14th of October to demonstrate against them.

14/10 يوم الغضب والتحرير
 16h/ NATO  impressed with Gaddafi's military skills: Today, the commander of NATO said that the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces in the city, show an amazing ability to maneuver. SALUTE COLONEL!
USA - Occupy Wall St. offensive: hundreds INOCENT CIVILIANS  arrested, thousands join in - >
15h/ Closure of the border crossing and closure of some roads in the Bnqirdan, NATO-led rebels shot dead a Tunisian citizen
غلق المعبر الحدودي و غلق بعض الطرق في بنقردان ، ووقفة احتجاجية على خلفية حرق علم تونسي من طرف الثوار الناتو وضرب مواطن تونسي برصاص13h/ NATO is going to broadcast today a new reinforced psy-op lie, together with false photos, on one channel , (and that channel is most likely not going to be Al Jazeera Arabic because it started to lose credibility even among the NATO-led traitors).. This new psy-op propaganda warfare will be made in order to destroy our morale and deter us from going out on FRIDAY!
12h/ CAIRO, October 13. Divisions of the Transitional National Council weeks trying to gain control of the Libyan Sirte , were forced to retreat now under intense fire from forces of Muammar Qaddafi. This is reported by Arab television stations. According to field commanders, troops were forced to stop PNC avit all captured in the last two quarters of the day and retreat to 2 km. Even on the last Wednesday command eaten by the new Libyan authorities stated that it controls 80 percent of that deposed the Libyan Bastion leader, and to complete the capture of the city "they would need a few hours" [and 10000 NATO BOBMS]. On Tuesday, during a visit to Sirte head Mustafa Abdel Jalil, PNC said that the fall of Sirte - issue two days.[ / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Drunken Dean /.] - >
11h/ Abd Jalil was not at Sirte!
11h/ NATO is jamming media (AraaiTV)..
10h/ TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) – Islamic hard-liners have attacked about a half-dozen shrines in and around Tripoli belonging to Muslim sects whose practices they see as sacrilegious, raising religious tensions as Libya struggles to define its identity -
Welcome to the new Libya which respects freedom of Religion (not). I thought the NTC was in complete control? Sunni muslim militias desecrating Sufti mosques. So far we are learning, the new Libya is rascist (treatment of black Africans) and has 0 religious tolerance [J. Papadakos]->
09h/ The rumor of Mutassim's arrest is only to cover the massacre committed by NATO and NATO BANDITS. I really don’t want to talk about PROPAGANDA LISES
07h/ NATO-led Rebels ran away 2km from the center of Sirte, because their previous advance was welcomed by fierce fire from Green army!
06h/ Infantry fighting in the morning around the center of Sirte,
port is in Libyan's hands and approached from the east and west.
There is no ONE  boulevard that would confirm what yesterday published taking over police stations and facilities in the center.
Turkish reporter late last night reported on the problem of entering the center   the concentration of power in a small area of colonel. The only thing that is true to a field hospital packed reception. 
04h/ NATO’s TNC ground troops commit summary executions in Sirte - Many videos and photos show TNC ground troops firing heavy weapons on the city of Sirte, targeting opponent forces and civilians alike. Doing so they are committing the war crime of using indiscriminate force against populated areas. - >
03h/ Irishman  (NATO-NTC mercenary) talks about Libyan war criminal -Mahdi Al Ha Rati, ex-deputy of Belhaj (Libyan Al Qaeda leader). Al Ha Rati left to Ireland... he's got the Irish nationality - >  

