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In his letter to “Seven Days News” Mu'tasim Billah Gaddafi said that the Transitional Council is well aware that it can not survive in Libya for one week after the withdrawal of NATO, on the other hand, the resistance is fighting battles comfortably and that is the great difference between Jamahyria soldiers and Transitional insurgents.

This is reflected in the battles of Sirte and Bani Walid where the mujahideen snipers entertain themselves by playing a competitive game of hunting for insurgents,who do not understand the principles of fighting, standing naively in the range of sniper fire, they are deluded to the point that we sometimes mourn to who they are, whereas those who sent them to die are languishing in hotels of the world drinking wine and making the deals.

Mu'tasim Billah also said: There is no future for the Council, they can not protect themself, they can only plead to NATO to stay in our own country to protect them, while pushing Libyan people to pay the bill for NATO's stay.

Mutasim said: We say to all of those colonizers who think that they will live in security and will enjoy in Libya as they please, we say to them, resistance will remain, and will spoil you this joy and security!




Libya SOS Reports for Oct9


Day 205: 09. october 2011. Libya news

00h/ Raise the green flag with the anthem is the largest cultural center in the city of Monastir, Tunisia September 9, 2011
00h/Front Bani Walid: Breaking News - killed 20 rebels from the south of the front Bani Walid as a result of wrapping of Qaddafi's troops on the Taninaa. 
24h/ Now there is a demonstration in support out on the streets, specifically Sorman
23h/ After less than 6 hours since NATO agents took control of the University of Sirte, troops of volunteers and green army regained it back... We attacked the University from all the sides in an elaborate ambush, NATO agents fled, leaving behind corpses of their dead colleagues inside the University Campus. Videos and images broadcasted on different TV channels are of the University today, those videos were recorded when NATO-led rebels controlled the Campus, which means from 8 o'clock until 13 o'clock, before our operation! University is green again! In terms of our casualties, 40 people died in 39 NATO air strikes, may God bless them [Al Arrai TV]
23h/ Libyan army and volonteers  attacked NATO led rebels in Sirte -  at a time when it was expected that rebels declare total victory. Dozens dead of  NATO led rebels in the assault of "green" power to the hospital, conference center and university. The rebels fled in disarray. NATO led rebels running faraway! [maybe in USA, UK or France]

23h/ Our source from the Sirte said that Western media is trying their best to minimize the numbers of dead NATO-led rebels, adding that the news which was broadcasted on Sunday noon on many satellite channels was a lie,they declined to broadcast the real truth, they are manipulating the public with false information, the number of the dead NATO-led rebels was 211, and they died between last night and this morning, which means in just a couple of hours 211 rebels got killed. Western media say that the figures do not exceed twenty!! Which is ridiculous!
And concerning the availability of ammunition, the source said: NATO-led rebels are behaving like they lost their nerves, because we have sniper specialists, and every shot means one more of them got killed, so we do not need to win them every day, our shooters are proffesional and precise, they use only few bullets, which is our advantage, we have enough for the two years of fighting with this method. He also added: I assure you that those who were killed between last night and this morning (up to this hour) number at least 211 people and nearly 300 wounded...[Seven Days News / source from the Sirte]
22h/ D. Thami Hamza / Do you think that Gaddafi can not live outside of Libya and the purchase of state or even buy an island and the people governed and live with him.
But his people, patriots, and Gaddafi can not  to accept the occupation of their homeland and aggression will not accept. Victory or martyrdom.
22h/ My father-in-law and large groups of neighbours were heavily armed when they left a few hours ago. Possible #Tripoli liberated tonight [al_Jamahiriya Aïcha]
22h/ Foreign NATO agents are trying to plant devices to select targets for the AWACS aircraft which the British are using in the war against Libya. Me and my father made a diversion for these treacherous western agents, we tracked them a small building which has been used for shepherds camels and we ran the same device and sent a signal to the aircraft in order to engage (to bomb) the building, and after about an hour aircraft bombed the building and the mercenaries which were inside. Result: 5 NATO clients were dead- of whom 3 Qataris and 2 of traitor agents claiming their knowledge of the land. They were all executed each and every one in the same manner and the others were watching it in disbelief, that was a lesson for them. The pilot aimed missiles at targets that he thought were specified by his heroes, he did that thinking he hit Allaah. We will be using the device on the convoys and armored vehicles for Gerdan and we will see the result quite quickly, this demonstrates the stupidity of the NATO's clients [member of heroic Raad 'Thunder' brigade]
22h/ NATO mercenaries in Libay are having technical problems -->
Quote of the day--Those who were hysterical about a hypothetic Gaddafi's slaughter of Benghazi, are in a deafening silence about NATO's real slaughter of Sirte. (Luzbek)
21h/ The “TNC, Trust No Colleague”, has today been plagued by one more shootout among it´s top representatives. A planned meeting between representatives of the TNC and the Italian Oil Firm ENI at the Riksos Hotel in Tripoli ended in a shootout between the TNC representatives and their respective bodyguards, after the delegation from ENI failed to manifest. Only a few days ago the oil field installations at Babu Avel that produce oil for Italian ENI were destroyed by Libyan Forces. Yesterday the oil field should have come on line again, but installations were immediately destroyed by Libyan Forces. Representatives of the TNC had been approached by “A” US-Intelligence Service, suggesting a division of Libya into a Northern and a Southern State. [Dr. Christof Lehmann from NSNBC press]

