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#Update on struggle 4 #liberation of #Libya & unification of #Africa Oct7 - Oct9th #NATO #OperationUnifiedProtector

Update on the struggle for the liberation of Libya and the unification of Africa - October 7th thru 9th

Posted: 2011/10/10
From: Mathaba
Dennis South reports on some of the output on various blogs around the web.

By Dennis South

Friday, 07 OCT 2011


Pro-Gaddafi, Pro-Jamahiriya rally in St. Petersburg

An initiative of the group "Rallies in support of Gaddafi and the Libyan people in St. Petersburg" - (Please sign up)

For contacts: call 6821528 8951 or 8911 2939980, Tatiana.

Venue: October 15, at 15:00, M. Vladimir, a small area near the house of 8 / 2 on the street. Big Moscow. Landmark - a small man-made river, in other words a fountain with a bridge over it. Gathering of participants is to start at 14:30. Agreed is to picket, with no sound-amplifying equipment.

Ragdalin and Zuwara

According to information received, violent clashes erupted in the village (Ragdalin), which is situated 130 km south-west of the capital Tripoli. According to some rats (the term used for terrorist-rebels-traitors-mercenaries), on Wednesday they gave the supporters of Qaddafi in Ragdalin 24 hours to lay down their arms, but they refused to do so. Instead, they made a sortie to a neighboring town (Zouara), where they killed the commander of the rat forces, Fathi al-Idrissi," ITAR-TASS reported.

Enemy tweet on Twitter also confirmed this:



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