Day 208: 12. october 2011. Libya news
02:30h/ Clashes in Sabha now
02h/ The bombing of store ammunition in Misurata now ...... bombing store ammunition and weapons in the center of the city at the time of delivery and receipt of ammunition and now on all roads rebels are inspecting. The bombing was opened at 1:14, Misurata resistance calls upon all to avoid civilian presence next to the battalions of agents and treason, including their headquarters and warehouses that will be the target of resistance.
02h/ Al Rai (al arrai ) Sirte -   the Western allianceto continue  bombing - government buildings and houses in Sirte to secure air cover for NATO mercenaries, bandits to enable them to enter the city
****Eyewitnesses said that a number of tanks entered the outskirts of Sirte and the number of mercenaries, NATO and its agents and fired several shells at a large building and then release the fighters of mercenaries lead from Kalashnikovs
**********responded Mujahideen walked to the fire is very limited after they ambushed a mercenary NATO and its agents and fired through a number of rocket-propelled grenades, which led to the decline of mercenaries and retreating rapidly due to the bombing
[today from 8h - AL Arrai TV had problem with broadcast]
01h/ Libyen: Resistance 12. Oktober 2011, Zusammenfassung, Deutsch! [InomineX & Chris Sedlmair] - >
00h/ Mutassim Gaddafi  spoke LIVE on local radio,he challenged the traitors and NATO. Via Algeria ISP ->
 00h/ The lesson from Sirte: NATO protects civilians from terrorists by murdering them - The lesson from Sirte is that despite all this, Sirte is still green. The lesson from Sirte is that Sirte will always be green because the racist and terrorist filth NATO has unleashed against it does not have the moral right or the human value to change its colour from green to black, the mirror image of the soul of the TNC. The lesson from Sirte is that it is by now crystal clear where NATO stands as regards defending civilians. It is strafing them and is trying to impose a government of terrorists from the air.
The lesson from Sirte is that the NTC is nothing more than a bunch of cowards who have not won one single battle without cowering behind the massive air superiority of NATO.
Where, I ask, is the valour and chivalry and honour in that?
24h/ Lights. Camera. Faction! NATO's pressure on war-press - “It is of course rather easy to win the battle, but not the war,” warns Ludo De Brabander from the Vrede Peace Movement. “So even with the fall of Sirte and Bani Walid maybe soon, that doesn't mean victory for NATO or the Transitional Council. It depends in which way the rebel government is supported by the population.”
People in Libya say the thousands of civilians killed are turning the population against NATO. -> 53/  

22h/ LibyanEGA comeback - my frined is now with us  on YouTube -
21h/ A Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital [graphic]  - >
21h/ President Mugabe: Mad people in the West campaign for 'regime change' in Zimbabwe [Did you remember GREAT SPEECH IN UN(part I) - >?  I s any one who don't want to play with rule of WESTERN KILLLERS WILL BE DESTROY ?] ]  - >

20h/ The Bearer of Bad News, Ugly Truths &Uncomfortable Realities : By Sibel Edmonds - Yesterday I came across a video clip depicting a gruesome hospital scene in Libya. I watched the video, and then watched it again. The children in a literal blood bath; torn limbs and ripped bodies. The excruciating pain. The ear-scratching wailings. The realitie... I saved the video. I made a note.- >
19h/ Witness on ArraiTV: Libyan forces regain the airport area in Bani Walid from NATO mercenaries and their agents. NATO mercenaries and agents defeated at Bani Walid leaving behind many vehicles and equipment.
18h/ (Venezulea) Resistencia Libia - The Libyan patriots fighting the rats in Benghazi- There have been many reports of clashes between various bands of renegades, mercenaries and fundamentalists seeking to divide Libya as spoils of war (in fact they will not leave NATO but crumbs as the bulk going to the majors). But the news comes patriots units loyal to Gaddafi attacking the rats in the distribution of Rkdalin and Abu Kemash. We expect more detailed information that obviously will not come from the big international media. - >
17h/ The American army suffers losses in Libya, but hides them under the guise of accidents in the exercises.
According to military experts, the losses in Libya, the U.S. command hides under the guise of accidents in the exercises. Allegedly made during the recent exercises in Germany during the skydiving suffered more than 50 elite soldiers of the 82nd Division, U.S. Army. However, no military Bundeswehr, or other NATO countries that participated in the exercises, have not suffered the slightest loss. According to some reports, these 50 soldiers and sergeants, have suffered during a failed landing at the beginning of October in Libya. They tried to take control of the oil refinery in Ras Lanuf. -> 16h/ Libya; Just One Moment. - 
Sirte is holding out is holding out, so is Bani Walid, so is most of Tripoli. In all of those places there were clashes and fighting, and in spite of their best efforts, neither NATO nor their political and military hirelings have so far succeeded to break the Libyan peoples will and ability to resist. - >
15h/Diego Marin: "Rebel said that everyone in Sirte with a weapon will be Executed" (Oct 12, 2011)  - >
14h/ [Bullshit news] Qaddafi loyalists put up fierce resistance in street-by-street defence of Sirte ->
13h/ The spokes person for the Tuareg rebel group Alliance (ADC) Hama Ag Sid'Ahmed has called reporters to notify that Tuaregs are readying up politically and militarily to join the resistance in Libya. Already Tuareg fighters are pouring in to Libya to fight NATO occupation and help with the liberation process.
 This comes as fighting continues in Sirte, the Libyan Defense Forces have managed to defend the town and cause heavy casualties to the Mercenaries of NATO.  - >
12h/ Fighting in Sirte Intensifies - >
11h/ Tripoli - NTC traitors stole everything from the TRIPOLI MUSEUM! This is the attitude of the "wanna-be rulers" towards the libyan history.
-3rd suicide bomber case reported in Green Square, Tripoli
Benghazi - violent CLASHES between NATO/rats and the Gaddafis mujahedins in Rkdalin and Abou Kemash ( BENGHAZI) over control of the crossing.[Allibya tv ]
Bani Walid  - Libya around 60 rebels died at outskirts of Bani Walid, they tried moving towards Airport. they quickly pulled back after failed attempt
[Operation Free Libya]
Mistratah - Counteroffensive - towards Misrata! Objective: Liberation of Misrata.
Sabha - Libyan army abandon one scud missile with TNT on it in the outskirts of Sabha and exploded on a rebel brigade which killed 15 and wounded many. [JustWatching3]
10h/ 'A spokesman for the United Nations, Eduardo del Buey, declined to comment on Rep. Jackson's call for an investigation and his characterization of the accounts reported by The Wall Street Journal as amounting to crimes against humanity.'...(thats because the UN and the US govt are complicit in genocide) - >
09h/ Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan - Свидетельство из Ливии (English)  - As you know, Lizzy Phelan was one of the journalist, who got trapped in the hotel Rexos, when the rebels broke into the Libyan capital. What she, Mahdi Nazemroaya, Thierry Meyssan and lots of other journalists could forget. - >