21h/ SHOCKING: NATO-led rebels stealing from dead Libyans before burrying them in a mass grave -->
21h/ NATO-led rebel admits that they are fighting against courageous WOMEN in Sirte. Those women heroes fiercely resist NATO bombs and fight against NATO mercenaries with more courage than any man ever had!This pathetic rebel who is fighting against Libyan women- Lionesses of Sirte, says also, that one woman fired around 20 RPGs on their sorry-ass brigade --> 
21h/ full transaltion  - LETTER FROM MUTASSIM BILLAH GADDAFI [ 08.10.2011. ] - >
21h/ Final Report of the Libyan Government (08/10/2011):. The glorious Libyan armed forces said: „They come for our oil and our gold, will only reap her blood and our lead“ - >
20h/ Update :  FALSE FLAG OPERATION BY TELEGRAPH & REUTERS ! Nato helicopters engaged in attack on Sirte ? - > 
20h/ Moatassem Kadhafi fighting on the front with libyan army  - >
20h/ According To the site  Zengtena - Mutassim Al Qaddafi said that  the CNT can not stay in Libya for a week after the withdrawal of NATO. He said that  the member of the CNT, do not live in safety. He called the population of all cities to  revolt against NATO and NATO -led rebels
The general management of the Libyan resistance decided for the next step is to target all the oil platforms.
Mouatassim Said Gaddafi explaned  the CNT Used Civil Aviation for Military Purposes by  foreign military experts and armaments - >
19h/ SIRTE: Libyan Army and Libyan volonteers on eastern front broke the seige of Sirte, and on Southern Nato-mercenaries were hited from back by loyalist forces from Bani-Walid, Tarhuna and other Green towns.->
18h/ "After the death of their leaders by Libyan Jamahiriya forces at Sirte and Bani Walid, they have no commanders who give orders for operations in those areas. Even before this, they had severe splits in recent months whereby commanders killed each other, and divided along tribal lines... - >
17h/ VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! Warning to Occupy Wall Street! OTPOR (CIA) is Infiltrating Your Ranks. After seeing video footage of Ivan Marovic addressing the Wall Street Protestors, I find that you must be warned about the infiltration of OTPOR into the Occupy Wall Street  movement. - >
 16h/ At 08th of October 11h we meet again at Berlin, Alexanderplatz, Weltzeituhr for a Manifestation "NATO hands of Libya".
We shout: "NATO is another word for war, destruction and mass-murdering" (in German: "NATO ist ein anderes Wort für Krieg, Zerstörung und Massenmord".) and "Sirte - Genocid".
08.10.2011, 11.00 Uhr fand wieder unter der Weltzeituhr am Alexanderplatz eine Manifestation in Berlin unter dem Motto:
"Nato-Hände weg von Libyen !" [Maren Cronsnest]