08h/ ALGERIA ISP / According to the Facebook page of the Free Youth of Libya, another proof among others confirming the presence of European and American mercenaries on Libyan soil. - >

02h/ NATO AND BANDITS AKA REBELS  is using foreign mercenaries from WEST who don't speak Arabic, as a private army to protect NTC regime and they have shown no hesitancy to fire on civilian protesters, witnesses have said.
"They know one thing: to kill whose in front of them. Nothing else," said the doctor who was reached by phone, but asked to not be publicly identified. "They're killing people in cold blood."
07h/ (Czech) CzechNewsTV - Facts about Libya Gaddafi Факты о Ливии Каддафи [KARLOSPETROS Channel]  - >
07h/ (Germany) The British pilot Julian Manyon is still in Libyan captivity. Britain refuses to replace the Libyan Army captured SAS soldiers.  /Großbritannien weigert sich, die von der libyschen Armee gefangengenommenen SAS-Soldaten auszutauschen. Ein Konvoi mit ihnen auf dem Weg nach Tunesien wurde sogar bombardiert. Keines der mit Bodentruppen in den Krieg gegen Libyen verwickelten NATO- und arabischen Länder gesteht die Verluste ein oder kommentiert überhaupt deren Verwicklung in den Krieg. / - >
06h/ (Swedish) Zionist Bernard Henri Levy is the man behind N. Sarkozy. It was he who convinced the French president to start a war against Libya. In an interview he says: "Sarkozy embodies the idea of ​​humanitarian intervention as we have been waiting for decades. / Sionisten Bernard Henri Levy är mannen bakom N. Sarkozy. Det var han som övertygade den franske presidenten att starta ett krig mot Libyen. I en intervju säger han:” Nicolas Sarkozy har förverkligat idén om humanitär intervention som vi har väntat i decennier./ -->
05h/ (Spanish) Ultimo informe del Gobierno Libio (11/10/2011): Heroica Sirte es testimonio de dignidad y lealtad a la patria, es un ejemplo para el mundo....EEUU ya dijo que los 35000 millones de fondos libios en cuentas en su pais era lo que ellos cobraban por inmiscuirse en la guerra. Digamos la primera porción del pastel que se tomaban anticipadamente.  - >
04h/ Libyan fighters[???] ACTUALY BANDITS , VANDALS, MERCENARIES AND stupid SLAVES of west  -loot Muammar Gaddafi's luxury cars  - >
03h/ (French) Libya - Latest news from the front (12-10-2011)  - Yet Ben Jawad fell yesterday in the hands of loyalists. Bani Walid is still in their hands, and even Rasd Lanouf. So why the CNT which controls nothing he will announce the release of Libya? History of schedule probably because NATO wants to withdraw, despite its hodgepodge spokesman called Lavoie.
What is certain, now, after "taken" the police headquarters in Sirte, which was mostly empty so without a fight, they spent hours shooting in the air while shouting Allah akbar. Still, many cities and southern Libya is still under control of Gaddafi and Libyans, the real.
Wadi Shati  : the population was awaiting the army and rebels have promised to enter their city for three days.
Sabha : the pro-Gaddafi have pushed away from the city, the renegades of the airport where today they still wanted to raid.
Ghat : from October 8, people have warned the renegades of Benghazi, telling them not to come destroy their city. The Islamists have not yet dared to go.
Ubari : rose today in the hands of loyalists.
High hearts, the resistance is the house and the CNT does not control anything! [Allain Jules] - >
02h/ NATO AND BANDITS AKA REBELS  is using foreign mercenaries from WEST who don't speak Arabic, as a private army to protect NTC regime and they have shown no hesitancy to fire on civilian protesters, witnesses have said.
"They know one thing: to kill whose in front of them. Nothing else," said the doctor who was reached by phone, but asked to not be publicly identified. "They're killing people in cold blood."
01h/ In this article from "The center for public integrity" By Duncan Campbell , titled
"Marketing the New 'Dogs of War" that originally investigates "Tim Spicer- a man simultaneously at the center of a number of scandals provoked by his global mercenary activities and of an effort to legitimize the status and sanitize the image of the country's "dogs of war" – soldiers of fortune who have mounted coups, guarded British, U.S. and Arabian dignitaries and ambassadors, engaged in civil wars, and run sabotage and terror activities from behind hostile lines. From the Contra campaign in Nicaragua to organizing and training Afghan or Kosovar insurgents, British mercenary operators have been employed by the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. State Department, as well as by Britain's own Secret Intelligence Service (SIS)." - >