16h/ NATO's 27 mercenaries were killed and over 200 injured in southern Sirte
Recent reports of Libya shows that at least 27 mercenaries have died in an operation to attack from behind by the Defence Forces in Libya, also at least 200 wounded in southern Sirte.
Libya Defence Forces have used this strategy to inflict heavy casualties against the mercenaries from NATO. First drive the front lines, killing many mercenaries in the process, then an operation to attack the back is done with traps set, including roadside bombs, booby-trapped buildings, etc.
15h/ Libya , News from front  - The so-called Libyan revolution is an illusion.
Sirte: Fighting continues Sirte but not folded yet, despite hundreds of bombings ... On the contrary, when the disproportion of forces is uneven, it must be said that the Libyan resistance looks great.
Wadi Shati : The population was waiting for the army and rebels have promised to enter their city today.
Sabha: Pro-Gaddafi has pushed away from the city, the renegades. These announce tomorrow a major offensive since the failed negotiations with tribal leaders.
Ghat: People have warned the renegades of Benghazi, telling them not to come to destroy their city.
Ubari: We are now reports of fighting in the city. They started this morning.
Bani Walid : Uneasy calm.
14h/ Sirte - Heavy carpet bombing by NATO on Sirte. The University of Sirte is In Green resistance control

The spread of disease between NTC medical sources said that the Jerdan existing front now asking the Council need to give them vaccines against diseases that have spread among them, which appear in their symptoms between the cases of varying diarrhea, vomiting and skin rash and temperature vary from case to case and increasing numbers among them, although doctors Front asked not to be spread the word until the completion of an analysis of some patients NTC soldiers [Allibiya TV - قناة الليبية]
 13h/ Mass Grave of d'Abou Salim Contains Camel Bones - French Paper Liberation - >

12h/ The Pentagon chief called the NATO intervention a "remarkable achievement"WHERE IS HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH? NATO: "Yes I can"  - >
11h/ al_Jamahiriya Have received news from #Sirte. Hospital NOT lost. Abdul Hamid NOT captured. #alJazeera propaganda. #Libya.

NTC Zintan brigade calls on all "women to prepare their gold or be raped"
10h/ In Misrata our people infiltrated the city and now killing NATO bandits  by snipping them... under the cover of the night.
In Tawergha touareg of the south have attacked Misrati NATO rebels areas in order to make rats come back from the west Sirte front.See more
[Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow ]
09h/ Tripoli -Our correspondent in Tripoli informed us that there was a joint meeting of Libyan businessmen who have conspired against Libya and were supporting the Council ohf shame with money and with information. They gathered with the Board of shame in Hotel Rixos at six and enemy Jalil Abu was supposed to attend the meeting,but he did not attend for unknown reasons. Those present started to flee when an armed group belonging to one of those businessmen entered the meeting,which started the confrontation. The situation is unstable in the hotel and Maholh because of the clashes that took place among militias after.[ Nessbook Tripoli 08.10.2011]
08h/  Lybia, Yes I can  ->
07h/ The libyan army captured a rebel in Sirte, they let him talk. He is saying that "he had no choice" - >

06h/ iLibya.TV:Libya LIVE TV -

Streaming by Ustream

05h/ Blatant state takeover behind EU and US Libyan operation - Thousands of people have left Sirte, but many remain behind, meaning there is a high risk of civilian casualties.But for peace campaigners, the fact that NATO is protecting civilians by shelling Sirte, shows the alliance's approach is selective.“The whole idea of the bombing was meant to protect the civilians in Benghazi but I don’t suppose anybody signed up to the idea that it meant killing civilians in another city or town in Libya – and that is exactly what is happening,” believes Lindsey German, national convener of the Stop the War coalition. “NATO is very selective about what civilians it supports. It doesn’t support those civilians who might oppose it politically – it does support the other ones.” - >
04h/ Occupy Wall Street: major protest against minority rule. In the Big Apple, over a thousand Occupy Wall Street demonstrators marched into Washington Square Park on Saturday afternoon. Unlike protests on previous two Saturdays, this demonstration finished quite peacefully. Police, who were heavily present at the area and along the whole route, declares that no arrests were made. - >

Day 204: 08. october 2011. Libya news

00h/ Libya - report form front: LIBYA Report from inside Libya. Sirte update.
the circus of rats and their collaborators have said once again that they are inside sirte. once they say we are in the center of the city from west side, then they say that they are in the center of the city from the east side. Truth is that rats are away from sirte east. they have been crushed 2-3 hours earlier when they tried to attack from east with around 400 men. Maybe was a false attack in order to make vissible the cover possitions of the Libyan arab Jamahiriya army.So we didnt shoot them from the road with grads we let them advance a bit and for once more they where exterminated.Person on the spot counted 60 dead rats and is collecting now ids from them in order they will be burried and in the future the family knows where they are located. ( this is the right muslim way for those that dont know a muslim burries the dead even if its enemy ) .
Bani Walid update.
The rats where crushed earlier this week in Bani Walid and have stopped the attempts to invade bani walid.
Libyan Jamahiriya army has collected the bodies of dead rats and the mothers of the rats from tarhuna and tripoli have come and taken the bodies to bury them. When they returned to the cities to burry them they cursed the rats for the dissaster they have brought to Libya.
Tripoli update.
In 3 different areas of Tripoli there where mass rallies last night in support of Brother leader and people waved the green flag.
West Libya update.
Elders from Zintan , al Jalat , Surman have gathered and called the tribes of the east to form coalition against the rats and the Tamazigh collaborators ( this is the responce of until now neutral or pro-Ntc people in the reality of the looting and murder and rapes the rats and tamazigh are commiting in west Libya ) .Those people where thinking that if gaddafi left will get something and now they only get misery. So they will now return to Jamahiriya and recorgnize their mistake.
24h/ Only for last week by means of anti aircraft missiles used by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds were shooted down 3 transport airplanes of NATO Rats: under Sebha (200 Rats and CIA agents killed), Sirte (300 killed) and Raslanufom (383 killed).
According to the Libyan Green resistance in Sirte, diversionary group consisting of 5 Libyan moujaheeds from Green battalion Taqrvat: Bokhozam Elkabir, Adnan Alam, Hoceine Farjani, Ahmed Lamloum and Maneam Garbani have managed to get into camp of Rats. They have put bombs in camp. All five have sacrificed themselves for love to Libya. They have blown up all camp. 43 Rats have killed, 14 tanks from Qatar and the helicopter loaded by the weapons are destroyed.
In the evening of 7th October, fights went on suburbs of Sirte. As a result of hard fight of Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds many rats have been killed in Sirte.The two Big Rats one of leaders of Al Kaide Al-Asad Al-Libi and NTC Rats commander Ali Saeh were killed in Sirte fighting.
Libyan moujaheeds and volunteers from Bani-Walid and other towns of Libya went to help Green resistance in Sirte. Five big trucks which carried ammunition to Rats in suburbs near Sirte, have been destroyed on road to Sirte by national Libyan moujaheeds.
The Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds were destroyed 15 oil wells in Babu Aavel, 300 km to the south from Benghasi, which were used for oil export to Italy.
Another Libyan town was liberated from rats. It's Zuwara. Another news NATO ZIONISTS planning to bomb water supply to Tripoli and then put blame on Legal Qaddafi's
government. In Trpoli in area Ras Hasan and Abu Salim the Green resistance of Muammara were raised the green flags. Sirte, Bani-Walid, Gadames, Tiji, Bar Al-Harush, Kufra, Tobruk, Al Baydam, Dermam, Al-Marld, Al-Biar, Al-Brega, Ras Lanuf, Ragdaline, Tarhuna, Zuwara, province Dzufra and all oil wells and all south of Libya are controlled by the Green Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds. [thanks person who send e-mail to TheLibyaSOS on youtube]
23h/  October 8, 2011 (update h 11.08 am)
Analysis and Updates of the Realities on the Ground: For the last 5 days (from 2-7nd October) Sirte became a key place, on the headlines of all news agencies, and in the field of fight.
On the one hand, at NTC in a month after so-called «an official recognition» (a capture of Tripoli) already there is a legitimacy crisis: after all, without direct support of armies of the NATO-ZIONISTS, “Rats” couldn’t establish complete control nor in one big city of Libya. ->
20h/Residents of Bani Walid testified that Chemical Weapons are being used by NATO in their town...
Some witnesses claimed that Mustard Gas was being used (viewed in Al-Rai Satellite station). NATO is known for its use of Chemical Weapons, and previous reports have also concluded that NATO used DU and NDU Chemical Weapons at the start of the terror operations. - >
15h/ Pentagon Chief Hails NATO’s “Effective” Libya Air War - NAPLES: US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta hailed NATO’s air campaign in Libya Friday as he met US Navy personnel involved in operations at the allied joint force command base in Naples.
Panetta thanked personnel for their role in “what has proven to be a very effective air operation.”
He also received a briefing and intelligence update from Canadian Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard, who is leading the air war, and other top brass. - >\108\story_8-10-2011_pg4_3
13h/ NATO trying to commit mass murder in Libya - Dishonourable cowards and bully nations of NATO are trying to mass murder Libyans with bombs to solve problems. Actually in the case of Libya, as in others previously, there are no problems, except that the people and/or leadership will not bow to the dictates of the Empire. - >
05h/ Nato helicopters engaged in attack on Sirte - Night-time footage shows heavy fighting involving NATO helicopters in Colonel Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte - >

 Day 203: 07. october 2011. Libya news

23h/ Yesterday, news agencies and broadcast statements of American mercenary fighting side clients to NATO. And confirms the arrival of mercenary gang involvement on the Egyptian Council of David Cobb's military ruler in Egypt, of conspiring against the Libyan government, similar to the Council of shame in Tunisia.
He says political analyst Mustafa Salim said the size of conspiracy against Libya confirms that the theft of one of the reasons uprising Tunisia and Egypt by the Boards of the military rulers had intended to pass the NATO intervention to destroy Libya and killed the Libyan people
Since the start of the insurgency, backed by NATO last February involved mercenaries from Egypt, Qatar and Jordan in combat, and intelligence for the benefit of NATO and its clients and his mercenaries
22h/Liberal crowd of Libyans in the Ras Hassan (Tripoli) and alleys waving green flags, and similar moves plateau and Abu Salim
Urgent .... urgent ... In Sirte, commando fighters loyal of 5 Battalion (Taqrvat, Bokhozam Elkabas, Adnan Alam, Hoceine Farjani Ahmed Lamloum Maneam Garbani) were able to get to the location of the rebels. They planted a bomb in the camp. They were sacrificed - all five for the love of Libya

22h/Libya rebels: Human Trafficing mafia in Benghazi  ->
21h/ Organ harvesting in Libya. Includes information about organ harvesting in Libya/Tunisia. [Afri Sinergy] - >

20h/ In Bengazi 140 fighters of Al Qaeda factions were killed as a revenge for the murder of General Younis, and after tribal elders recently received video evidence of 200 other murders committed by Al Qaeda Commandos in Bengazi. Also in Bengazi, Libyan Forces stormed an ammunition warehouse of the military from Qatar capturing one officer and 40 troops.

19h/ Sirte: Rebel commander says on West and another rebel commander on East. stated no progress. they are at outskirt desert
2 rebel commanders on East front and West front. Confirm that rebels are at Desert and They have made no progress. "final attack in 2 days"ive report on #aljazeera on western #sirte " 10 dead and 100 injured. battle will take 2 more days" wasn't it at final attack ? again [ SomaliaSupport2 Libya]
*** The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi speech [06.10.2011.] Arrai TV  - >
18h/ Italy has resized it's commitment to the Libya operation: 5 planes and 1 ship will remain
18h/ 22 NTC fighters are killed, 146 injured, in clashes with Qaddafi forces in Sirte: Al Arabiya correspondent Many in serious condition!
17h/ Tunisia: 400,000 Libya came in September in Tunisia. An average rate of about 10,000 people a day / Tunisie : 400.000 Libyens sont entrés durant septembre en Tunisie. Un rythme moyen d’environ 10000 personnes par jour / ->,13798.html
16h/ The largest victory in Sirte, the Eastern Front----- 07.10.2011 ( good buy rats ) 4 pm, Front line Sirte  ->
15h/ Now town Tarhuna was cleaned of Nato-mercenaries. The road from Tarhuna to Bani-Walid is free from Nato-mercenaries. Dzufra and all area of Dzufra are free from Nato-mercenaries. In area of Bani-Walid were 20 Nato-mercenaries lost their life and 30 captured.