Day 207: 11. october 2011. Libya news
24h/ The reason why a Franco-German Tv Channel will broadcast a biased Anti-Syrian documentary tonightIn a few minutes, tonight (October the 11th) a Franco-German Tv channel, ARTE, will broadcast an Anti Syrian documentary called “Syria, in the hell of repression” (Killing licence in Syria). WHO’S BEHIND THIS CHANNEL? 
The chairman of the surveillance committee of this channel is none other than the internationally famous Hasbara agent Bernard Henri Levy (twitter account @BernardHL). ->
Allibiya TV - قنـاة الليبيـــة 
طرابلس اشتباكات مسلحة وبالضبط طريق الكوبري وحي الاندلس وصلاح الدين وابو سليم وبعض المناطق حول الهضبة وضواحي طرابلس مقتل سابعة وعشرين جرذ وجرح العشرات في كمائن وخطط تكتكية 
23h/ Misurata Hospital arrived NATO rebels, Tonight in "the clinic building " was treated 22 wounded and 4 on kill time as a result of clashes in the city of Sirte
23h/ URGENT:  Sirte Sirte die Sirte suffer burn .... Now , more than 40 Nato planes bombing Sirte,on the residential areas. There are hundreds of flexure of the martyrs and the wounded
**Libyans  are still very resistant, to customers despite the massive numbers ..... Sirte Sirte die tired ... Where are you, O poor  Libyans [Support for the Libyan people]
عاجل:سرت تعاني سرت تموت سرت تحترق....الان اكثر من 40 غارة للناتو على المنطقه السكنية الثنية وهناك مئات الشهداء والجرحى ولا زالت المقاومة للعملاء شديدة رغم كثرتهم.....سرت تعبت سرت تموت ...اين انتم يا ليبيين؟؟؟!!!!
23h/ It is interesting to Bani Walid: team member Jado, led by Commander Younes Moussa, leader of the National Transitional Council (CNT) on this front, "received instructions for the collection of airport and its surroundings in order to make a military base. " But instead of supporting the brigade, other units proceeded to the city center. For men have entered into a ghost town Bani Walid, the expedition quickly turned into a nightmare. - >
23h/ Libya News Updates Oct 11 ->
22h/ NATO bombings, al-Qaeda and the Arab Spring - What occurred in Libya was no popular uprising but purely NATO’s war, `From the beginning the ‘rebels’ depended completely on the military, political, diplomatic and media power of NATO, without which the de facto mercenaries would not have lasted a month, holed up in Benghazi.’ A bloody sight. NATO’s leaders. Protecting to kill, killing to protect. - >
21h/ WHEN BLOOD AND MONEY ARE  SPEAKING  - Lt. Gen. Ralph J. Jodice II of the United States Air Force.  - General Jodice said in an e-mail on Monday that the Qaddafi loyalists in Surt “still show a willingness to fight, which continues to threaten the civilians remaining in the city.” He said the fighters were “exploiting Surt’s built-up and populated environment; they have nowhere else to go, they are reluctant to lay down their weapons and are trapping civilians inside the city, preventing them from leaving safely.
“The situation is extremely dynamic and NATO continues to monitor and act, when required, to protect civilians from attack or threat of attack.”  - >
Libyan Rebels' Books Detail Their Fighters' Pay  - About 80% went to salaries in the rebel-controlled areas, including 60 million dinars ($49 million) for defected personnel from Libya's regular armed forces. About 10% went to providing financial support to local governing councils and the remainder to mostly administrative costs of government.
Rebel militias were funded largely by other sources, such as sympathetic foreign government including Qatar, wealthy Libyans and anti-Ghadafi nonprofit organizations [???]. Those contributions may have amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, weapons, uniforms, vehicles and other aid[?], said Muraja Gaith Soleiman, the deputy minister of oil and finance who signed off the budget documents.  - >
 18h/ NATO-led traitors prove that they are painfuly incompetent. One of them blew him self up, acccidentally, in Bani Walid front  - NATO Rebels 'get hit' - >
18h/ NATO confirms that everything is out of control. NATO wanted to declare its victory. NATO+NTC ALQAEDA fail so continue war. [SomaliaSupport2]