Libyan army and Libyan volunteers from Ragdaline went to Zuara and 30 Nato-mercenaries and commander lost thier life. - >

14h/ Libya report : Report today of Thousands of Arabs and africans have passed border and entered libya to support lLbyan people fighting NTC ALQAEDA. 100 NTC ALQAEDA have been killed and the ALQAEDA commander Al-Asad Al-Liby
An Iraqi doctor has been killed in the hospital of Sirte as Rebels use with the help of NATO heavy artillery , destroyed many houses. The Green resistance has saved many Political prisoners and resistance volunteers from AL jadeeda Prison in #Tripoli
#NATO has struck a Red Cross supply truck and NATO and NTC ALQAEDA are officially preventing all help to civilians.
NTC rebels have hit civilian house with Grad rocket on Sirte. and killed 13civilians a live report from Sirte. Reports NTC are trying a new tactic: using children as human shields!
[ SomaliaSupport2 Libya] -->!/SomaliaSupport2
13h/ TEL AVIV – NATO troops are training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria, a senior Syrian diplomatic official claimed to WND -  NATO preps for new war ->
Libya: 25,097 NATO Sorties, 9,335 Strike Missions
Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR air assets continue monitoring missions over Libya.
12h/ Panetta Praises NATO “Success” In Afghanistan And Libya, Pushes Missile Shield - > BRUSSELS: “Security in the 21st century will not be achieved by each nation marching to its own drummer,” the secretary said.
“The fiscal austerity our nations are facing and the pressure these budget constraints are putting on defense spending,” he added, “make it all the more essential that we have alliances like NATO ->
11h/ Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko calls Muammar Gaddafi great politician. - >
10h/ Heavy street fighting in Libya's Sirte
Red Cross delivers aid to Libya's Sirte
The NATO genocidal bombing campaign has been constant, ferocious and indicative of utter insanity and desperation to bring the heroic Libyan people to their knees. But they will not bow, they will not surrender and they will not leave their homes as the flyers dropped demand.
09h/ According to new reports, at least 2 NATO Mercenaries have been killed in Green Square by Libyan Snipers. This comes as intense clashes take place in Tripoli between different NATO Mercenary factions, and unconfirmed reports that the Mercenary Commander in Tripoli has been shot by opposing factions. ->
06h/ Video: A Massacre at Abu Salim Trauma Hospital - One of the basement bodies, shown in the AFP video, also seems quite likely beheaded. Like the other basement victims I can see, aside from an old man, this victims is black. That's judging by his arm and shoulder, but he's got lightened discoloration (severe burns and/or decay?) over his whole front. The angle isn't clear, but his head's either gone or bent way back. And the latter doesn't explain the enormous pool of blood covering half the floor, under the table and chairs and his gurney, with strange yellow stains on the edges. ->
05h/ The civilian death toll from NATO strikes in Libya is not known, and NATO plans to keep it that way - NATO denies the claims of civilian casualties, sticking to their initial assessment that the target in Majar, which was hit with precision-guided munitions, was a “military staging area.” ->
04h/ Panetta: US Troops in Iraq Must Have Immunity ->
03h/ Canada, Europe need to pay more NATO bills: Panetta - >
02h/ 2011-2012 United Kingdom Rank - Rating & Pay Chart . British military pay charts are for the Royal  Navy (RN), Royal Marines (RM), British Army (BA), Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Irish Regiment (RIR).[What it means to be mercenary?] - >
02h/ 2011 US Military Basic Pay Charts [What it means to be mercenary?]- >




OZYISM Reports for Oct9


US soldiers raping South Korean girls just like Iraqi girls


09/sept/11 New reports by Yahoo News reveal that US regime isn't only allowing rape in Iraq, Afghanistan and other occupied territories, but also in South Korea. South Koreans are furious over the rapes of two innocent girls by US soldiers, some analysts believe that US regime allows rape as a reward for its soldiers. Rape incidents were also reported in Iraq, and official rape policy was exposed in the Abu Ghuraib prison where US soldiers officially raped and molested prisoners, side by side with brutal torture and at the same time recorded their activities. Two different soldiers conducted...

US protests spread to almost a thousand cities


Anti-corruption protests in the US, which started from the Wall Street in New York, have now spread to 1,000 cities across the country, US activists report.(PressTV) Americans are camping in over a thousand cities, and hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to join the protests across the country. Inspired by Egyptian Revolution, Americans are determined to hold their corporate regime accountable and force them to bring change or go away. Thousands of people have been already...

Mexican Drug Cartel working directly for US regime


New reports came forward which revealed US regime's direct ties with Mexican Drug Cartels, providing them protection and even weapons. Zambada Niebla, son of one of the leaders of the Sinaloa “Cartel,” arguably the most powerful international narco-trafficking organization on the planet, argues in his criminal case, now pending in federal court in Chicago, that he and the leadership of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization, were, in effect, working for the U.S. government for years by providing US agents with intelligence about rival drug organizations. In exchange for that cooperation,...