18h/ Sirte: 16 British paratroopers from 22 SAS Regiment out of Credenhill United Kingdom were captured in Sirte last night. All others in a squad 44 were killed while landing - >

18h/Sirte: while on Al-Dzhazire statement of storm of a city prepared, resistance hasn’t allowed it to realize. Unlike figure, there, actually, more than 370 Nato-mercenaries were killed and more than 1000 have got serious traumas. Thus, though the Red Cross evacuated the last of 100 patients who have remained in hospital Ibn Sina in Sirte, mercenaries have grasped the Philippine nurses who hid in a hospital cellar, and have sent them for treatment of wounded men in field hospital, on the western entrance to a city. Struggle proceeds, and the well-known final fight looks as a streamlet, despite deadly bombardments of the NATO which don’t stop even on mosques. More than 70 civilians have been killed. - >
17h/ 1. insider Report the rebels will make Revolution against the #NTC soon. as internal disputes increase many "fighters" preparing themselfs
2. caller in #Libya says : #Tripoli is on verge of collapse and is expected soon Everyone is change after the revolution has failed" [SomaliaSupport2 Libya]
3. A specialized sniper of the patriotic forces had killed the pro-NATO militar leader Ashraf Issa Barich in the front of #Sirte.#Libya #Libia
4. #Libya young girls & older women participating in the defense of #Sirte against the gangs armed by #NATO.They prefer to die that be raped [GuerrillaTweet Tweets Guerill@s
5. NTC freed corrupt officials from jails gave them top positions Salah Al-Karoom "jailed for life" and Kahlid abu-Zariba "major corruption"
17h/ [ HOW? WHY??? Item removed!! ] UN SILENT DESPITE NO GROUNDS FOR NATO WAR ON LIBYA  - BUT - Item removed -Monday, 10 October 2011, 4:18 pm -Article: Frances Thomas
The Brotehr Leader Gaddafi - tribute -  معمر القذافي 
16h/ Ireland - THE LIBYAN-IRISH mercenary  who led the main anti-Gadafy brigade into Tripoli in August has resigned from his position as deputy head of the Tripoli Military Council. Mahdi al-Harat came in Ireland. Fighters from some revolutionary brigades, mostly those from outside Tripoli who have remained in the city since late August, say they are not willing to recognise the council or Mr Belhaj. ->
15h/ Bani Waled - According to Ennahar news, in the last week alone, 500 NATO servants got killed and 2.000 wounded in BaniWalid front
BaniWalid 15 rebels were killed some had Israeli documents and 50 rats injured. airport BaniWalid is controlled by green resistance.
The number of dead and missing NATO-led rebels from the city of GHERYAN alone in the front of Bani Walid came to 17 people on 10.10.