Zionists Stone Palestinian Children


09/oct/11 By SpeachM1litant I recently came across a video which describes settlers attacking young children on their way to school from a village in Hebron. The IDF sends an armed escort with the children in order to ensure their safety, however, often this is not enough and grown men are provoked by the presence of the children resulting in the settlers throwing stones and rocks at the children. Clearly the settlers are protecting themselves from radical islamist 6 year olds and the attacks are justified as a necassary safety measure for the settlers. The children are armed with backpacks...

NATO Mercenaries running in death traps as if they are on drugs


09/oct/11 Updates from Libya Liberal Youth Sirte NATO Mercenaries tried to attack Sirte from the east with around 400 men. Libyan Defense Forces didn't attack because that would reveal their position, instead let them advance. At least 60 NATO Mercenaries were killed in close combat fighting, the rest fled and scattered quickly in the desert. Libyan Defense Forces have gathered the IDs of the deceased Mercenaries for identification purposes and to inform their families regarding their grave locations. NATO Mercenaries also tried to attack from the West of Sirte, after intense clashes at least...

27 NATO Mercenaries killed and over 200 injured in Southern Sirte


09/oct/11 Latest reports from Libya shows that at least 27 Mercenaries have been killed in a pull back operation by Libyan Defense Forces, also at least 200 injured in Southern Sirte. Libyan Defense Forces have used this strategy to inflict heavy casualties against NATO Mercenaries. First pushing forward behind the front lines, killing many Mercenaries in the process, then a pull back operation is implemented where traps are set, including roadside bombs, booby trapped buildings et...

NATO's genocide in Sirte with world's deafening silence


09/oct/11 According to new reports everything is being bombed by NATO and its Mercenaries in the town of Sirte. TIMES reports that civilian houses are bombed continuously and civilians who try to flee are killed. This comes after NATO Mercenaries claimed that there is only 300 civilians in Sirte, that means NATO is planning to kill everyone in the town of 100,000 population, and evidence proves that they are trying to kill everyone in the town. This will be recorded in history as one of NATO's most heinous crimes against defenseless people, an attempt to exterminate a whole Tribe. Will NATO...



From Facebook:

von Wadii Hadad, Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011 um 09:00

Everything was still concentrated today on Sirte. Indeed, it is imperative for the rats and traitors to take the city by all the means to make it appear to the world that Libya is now far away from Muammar Kadhafi. But militaries and civilians, all the population of Sirte does not want to give their city to the rats and collaborators and criminal bandits. Elsewhere in Libya, too. So, in Sirte, Nato and its agents must kill them all. NATO has done yesterday, more than 200 flights over the city, bombing  civil buildings where, it thought, there were libyan patriots, killing many civilians in the name of their protection.

Sirte became the very symbol of Western barbarism. Those who attack Libya are Nazis.

Despite the cries of outrage, those who support the genocide with silence are collaborators, because they protect those who are trained to carry out this massacre in Sirte.


* Sirte: fighting continues Sirte but not yet folded, despite hundreds of bombings ... On the contrary, when the disproportion of forces is uneven, it must be said that the Libyan resistance looks great.


* Wadi Alshati: the population was armed and waiting for the rebels who have promised to enter their city today.


* Sebha: pro-Kadhafi has pushed the renegades  away from the city. The rats announce tomorrow a major offensive since  fnegotiations with tribal leaders have failed.


* Ghat: people have warned the renegades of Benghazi, telling them not to come to destroy their city.


* Ubari: we have now reports of fighting in the city. They started this morning.


* Ben Walid: prudent calm.


More about the battle at the University

Armed gangs took over the University rats at 8 am and continued until one o'clock. After the attack patriot ...

University of Sirte released by her heroic defenders

"The Voice of Russia" reported that a few hours ago-monarchical Islamic hordes had taken one of the universities in the city of Sirte. Well, ...

Sirte advocates have eliminated an entire battalion of rats.

Bad news for NATO and good for the Libyan people in their struggle for national independence and social revolution: information indicates that the famous ...

More Informations on Imperialist Campaign against Arab Nation and Africa




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