14h/ Hussein Aburas martyred under torture in prison in Thursday at Maqrif market five at the coastal road at headquarters Maqrif where he was 'imprisoned. Where his cousin was invited,''Mahmoud Taha Aburas (Zuwayth)'', rats brought him to the house and he was killed during his arrest: backed by children of Abashich and sons of Zelthom heavily armed and jailed, according to information received from inside the jail, source said that those who tortured this martyr to death are a group of Egyptians which were helping rats to torture Libyan citizens to death.
14h/ Tripoli -  lady was arrested inside of a Bank then she was Raped and tortured by NTC ALQAEDA rebels.random arrest are common [ SomaliaSupport2]
14h/ Russian hacker infected US drones onboard computers. Nato command in Panic. There some rumours that also US nukes were infected ! [ SomaliaSupport2]
13h/ Sirte - In one operation, a prominent rebel field military commander was killed, while he was, accompanied by several other elements, trying to to sneak into the city of Sirte by sea. This announcement comes this time around from the "Cyrene'' newspaper which is close to new Transitional Council, they have revealed that an officer lieutenant who oversaw the special unit of the human frogs, was killed while trying to sneak via sea within the city of Sirte, he was traced and killed by the elements affiliated with al-Gaddafi. On the other hand, Green Brigades said that they were able to regain the control of Al Jawad, adding that the green flags symbolizing the Jamahyria are again flying over the city's buildings and streets, while the rebel forces continue to bomb from nearby locations.
13h/ UN silent despite no grounds for NATO war on Libya [very good article] -
 The specific phrases in UNSC resolution #1973, which NATO nations say permit them to conduct and support this military action in Libya, are “no-fly zone”, “all necessary measures” and “to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack.” - >
12h/ Citizent of Sirte: ---------
Hello, The day after the complicatins that my family have suffered while exiting Sirte area, they finaly reached to safety, praise of God, and told me of their suffering, because my brothers were heavily wounded in the front, they decided to leave Sirte, but the mother told me that she is in moarning, and I found out about the death of my uncle in front of the clinic building Atina while he was doing his job, as a result of the bombing of the NATO Apache devils. Our family house is also destroyed and there is a terrible destruction of the Sirte, my Lord soothes Bahlna..
11h/ Telesur released a video now, that shows a big loyalist convoy on his way to Sirte.New footage!!!! -->
10h/  Is TNC spokesman looking down on women in Libya? Check out what he says to women who criticise lack of democracy - “We can’t talk,” said a 50-year-old housewife in the Tripoli suburb of Jila. She said she and her loyalist friends do not dare reveal their views in public. “If I go out now and say I like Gaddafi, they will arrest me maybe, or shoot me.” Like other Gaddafi supporters in this article, she did not want her name used because she feared retribution. 
We waited 42 years, during which we couldn’t say we didn’t like Gaddafi without being killed or maimed for life,” said the spokesman, Jalal al-Gallal. If the housewife can wait the estimated two years for a new constitution and elections, “we’ll be bloody grateful,” he said.
09h/ Tunis, Tunisia -unisia-Libya road, air traffic re-opened - >
08h/ Hillary drug war profiteer? - Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker. - >
07h/ Libyan NTC recognizes Syrian rebel council. Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council announced on Monday that it recognizes the Syrian National Council as Syria’s legitimate government, AFP news agency reports. Libya is the first country to recognize the SNC since it was officially formed on October 2, in Turkey, by a group of Syrian dissidents. Other countries have yet to recognize the opposition council. However, earlier in the day, EU foreign ministers in their statement hailed the formation of the SNC as a “positive step forward.” According to AFP, Mussa al-Koni, a member of the Libyan NTC, also announced on Monday that the NTC had decided to close the Syrian embassy in Libya. - >
06h/ HASSADI brigade and Salabi Brigade are leading Attacks on civilians from Sirte! Both are Officially Listed as Terrorist Al Qaeda network organisations! NATO is helping AL Qaeda with airstrikes (hitting mostly civilians)
05h/ yesterday TNC-leader Mahmud Jibril has withdrawn “all fighters with allegiance to him” from the Sirte theater, saying “it was senseless to sacrifice 200 fighters for a one minute Al Jazeera Victory“. Jibril, who recently survived an assassination attempt where seven of his bodyguards were killed is said also to have given the withdrawal order to save his men for an awaiting battle among TNC fractions. According to the same nsnbc source, “an unnamed US Intelligence Agency has approached TNC leaders suggesting the division of Libya into a Northern and Southern state, which would provide the necessary diplomatic context for bringing “UN Peace Keeping Troops” into Libya. nsnbc is currently investigating if any of these propositions are discussed at the African Union

04/ In GHERYAN Libyan forces successfully attacked a military industrial complex that was heavily defended by troops from NATO countries and Qatar. The mission succeeded in destroying key military installations that were used by NATO. [Christof Lehmann NSNBC press]

03h/ CAPTURED FOREIGN NATO MERCENARIES-- Jacques Monse:35, Alan Abano:29, Mark Moren:31, Henry Richardson:26, Ryan Kirk:37

Reuters reports clashes in Tripoli


According to Reuters: "A gun battle broke out in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Friday between 20 to 50 armed supporters of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi and forces of the National Transitional Council" The combats took place, or are taking place, in Abu Salim and Hadhba, there are no specific information on the status/outcome of those clashes. These fightings were inspired by M. Gaddhafi's message to rise up on the 14th of October. Meanwhile NTC gangs are preparing a final offensive in Sirte for the fifth time during last month, this time, reportedly, with much heavier weaponry (as if they...

Sirte: NATO Mercenaries holed up in Police Headquarters


14/oct/11 According to new reports by NATO media outlet AFP, NATO Mercenaries are holed up inside police station headquarters in Sirte after fleeing the front lines. Libyan Defense Forces are out maneuvering NATO and its Mercenaries on the battle field, traps have caused huge casualties, and far sight strategies have destroyed the moral of NATO Mercenaries. NATO media outlets continue inventing lies to boost Mercenary morals, but all lies eventually get shattered. For example the lie regarding Qaddafi's son and his capture, after few hours of celebration the lie was expos...

Zuma the coward bows down to NATO


14/oct/11 Zuma in his latest appearance seemed to have used a NATO script criticizing Qaddafi, and trying to defend his cowardice attitude towards NATO's plunder of Libya. Considering the fact that Libya helped South Africa become free from European colonialists, now South Africa's coward Zuma is trying to help NATO colonize and enslave Libya. Zuma stated that "Gaffafi’s regime was capable of continuing its atrocities". He merely used NATO script to criticize Qaddafi, firstly claiming that the Libyan Jamahariya regime was his, even though the truth is that he was not the Prime Minister, nor...

NATO Mercenaries in brink of chaos as factions attack religious shrines


14/oct/11 Fightng between different NATO Mercenaries have slowed down in Tripoli after Abdel Hakim Belhaj went missing. Now it seems the fighting between different NATO factions are about to start again due to attacks on religious shrines by different factions. Deepen tensions have caused small clashes between different factions but it has not intensified y...

US prisons filled with political prisoners


14/oct/11 According to new reports US regime has been arresting thousands of Americans in the time frame of few years based on bogus charges. Detectives testified that the authorities have arrested thousands of activists by fabricating drug charges. US has one of the biggest prison population in the world and analysts believe a large portion of prison population is political prisoners. The US prison population is approximately 2.3 million and growing in faster rate as protests continue for the 4th week. - At least 11 more protesters have been arrested in Californ...

Rebels once again retreat from the battlefield in Sirte - 100% confirmed by western media


14/oct/11 Even though Sirte was supposed to be captured on last friday sunday thursday saturday, NTC gangs were forced to retreat from the frontlines. Al Jazeera admits: "National Transitional Council [NTC] forces pulled back under ferocious fire from Muammar Gaddafi loyalists in the fugitive leader's hometown Sirte on Thursday, an AFP correspondent reported. The NTC forces,(...) withdrew at least two kilometres to the central police headquarters they captured on Tuesday, the correspondent said." The...

Mutassim was not captured - rebel commander says


14/oct/11 "A senior military commander inside Sirte said on Thursday that Motassim remained on the run, denying reports that he was in custody. "It is not true that Motassim was captured," said Wesam Bin Hamid." -Al Jazeera It should not surprise You much, as NTC has lost any credibility regarding its claims long a...


LibyanFreePress: Libyan War News: October 14, 2011


NATO’s TNC ground troops commit summary executions in Sirte

There is no doubt that the TNC ground troops, which were recognized as Libya’s government forces by Western countries, commit grave war crimes in their assault on the Libyan city of Sirte.


Many videos and" target="_blank">photos show TNC ground troops firing heavy weapons on the city of Sirte, targeting opponent forces and civilians alike. Doing so they are committing the war crime of using indiscriminate force against populated areas.


This crime became so common for the TNC troops’ behaviour that even NATO’s propaganda mouthpiece Reuters,0,305749.story" target="_blank">described this war crime in one of it’s recent reports from Sirte in detail:

Obaid pulled up in his pick-up truck keen to fire the multiple rocket launcher mounted on the back at Gaddafi loyalists holding out in the Libyan city of Sirte, but just as he was about to shoot, he stopped to ask which way to aim.

His comrades standing nearby loudly conferred with one another then pointed him to what they agreed was the right direction and Obaid fired four Grad missiles at the city.

They all cheered him and shouted “Allahu Akbar.” Smoke rose above the already wrecked city, but no one could say if the Grad rockets hit the target, or even what the target was.

But there are more crimes. Telesur’s reporter Diego Marin reported from Sirte, that one of NATO’s TNC ground troops said to him that that anybody they catch in Sirte with a weapon would be executed.

Media reports indicate that the TNC’s “government troops” are just committing the above mentioned war crime of the summary execution of prisoners of war. Like" target="_blank">people know from the past about the war against Libya the western mass media seem to be complicit again by trying to cover up the crimes of the TNC forces and, like they did during the entire war, they try to blame those crimes on forces loyal to the Libyan government again.

To understand this, one just needs to crosscheck the propaganda of different NATO mouthpieces. Just read" target="_blank">the Reuters report of October 12 describing that 25 bodies of executed people were found in Sirte’s “neighborhood 2″, some of them handcuffed:

The corpses of 25 people wrapped in plastic sheets were found on Wednesday in the city of Sirte by government forces, who accused militias fighting for deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi of execution-style killings. A Reuters team counted 25 corpses in plastic bags in a southern area of
Sirte called “Neighbourhood 2″. Five corpses shown to the team had their hands tied behind their backs and gunshot wounds to the head. They wore civilian clothes. A commander with the National Transitional Council (NTC) said the corpses had been there for at least five days.

According to the Reuters propaganda it’s pretty clear that the people were already dead for five days, and as the TNC forces conquered “Neighbourhood 2″ just three days ago, the people loyal to Libya’s green government are to blame for the murder.

However, when the Guardian – another NATO mouthpiece –" target="_blank">reported on the same corpses a couple of hours later, the story changed in significant details:

The already angry mood towards the loyalists hardened with the discovery, in three locations in the city, of 30 captured men who had been cuffed and executed.

According to government (editor: meaning TNC here) commanders the men had been killed on Tuesday.

It’s pretty clear that the Guardian wants to tell it’s readers that the crime was committed by “loyalists.” However, the Guardian forgot to tell it’s readers where the crime was committed and just said “three locations in the city.” But the Guardian reported now that the crime of the summary execution was committed just yesterday.

So what does this look like? Reuters reported that the crime was committed five days ago, because the location where the corpses were found was captured a couple of days ago by TNC forces. But in the evening it didn’t add up because the corpses were fresh. So the Guardian told they were fresh, but didn’t report where the corpses were found. The Guardian did so to be sure that readers couldn’t draw the obvious conclusion that this is a crime of the TNC forces, just as Telesur reported that they announced they would commit the crime. In contrast to the corpses of executed prisoners, Getty published" target="_blank">a photo of a TNC fighter who was captured by loyalist green forces as a prisoner of war. He doesn’t look very well, but obviously he was not executed.

It’s no surprise that the TNC forces commit grave war crimes in Sirte. Confronted with allegations of crimes and abuses of their forces even the top commanders of the TNC ground forces publicly declared that they have no control over their own troops.

NATO’s excuse for these crimes to happen while NATO is engaged with a UN mandate “to protect civilians” is more than lame. NATO claims it is a neutral force protecting civilians and therefore not reponsible for the actions of TNC ground troops. However, as neutral as NATO claims to be, NATO has chosen its targets very one sidedly. While the TNC troops fired with Howitzers from the distance in the direction of Sirte, NATO has not prevented them from doing so, but instead helped the TNC troops massacre civilians with airstrikes on the city.

And there is evidence that NATO is more to the TNC ground troops than a neutral force. In recent weeks there were many reports of TNC troops saying before attacking a city they wait for green light from NATO. That effectively makes NATO top commander of the TNC troops. This is confirmed by logic. Given the organizational weakness of the TNC troops, any other configuration than having NATO being at the top of the command chain of the TNC forces doesn’t make sense militarily.

But when NATO is at the top of the TNC command chain, then it’s NATO’s TNC ground troops committing the crimes and NATO’s commanders are fully reponsible for the actions of their troops and should be held accountable for their war crimes. The argument that the grave and proven war crimes were committed by outsourced ground forces operating under a different flag is not convincing since these forces are still under NATO’s control and command.

Thus the NATO criminals shall be brought to justice and punished for the war crimes they are responsible for.

Addendum Thursday, October 13th, 2011: The NATO propaganda outlets changed their story on the crime of the execution of prisoners of war in Sirte again. As it appeared that the executed prisoners of war were obviously people loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, journalist Rasmus Tantholdt from Danish TV 2" target="_blank">reports now, that the “rebels have a theory that it are Gaddafi’s people who have executed their own soldiers.” With this absurd statement the NATO propaganda efforts to blame these TNC crimes on Green Government loyalists should hopefully be regarded as completely exposed and debunked.


Libyan War News: October 13, 2011

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